If you work in frontline sales for any retail chain then you could be subject of a mystery shopping visitor at any time. It is not just their opinion that counts because they wear hidden camera technology so your every move will be under scrutiny.

Hidden Cameras - Mystery Shoppers Take Full Advantage

Many of us will have heard about mystery shoppers and the majority of those will have a preconceived idea that a mystery shopper is somebody who flits from one restaurant to another testing the food and making notes about the service. I suppose that we will have a set of adverts in the 80'€™s to thank for that idea. That is not to say that this is a mystery shopping task, but there are so many other tasks undertaken by the Mystery Shopping industry that most of us would not be aware. And whilst some is conducted over the telephone, the majority relies heavily on a face to face with the assistance of hidden camera technology.

Any large retail chain that has a focus on good customer service and relations may use mystery consumers as a market research or aid to staff training. As this industry has expanded then the technology needed to evidence gather has progressed. body worn Cameras and portable hidden cameras are probably the most common hidden camera choice of the professional mystery consumer. Button Cameras or Tie cameras are perfect for a standing face to face meet, but if the wearer has to sit down and/or cannot face the subject then the subject may not always be in view. as a result the whole process can be ruined by this. Bag Cameras sometimes better versatility because the carrier does not have to face towards the subject all of the time. However, they can be restricted especially when close up with the subject.

Many modern mystery consumers will use new hidden camera devices such as Pen Cameras, Name Badge Cameras or even hidden cameras built into a baseball cap dependent upon the target subject. With the newer devices on offer time and date stamping and higher quality results are now the norm. So, if you are on front line retail sales and are having a bad day at work, beware, because at any time you may have a secret hidden camera watching your every move.

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Spy Equipment UK provide you with the best solution for your secret operation, no matter how challenging it may be. Our professionally trained team in covert ops will suggest the best spy listening devices so you can obtain an accurate record of any given situation, either via a spy mobile phone or via a recording device that's hidden in an everyday object. The modern day hidden cameras are evolving fast as advances in new technology grow and is fast becoming one of the most effective forms of spying due to its versatility and covert appearance. Spying cameras will provide you with the high quality video evidence that you demand and without trace. Car tracking devices are a great solution to not only keep your car safe, but your loved ones too.

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