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Published on Thursday, 26 June 2008 14:33

Spy shops sales could soar after a new spy movie hits our screens.

Movie Gadgets Exist

Sales of spy gadgets and the popularity of spy shops could rocket as a new spy movie, Get Smart, is released in America and the UK holds its breath for the next Daniel Craig Bond installment. Get Smart has already triggered a spate of articles in the American press on spy gadgets available to buy at a specialist spy shop. Get Smart began as a TV show, featuring a shoe phone - a wireless, portable phone that can be used anywhere. It was considered then to be a technical marvel, although now many people have tiny phones that can do everything from send e-mails to shoot video footage. Spy shop products however are more catered to those who have more sophisticated surveillance needs.

Spy Shop Gadgets for Sale

In the movie Get Smart, it features a whole spectrum of spy equipment and spy gadgets many believe such trickery is made-up for the movie, but in fact it's possible to buy most of the gadgets featured in a specialist spy shop. It seems that technology has over-taken the imaginations of the movie writers. The scriptwriters of Get Smart have said they often used real life gadgets available to buy at a spy shop, and just 'exaggerated' them a bit for the movie.


Spy Shop: Devices are Real

The movie features a number of gadgets that you can actually but at a spy shop. As co-writer Tom Astle told the press about the spy gadgets used in the film:'... it's real, it's out there, so that's fun.'Now, it's become a growing trend to Google spy gadgets seen in movies as people can't believe many devices are real. But it is possible to go to a spy shop and buy versions of the gadgets seen on the big screen.

Spy Equipment Evolves

Gadgets and spy movies have had a long love affair, thanks to the Bond movies that began back in 1962. Shows such as Get Smart went on to spoof the spy gear  with things such as bulletproof pyjamas. Then, imaginations were transfixed by the promise of technology, now much of that technology is a reality with gadgets available to buy at a specialised spy shop.

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