Wireless Stand Alone Cameras

This section lists a range of 'stand-alone' wireless transmitting cameras and receivers that operate on the UK approved 2.4GHz frequency.

Affordable Wireless Solutions

The transmission ranges quoted will be reduced when operating inside buildings. These products are 'stand-alone' wireless camera products (with cameras that are not built into anything), so you can decide for yourself how and where you place them. It is worthy of note that when concealing any covert camera inside something else, an element of skill is required to ensure that damage is not caused to the camera lens and the image is not obscured in any way

Wireless cameras have been around for quite a number of years now in various forms. They are commonly found as CCTV units in built-up areas where connecting a video feed from the camera to a viewing/recording area would prove difficult. However, as covert wireless camera units they offer a versatile video evidence gathering solution that is fairly easy to deploy and operate

Transmitting hidden cameras do have their limitations, not only because the transmission distance is relatively short, but also because other commonly used devices often share the same frequency band that 2.4GHz cameras occupy. The most obvious of these are some WiFi networks, which on some of the Wireless Camera channels will cause interference if switched on in close proximity. Despite the limitations, transmitting hidden cameras can still provide an affordable fuss-free solution to gathering video and audio evidence in the office or the home

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