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  • BlackBerry Ghost Spy Phone Software

    This software is designed for BlackBerry phones up to and including OS7 Blackberry Ghost offers many more features than anything previously available, including BBM monitoring, and it is very simple to set up and use.

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    BlackBerry Ghost is the next generation in spy phone software that enables remote monitoring all activity on the Blackberry phone onto which it has been installed.

    Phone monitoring software is designed for monitoring your children for their own protection and reassuring you that they are safe. It is also suited to keeping tabs on employees who may be using the company phone for illegal activity or to safeguard / track an elderly relative for their safety.

    Once installed onto the phone that you wish to monitor then the phones activity can easily be monitored on the Internet through an account that you set up specifically for the purpose. The monitored phone sends out information without the phone user being aware to the monitoring platform. Information is sent as data, so the monitored phone SIM will need to be set up for Internet/data transfer usage.

    Huge Amount of Features

    The incredible array of features includes SMS history, call history, email history, GPS locations, BlackBerry Messenger History (BBM) and Live Audio Recording (Spy Phone). On top of this you can see all files on the phone including images stored, memos, tasks, contacts, etc. This powerful solution really keeps you informed and up-to-date and all features can even be turned on and off as required

    A purchase of this software will provide the facility to monitor one BlackBerry phone and the software license is not transferable to another BlackBerry handset. Installation is simply a matter of downloading software onto the BlackBerry through the Internet browser. Once set up on the the phone, then afterwards an account to remotely monitor the phone will need to be set up on the monitoring website (we will send you a login password). Full instructions and details are provided and setting up on the phone takes less than five minutes. The system has been designed to be easy to set up and use even for those who are technically challenged.  There was once a product that was called a SIM Card Reader that gave limited retrieved information. This spy software takes that old idea to the next level.

    A software license has an unlimited usage period. The software is compatible on all generations of BlackBerry phone except for the latest OS10 devices.

    • Software compatible with all BlackBerry handsets up to OS7 (Not BB10)
    • View text messages sent and received
    • Monitor call history (calls made/received)
    • View email history
    • Monitor BlackBerry messenger activity (BBM)
    • Record audio from phone surroundings when not on a call (spy phone)
    • Track the location of the phone remotely using GPS
    • View files held on the phone including images,videos, audio files and documents
    • View contacts listing on the phone
    • View Calendar events, tasks, memo’s
    • View Installed applications, device information including battery level

    Can I download the software onto my phone to monitor any other phone that I want to?

    No, the software is designed to be downloaded onto a BlackBerry that you wish to monitor.

    Is there any way that the software can be sent to the BlackBerry handset and automatically installed without having to touch the phone?

    No, you will always need physical access to the handset that you want to download the software onto.

    Can I monitor more than one handset with my software?

    You would have to purchase a software for each handset that you wish to monitor.

    Can I download the software onto the target phone even if it has a screensaver password set?

    Unfortunately you will need to get past the password before the software can be downloaded onto the phone.

    Will the phone user be aware that the software is working away in the background?

    There are no indications that the software is secretly sending out information.

    Won’t there be evidence on the monitored phone’s bill?

    The software uses the data connection to communicate information out. A complete data breakdown is never evident on a bill, so the user will only see that they have used a certain amount of data that is within their monthly allocation.

    Doesn’t the software show as an App. that would be obvious to the phone user?

    Although the software is an App., it never shows in the screen app tray, but appears as one that would seem to be part of the normal operating system.

    If the phone user does a security wipe / factory reset, would the software keep working?

    No, the software would be deleted during this process and would have to be re-installed.

    Can this software be used on other phone operating systems other than BlackBerry?

    This software is specifically for BlackBerry OS only. We do offer an Android solution elsewhere in our Spy Phone sections.

    I am not very technical. Is the software easy to install?

    The software installation process only takes a matter of minutes from start to finish and is very simple. We provide a straight-forward guide.


    You will need to consider the following to use this software:

    • You will require a BlackBerry Phone with operating system OS6 or OS7 to install the software onto
    • Access to a working email address (stated on the order) where the software package activation, login details and instructions can be sent
    • If different, an email address that can be used to register the software package purchase
    • The Android Phone on which the software is eventually installed MUST have a data connection so that monitored information can be sent out to the monitoring platform
    • You will have to have ready access to an Internet-connected computer so as to be able to log on to the BlackBerry Ghost monitoring account