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    Category: Audio Recorders

    A Focus on the 365 Enduro Audio Recorder

    Billy Rooney   May 28, 2020

    As a top selling audio recording device, the Enduro 365 audio recorder has plenty of outstanding features that have been recognised by those who have purchased this device. We have had terrific feedback from those that use this savvy piece of technology to capture vital audio recordings. We’d like to take you through the features […]

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    Spy Pen Voice Recorder Developments

    Billy Rooney   December 16, 2019

    We have been busy making adjustments to a Spy Pen Digital Recorder product and we’re pleased to announce that the performance of this device has been improved even further. Our in-house development team have taken this product’s abilities to the next level and we can’t wait for our customers to get their hands on the […]

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    Tips For Buying A Covert Audio Recorder

    Adrian Mudd   August 17, 2017

    Are you looking to purchase a voice recorder? These are one of the most popular pieces of surveillance and monitoring equipment on the market. The audio recorder has been used in a variety of situations, and are a wonderful alternative to bulky spy equipment. These small and powerful devices offer an impressive hidden recording solution, […]

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    Covert Audio Surveillance

    Adrian Mudd   August 15, 2015

    Audio monitoring has moved on from the days of hissing audio tape using reel to reel. In the modern world, audio monitoring at a covert level is easier than ever. The last time I saw and recognised a listening Bug device was an interesting occasion. It was interesting because very few people will recognise an […]

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    The Best Hidden Recording Devices

    Adrian Mudd   November 8, 2013

    Whether you are looking for hidden recording devices or a devices to record video footage, there are some amazing products available that will give you great results no matter who you want to spy on. When it comes to hidden recording devices, you need something completely inconspicuous that doesn’t stand out or draw attention, after […]

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    I Spy With My Little Ear

    Adrian Mudd   June 17, 2013

    Listening devices in the surveillance world mean one thing, but to the average person this phrase has different meanings. Here we look at the history of this term and what it means to us all.

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    The History of Audio Evidence & Voice Recorders

    Adrian Mudd   May 7, 2013

    In various forms, voice recorders used for recording sound have increasingly been used to gather evidence of nuisance and misdemeanour. Evidence gathered through audio recorders is certainly the cornerstone of modern evidence gathering.

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    Audio Recorder Surveillance Technology Regenerates

    Adrian Mudd   May 2, 2011

    Audio recorder surveillance has always been such an important player in the spy arena. However, changes in technology and regulation have forced major changes to this type of surveillance equipment. What difference have the changes made and are they for the better?

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    The Intelligence and Evidence of Audio Recorders

    Adrian Mudd   April 29, 2011

    As an intelligence and information gathering tool, the technology present in audio recorders and voice recorders has given the professional investigator great service for decades now. Audio recording technology has made leaps and bounds over recent years, but have hidden cameras now taken the lead for this type of electronic surveillance task?

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    Car Key Fob – The Perfect Covert Audio Recorder

    Adrian Mudd   November 8, 2010

    Here at Spy Equipment UK, we are always adding new products to our line-up and the latest comes in the form of a sophisticated and easy to use audio recorder. These types of devices, or as they are more commonly known Voice Recorders, are as popular as ever. Our latest product makes choosing a discreet […]

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    Introducing the Voice Activated Pen Recorder

    Adrian Mudd   April 3, 2009

    Spy Equipment UK are proud to announce the launch of a new voice recorder with a difference. We have all seen voice recorders built into a working pen, but never as good as our spy pen digital recorder (voice activated).

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