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    Category: Hidden Cameras

    Airbnb Spying: The Complete Guide To A Hidden Spy Camera Epidemic

    Thomas Devile   June 1, 2022

    Holiday season is here at last. More and more people are saying goodbye to their drab everyday surroundings and jetting off to somewhere more exciting, whether that’s in their home country or abroad. However, there’s a looming shadow falling across these sunny vacations. A growing problem with hidden cameras. Airbnb might be the market leader […]

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    7 Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

    Thomas Devile   January 28, 2022

    When you’re in love, it’s easy to miss the signs of a cheating partner. When an affair does come to light, it’s common to feel like you missed out on the obvious clues that were there all along. With Valentine’s day fast approaching, the best way to be certain that your loved one is being […]

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    Launching The Brand New Surveillance Photo Frame Camera!

    Grace Jalowiecka   August 15, 2018

    Here at Spy Equipment UK, we are excited to unveil our brand new surveillance Photo Frame Camera! By expanding our product range, we can provide the latest innovations in discrete surveillance products, perfect for both the home and business environment. The photo frame is the best option when it comes to discrete room surveillance needs […]

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    There’s A New Camera In Town: Mini Black Box!

    Adrian Mudd   September 28, 2016

    The Mini Back Box Security Camera is the pinnacle of modern CCTV & Spy Camera equipment. This high-definition, self-contained unit boasts incredible features such as infrared night vision and long battery life – all compacted in a sophisticated black enclosure for covert room surveillance. “We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers […]

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    Are Hidden Cameras Making Workers More Efficient?

    Adrian Mudd   December 10, 2015

    With the news that postal workers in the UK are to be equipped with miniature cameras to prove they’ve been doing their job properly, will hidden cameras and body worn cameras become more of a common sight in society?

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    6 Ways Hidden Surveillance Will Make Your Business More Profitable

    Adrian Mudd   November 3, 2015

    Using hidden surveillance can help your business in a number of ways, from enhancing employee security to reducing theft and increasing productivity. It is estimated that every year, hundreds of thousands of pounds are lost as a result of employee theft, ranging from minor misdemeanours to high-level fraud.

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    How To Find A Hidden Spy Camera

    Adrian Mudd   October 1, 2014

    It is common knowledge that the average citizen is caught on camera up to 300 times a day. Whether we are walking to the local shop, driving on the motorway or at work, it is difficult to avoid surveillance in the public sphere. However, if you are concerned that there may be a hidden spy […]

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    Spying with a Pinhole Spy Camera

    Adrian Mudd   July 10, 2014

    They say you can’t trust anyone, but you no longer have to in 2014. If you have privacy concerns, you will want to find a way to protect yourself, either at home or on the move. The best way of doing so is investing in a pinhole spy camera device, which can record the actions […]

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    View Our Hidden Spy Camera Collection

    Adrian Mudd   October 1, 2013

    At Spy Equipment UK we have a large range of hidden spy cameras available for you to take advantage of. We may not even realise but we are recorded by CCTV almost everywhere we go in the UK, but we are at least aware of the existence of the CCTV. However, a hidden spy camera […]

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    How to Effectively use Your Hidden Cameras

    Adrian Mudd   September 23, 2013

    Hidden cameras are highly useful, assisting in surveillance and security in many locations. They can provide peace of mind for parents, important information in the workplace or unpleasant truths about events in the home, in situations where tangible ‘proof’ is needed. To be getting the largest benefits from your hidden camera, however, they need to […]

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    Two New Stand Alone Hidden Spy Camera Solutions

    Adrian Mudd   February 4, 2012

    We all know how difficult it is to get going when the New Year starts, but here at Spy Equipment UK we have busy bringing new products onto our shelves. 2012 is already a big year for many reasons and it doesn’t seem as though it is going to disappoint when it comes down to […]

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    Smoke Alarm IP Covert Camera

    Adrian Mudd   May 31, 2011

    Spy Equipment UK are waiting for the arrival of their new Smoke Alarm IP Covert Camera after the success of the Sony Radio IP Camera system. The beauty with a smoke alarm is that it can be located in almost any room at home or in the office. IP CCTV cameras have been around in […]

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    3G Cameras Complete The Hidden Camera Range

    Adrian Mudd   May 5, 2010

    Being able to view a covert camera through your mobile phone might have seemed like pure fantasy several years ago. However, now 3G cameras are a modern age reality making remote camera surveillance an investigators dream.

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    Mystery Shoppers Get Hidden Camera Savvy

    Adrian Mudd   May 3, 2010

    If you work in frontline sales for any retail chain then you could be subject of a mystery shopping visitor at any time. It is not just their opinion that counts because they wear hidden camera technology so your every move will be under scrutiny.

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    Modern Hidden Cameras Show Off Their Versatility?

    Adrian Mudd   May 1, 2010

    Hidden cameras were at one time the fantasy of James Bond enthusiasts. The modern world has brought us many new things, but 007 hidden cameras have now become fact rather than fiction.

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    Hidden Cameras – Who Is Watching Who?

    Adrian Mudd   May 1, 2010

    Wherever you may be in the modern world, there will not be a number of hidden cameras too far away and whilst this won’t be an issue for most of us, those who are looking to break the law need to watch out!

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    Hidden Cameras Provide Big Brother Capability

    Adrian Mudd   April 30, 2010

    We take a look at how the introduction of CCTV has generated a new breed of tiny, sophisticated hidden camera devices that, in total discretion, can record our every move.

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    New Ultimate Button Camera Package Released

    Adrian Mudd   April 15, 2009

    Spy Equipment UK are proud to announce the release of their most comprehensive portable spy camera package to date. The new Ultimate Button Camera Package really ticks all of the boxes.

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    The Walls Have Eyes with Hidden Spy Cameras

    Adrian Mudd   June 9, 2008

    The technology of snooping devices such as spy cameras are constantly evolving, as targets range from terrorists and organised criminals to errant husbands. As privacy watchdogs foresee a climate of suspicion intensifying in the near future, the debate over the levels of surveillance has never been so intense. Spy cameras may be used to catch […]

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