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    Category: Surveillance

    Airbnb Spying: The Complete Guide To A Hidden Spy Camera Epidemic

    Thomas Devile   June 1, 2022

    Holiday season is here at last. More and more people are saying goodbye to their drab everyday surroundings and jetting off to somewhere more exciting, whether that’s in their home country or abroad. However, there’s a looming shadow falling across these sunny vacations. A growing problem with hidden cameras. Airbnb might be the market leader […]

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    2022 Divorce Laws Make Spy Cam Surveillance More Necessary Than Ever

    Thomas Devile   April 25, 2022

    “Divorce is never easy”. Anyone who has been through this process with an ex-partner will have heard this phrase at least once, typically offered with a smile and a gentle pat on the hand. A well-meaning reassurance that tough as the divorce is, you’re doing the right thing for both of you in the long […]

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    Advantages Of Having Surveillance Cameras In The Workplace

    Billy Rooney   June 5, 2021

    With the UK slowly returning to normality after the easing of lockdown restrictions and employees being welcomed back into workplaces up and down the country, we assess the benefits of having surveillance cameras in the workplace. For business owners, installing surveillance cams around the office, or whatever type of your working environment it may be, […]

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    How to Monitor Your Babysitter Using Spy Cameras

    Billy Rooney   May 3, 2020

    Leaving your children in the company of another person is not an easy thing to do. You want to be reassured that the person looking after your children acts responsibly and conforms to your rules. We understand that ensuring your child’s safety is your top priority, that’s why we’ve outlined a set of spy cameras […]

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    Back By Popular Demand – Day / Night WiFi CCTV Camera!

    Billy Rooney   April 24, 2020

    The Day / Night WiFi CCTV Camera is back by popular demand! As one of our most favoured outdoor cameras, we have reinstated the Day / Night WiFi CCTV Camera. In this blog post, we look at the key features of this CCTV camera and run through the usability of an outdoor camera that is […]

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    Pet Sitter Surveillance – How Is Your Pet Treated Whilst You’re Out?

    Billy Rooney   February 9, 2020

    Whatever the reason for having to spend time apart from your home and beloved pets, you want to know that they are in safe hands by the person you’ve entrusted with looking after them. Finding a close relative or friend to look after pets isn’t always realistic and, therefore, many turn to pet sitters to […]

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    Changing Attitudes Towards Surveillance

    Adrian Mudd   December 3, 2014

    Recently, the news has been awash with stories of ‘pervasive’ surveillance or ‘snooping’. Whether it be enacted by government agencies, businesses or individuals, the coverage is rarely positive. Many people appear to be very worried about the extent of monitoring in our society, but exactly how much of a threat does surveillance really pose to […]

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    How Will The Internet Of Things Affect Surveillance?

    Adrian Mudd   September 12, 2014

    Surveillance seems to becoming more widespread each year, with revelations about spying hitting the news each day and technology becoming more advanced. Of late, many people have been discussing how the Internet of Things – the technological state we are already approaching in which electronics are fully integrated with our physical lives, build into everyday […]

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    Surveillance in the UK

    Adrian Mudd   June 10, 2014

    The average person is caught on camera over 300 times every day. CCTV cameras have become part of the landscape, we barely notice they are there. Used by shops, councils, hotels and even individuals, there is a demand for covert surveillance like never before.

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    Spy Camera – A Surveillance Tool For All

    Adrian Mudd   November 13, 2013

    The lean, mean world of spyware has fully stepped into the 21st Century with the arrival of the latest technology in spy camera equipment. From pinhole cameras that are installed in our body worn spy cameras to full-size lens, your options depend entirely on the situation requiring attention or observational monitoring. A number of factors […]

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    How to Secretly Spy on Conversations

    Adrian Mudd   October 13, 2013

    There are a number of reasons as to why people want to spy on others conversations. Perhaps you want to keep an eye on your children when they have been left with a sitter, perhaps you suspect a loved one of infidelity or maybe it is to listen to your employees in a separate office. […]

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    The Controversy Behind CCTV Cameras

    Adrian Mudd   October 9, 2013

    There are now more CCTV cameras than ever. Most of us are caught on a CCTV camera at least once a day if not more. We are told the increased use of CCTV in public is for our own personal safety and to allow authorities to protect us from crimes as well as gain evidence […]

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    Keep Your Family Safe with Surveillance Equipment

    Adrian Mudd   September 30, 2013

    The world can often be a scary and daunting place when you have a family to protect. Surveillance equipment can help to keep you, your property and loved ones safe. Many families are now choosing to invest in a variety of surveillance equipment to gain peace of mind that they can watch over their families […]

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    Surveillance – Much More Widespread

    Adrian Mudd   September 20, 2013

    On-line surveillance has been seen increasingly regularly in the news media internationally, with governments across the world facing questions about their use of technologies and what is done with the data acquired. However, it is not just national offices using on-line surveillance, and it is in fact incredibly widespread.

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    The Evolution of Discreet Surveillance Devices

    Adrian Mudd   September 11, 2013

    In the latter half of the 20th century, a noticeable rise in the use of technology for surveillance has been observed. Surveillance devices have become much more complex, utilising the latest technological advances in order to reveal personal information.

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    Professional or Amateur Audio Surveillance

    Adrian Mudd   May 14, 2013

    Whether you are engaged in covert surveillance on a professional or amateur capacity audio recorders will always still feature heavily. Audio surveillance is one of the oldest forms of technical evidence gathering and covert devices of this type just get better

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    Choice. Covert Surveillance or Overt?

    Adrian Mudd   July 23, 2012

    Retailers and business owners are faced with three choices when attempting to curb retail/employee theft. Is it best to use covert surveillance, overt solutions or both?

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    The Cat and Mouse Surveillance Game

    Adrian Mudd   May 20, 2012

    There are spies amongst us who are utilising ever more sophisticated electronic spy technology and intricate surveillance tools  to gather intelligence and evidence sometimes for illegal purposes. Here we examine what a game it is to maintain your integrity against the new eavesdropping devices by using counter surveillance equipment.

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    Catching A Cheating Partner With Surveillance Equipment

    Adrian Mudd   May 23, 2011

    If there is one worry common to all people in relationships, it’s the fear of a cheating partner. In a world where personal finances are constantly under scrutiny, couples are turning to surveillance equipment and spy cameras to gather evidence to assist them in resolving their situation.

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    Communication Under Siege From Surveillance Offenders

    Adrian Mudd   November 22, 2010

    As we use modern technology increasingly to contact our friends, family and colleagues, we also leave ourselves open to surveillance. Here we discuss how easy it is to snoop on Internet and mobile phone conversations.

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    Secure Communications and Surveillance Equipment

    Adrian Mudd   November 9, 2010

    Here at Spy Equipment UK we not only specialise in spy and surveillance equipment, but also feature some very sophisticated anti-surveillance technology for when it is essential to keep matter confidential.

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    PC Monitoring – The Future of Surveillance

    Adrian Mudd   June 10, 2010

    Since the advent of e-mail, instant messengers and social networking websites it has become a lot easier for people to chat and stay in touch across any distance. These advances have been herald as a golden age in communication and rightly so, there are however, some downsides and PC monitoring can be used against people. […]

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    How Do Big Brother Cameras Affect Our Society?

    Adrian Mudd   May 4, 2010

    George Orwell view of the world by 1984 was a total surveillance society where our every move would be watched recorded evaluated and had to be accounted for. How is today’s society affected by so many overt and covert hidden cameras?

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    Watch Out For Big Brother’s Little Brother

    Adrian Mudd   September 25, 2009

    When Big Brother arrived on the UK’s TV screen, it really caused a stir. Here we examine how the latest in spy technology could be adding to us being in a total surveillance society. Just over ten years ago Big Brother arrived in the UK in a blase of publicity. The concept caused a storm […]

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    A Surveillance Revolution

    Adrian Mudd   September 22, 2009

    It is perfectly conceivable that over the next few years you will find spy gadgets in almost every household in the UK. What was once a specialist area has now been made more accessible to all. The UK spy equipment marketplace has seen a shift in the last few years. There was once a time […]

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    Plans for a Surveillance Aircraft are Released

    Adrian Mudd   March 24, 2009

    The Pentagon has revealed plans for a surveillance aircraft that will fly more than 12 miles above the ground for 10 years without landing. Is this just a flight of fancy or a real possibility? The 450ft-long (137-metre) craft will be developed at a cost of $400m, with a prototype one-third of that length due […]

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    Unattended Package Surveillance

    Adrian Mudd   June 26, 2008

    Any amateur can buy spy equipment from a spy shop, and it seems judging by a recent story in the press, the amateur spies might do a better job! The story that a British spy left secret anti-terror files on a train is a worrying one. It seems no matter how advanced spy equipment is […]

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    The Risk of Voyeurism

    Adrian Mudd   June 26, 2008

    As more spying and surveillance equipment is accessible and affordable to buy, the issue of voyeurism is raising its ugly head. The sale of hidden cameras is booming thanks to the affordability and accessibility of new technology. Anyone can go into a spy shop online and buy secret spying equipment. But the accessibility of these […]

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    Big Brother is Watching

    Adrian Mudd   June 9, 2008

    In his novel 1984 George Orwell predicted Big Brother would be watching with spy equipment monitoring our every move – but is science fiction now a reality?

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    Spy Equipment and Espionage

    Adrian Mudd   June 9, 2008

    Espionage is widely thought to be a thing of the past – belonging in the history books of World War Two and the Cold War – but spy equipment is still used and in demand.

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    Beware of Benefit Cheats & Ensure Your Security

    Adrian Mudd   April 30, 2008

    Benefit cheats may have the work cut out to swindle ill-gotten gains if new spy technology has its way. Utilising the sort of high tech equipment you’d find in a spy store, Edinburgh Council hopes to catch out benefit cheats. According to a report in the Edinburgh Evening News, Edinburgh council plan to implement the […]

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    Surveillance At An All-Time High

    Adrian Mudd   April 2, 2008

    Whether you’re walking down the street or paying for your shopping, spy cameras across the UK are monitoring your every movement. Nowhere is the boundary between personal privacy and public safety more blurred than CCTV surveillance. There’s little doubt that installing CCTV in the UK has helped police to solve crimes but opponents say that […]

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    Setting Up Surveillance – Advice And Laws

    Adrian Mudd   April 2, 2008

    The UK might have the greatest penetration when it comes to video surveillance, but is it all legal? It is well-known that the UK is one of the most watched countries in the world. A recent report from the BBC suggested that the UK had just 1% of the world’s population, but 20% of its […]

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    The UK Spy Surveillance Market Continues to Expand

    Adrian Mudd   April 2, 2008

    The market for spy equipment in the UK is still growing as both demand for private and professional uses increases. As surveillance becomes increasingly important across the globe, it’s no surprise that the market for spy equipment — UK and worldwide — is growing. Government agencies, transport operators and retail outlets are just some of […]

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    UK Homeowners Get Into The Surveillance Game

    Adrian Mudd   April 2, 2008

    More and more homeowners are buying spy equipment and outdoor cameras in the UK to protect themselves against threats that could cause their family harm. Protecting our families and our homes is a natural instinct. We want to be safe, and we want those we love to be safe. The fear of crime has led […]

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