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iCloak Secure Domain USB

Product Code 1CSD

The iCloak Secure Domain is effectively your own portable secure operating system on a tiny usb stick that will allow you to use any computer totally protected, therefore with complete confidence, staying free from the prying eyes of hackers and online fraudsters.

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The iCloak Secure Domain is a no-brainer to those who value their privacy. This encrypted USB device has been developed by a team of network professionals and allows you to work on any computer in sound knowledge that you are operating in a safe environment. This piece of security equipment is used for protection against out-of-reach of hackers and other online criminals who are out to steal your money, identity or simply to snoop.

This compact USB stick contains specialist security software that enables you to create a secure operating domain that you can use on the move. Previously, only hackers, cybercriminals, security professionals and governments had access to such an impressive gadget, now this powerful tool allows everybody to protect passwords, finances, security and online safety.

Easy-to-use Security Equipment

Even if you’re a technophobe, you shouldn’t be afraid of this handy product. It’s incredibly easy to use; simply plug in n the USB stick and press the right key and you’ll be working in a secure environment in no time at all.

iCloak Secure Domain – Safe and Anonymous

The iCloak Secure Domain gives anonymous browsing with access through Tor. Leaving no trace online, this device stops you from browser fingerprinting. It offers protection from virus, malware and trojan attacks. It also offers keylogger and screen capture protection with defense against geo content blocking. Additional features include add on deletion of session cookies, session history and a lifetime of free security updates.

For Use on Windows and Mac

Web browsers consider lots of factors when running on a computer, including the system fonts and extensions. These configurations can be used to make a unique identifier that can be tracked between websites to follow your online activity. iCloak secure Domain does an excellent job at making you look like every other iCloak user, so it’s so much more difficult to identify who is who. This security USB will keep you safe whether you use a Windows or a Mac.

The Only Secure Solution

iCloak Secure Domain operates in the only part of the memory that is erased as soon as the machine you have been using is switched off. It does not access the hard-drive, so no trace is left behind. There are many schemes claim to give totally safe browsing, making you anonymous and untraceable.

The most quoted and misunderstood is incognito mode. Unfortunately, if the hard drive is being used as it is in this mode then you are still vulnerable. All other potential solutions only tackle part of the problem, but iCloak Secure Domain will solve them all.

  • World class secure software supplied on a tiny discreet USB flash drive stick
  • So simple to use – Even for the most technically challenged person
  • Provides truly anonymous browsing with access to Tor (dark web browser)
  • Secure operating system – Leaves no trace online
  • Prevents browser fingerprinting – secure from virus, malware and trojan programs
  • Offers total key logging and screen capture protection – Defeats Geo content blocking
  • Deletes session cookies – Erases session history
  • Unlimited licence – Free security upgrades for life
  • Works on any Mac or Windows Computer or Laptop with a USB port
  • The only true privacy solution to keep you safe from hackers and online fraudsters

Can this be used on a Mac computer as well as Windows?

The iCloak Secure Domain is designed for all types of Windows and Mac computers, as long as there is a USB port to run the software

Will the software download onto the computer and leave a trace?

No, the software boots off the USB 3.0 stick supplied. It does not leave any trace on the hard drive and doesn’t leave any history.

If I use the ‘Dark Web’ Tor browser that is enabled as part of the software, is this legal?

Yes, although Tor is considered to be a ‘Dark web’ tool, it is not in fact illegal to use it to maintain complete privacy when surfing online.

Do I have to leave the supplied USB stick in once I have booted the software and have started secure usage?

It’s really up to you. The USB stick supplied is very small, so generally there would be no issue leaving it plugged in, but it is not necessary because it can be removed once logged on.

If someone is using key-logging software or a spy programme on the computer I am using, will this record what I am doing?

No, the iCloak Secure Domain evades physical and software monitoring technology, so you can be certain you will be secure from prying eyes.

If I am running the software after I have removed the USB stick from the computer, will any downloaded files be saved on the computer that I am using?

No, the file cannot be saved onto the computer, it will be deleted once the software secure environment is shut down. The only way to save downloaded files is by downloading onto the stick memory space.

If the computer I am using has trojans, malware or viruses, will the iCloak be affected or infected by these?

No, the iCloak system is able to evade these types of threat and will remain unaffected.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment

  • The computer you want to use the iCloak on must have a USB port, so iPads cannot be used as well as some and Windows tablets with no USB.
  • This product cannot be used on any Android devices including Chromebooks
  • Everything is completely deleted once you shut down the software and the computer that you are using, so re-using the same machine will require the same logon setup proceedure including logging onto the WiFi router.
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