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How our latest Samsung spy phones can help you

With new James Bond film Spectre being released in cinemas, everyone would love to get their hands on some genuine spy equipment to use in everyday life. Thanks to the latest Samsung range and Spy Equipment UK, you can.

Ultimate Spy PhonesThe Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone Spy Phone and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Ultra Spy Phone are both at the forefront of spying software. Both have the standard functions of the original unit only with a wide range of features for monitoring activity built in, which works by sending the monitoring information from the phone covertly to a designated email address.

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 you can record all phone calls, text messages and photographs, and capture incoming notifications from social media apps. You can also turn on a microphone for five minutes, take a photograph and get GPS location updates, among other features.

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The Galaxy Ultra is the ultimate spy phone, with the best phone handset and feature-rich combination of any available on the market. It has many of the same features yet to a more advanced level. For instance, it can capture a 20 second video rather than just a photograph and give GPS updates every 20 minutes instead of every 30. With the Galaxy S6 Ultra you will get FULL text and image messaging monitoring for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and Viber.

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Although everyone would want to own spy equipment, here are a few people who would benefit especially from it.

Who uses spy phones?

1. Parents

You may often worry about where your children are when they go out late at night, go on holiday or stay at other people's houses. You'll also likely be concerned with what they're doing at home when you're away.

The GPS tracking system on both phones allows you to monitor your children and their whereabouts at all times, and the ability to spy on their texts and calls enables you to be updated on any secretive plans for house parties.

2. Employers

Many employers hand out a staff phone purely for work purposes, yet have no guarantee that it will be used as such. In order to avoid running up bills on non-work activity and ensuring that equipment is being used properly, it helps to be able to monitor what is happening with it.

Being able to view social media use allows you to see when the phone is being used for personal reasons, and you can also check whether the employee is on site with a snapshot photo or video.

3. Pensioners

Many elderly people have illnesses and difficulty moving around, and can have accidents very easily. So it will offer great peace of mind to them and their relatives if someone is able to keep an eye on where they are using GPS trackers.

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