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New Ultimate Button Camera Package Released

Adrian Mudd   April 15, 2009

Spy Equipment UK are proud to announce the release of their most comprehensive portable spy camera package to date. The new Ultimate Button Camera Package really ticks all of the boxes.

Although it is called Ultimate Button Camera Package, the system offers so much more than a standard Button Camera and MP4 package. The ‘Ultimate’ system has a set of interchangeable buttons to suit the garment that the system is to be used in conjunction with. In addition, there are two types of interchangeable screw heads so the system can be used in a static situation where exposed screws would fit in with the environment.

What the Package Includes

The supplied spy camera is a 550TV line CCD unit with high resolution of 1280 x 960 with low lux capability. The MP4 recording unit is capable of using the latest High Capacity SD cards, has time and date stamp for evidential use and has motion detection facility built-in. Supplied with an add on battery cage, continuous recording of up to 5 hours is possible. The MP4 even has a wired remote control for discreet activation/de-activation.

This incredibly high quality, very compact system is the ideal package for Private Investigators, Mystery Shoppers, Trading Standards Officers and law enforcement agencies where quality evidence gathering is absolutely paramount.