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Wireless 5.8GHz Camera (additional)

This is an additional Wireless 5.8GHz camera that can be added to a Wireless 5.8GHz Camera Kit thereby utilising the additional receiver channels and enabling the monitoring of more than one area through the same wireless receiver.

This is an additional Wireless 5.8GHz camera can be added to the Wireless Wireless Camera with Receiver/Recorder package or another 5.8GHz analogue receiver unit.

Adding extra cameras onto one of these packages ensures that you can take advantage of the 4-channel receiver capability of switching between frequencies enabling monitoring of 4 different locations or camera view

This small, compact, wireless camera transmits at one of the analogue 5.8GHz frequencies (of which there are four). The camera contains a CMOS chip and offers an excellent resolution of 480 TV lines, as well as nice clear audio. The kit also contains a mains power supply and we can also provide an optional external battery pack.

Please specify frequency channel required, if adding to an existing system, to ensure that there is no conflict in relation the existing camera frequency.


  • Small stand-alone very slim 5.8GHz wireless camera can be hidden inside a variety of different things converting it into covert use
  • Power from external battery pack (optional) or supplied mains powers adapter for longterm deployment
  • Produces excellent quality video and audio
  • Decent camera resolution of 480 TV lines
  • Camera works in very low light conditions (0.008 lux)
  • Integrated pinhole lens positioned at one end of the slender design
  • Slim camera dimensions - 33mm long x 10mm in diameter
  • Possible transmission distance of up to 100m (30m realistically indoors where barriers such as walls are present
  • Install into small spaces or everyday objects to suit
  • No lights or sounds to giveaway the camera’s existence

Does the camera have a switchable frequency?

No, the unit transmission frequency is set at time of manufacture and cannot be altered after the event.

Do I need anything else to accompany this wireless camera?

If you do not already have a receiver, then you will need one to receive transmitted videos from the cameras.

Can other devices interfere with the transmissions?

5.8GHz is a relatively new frequency allocated for use by wireless transmitting cameras. There are generally no other devices operating on this band.

I already have CMOS Wireless Cameras on different 2.4GHz frequencies. Could I choose a this camera to add to my set, or would this cause conflict?

This 5.8GHz camera will not match up with your existing receiver if the other cameras are operating on 2.4GHz, so it will not suit your purpose.


You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • You should ensure that no other Wireless 5.8GHz cameras are operating in the same area that could cause frequency conflict.
  • You will need a 5.8GHz receiver or maybe one of our 5.8GHz receiver with recorder systems to provide a method of monitoring this camera.
  • These cameras do not operate on secure frequencies and as such can be viewed by others that have a 5.8GHz receiver close by set to the same receiving frequency.

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