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Infinity Spy Phone (Tri-band)

Product Code INF2

This Nokia phone looks like it is switched off, but it has been modified and can be used as a listening device. This spy phone model is based on a tri-band phone, which means it has worldwide deployment capabilities.

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Spy phones are adapted classic style Nokia phone handsets that have been modified to turn them into room bugs. They were the first type of GSM bug and still remain favourites for some of our customers because they simply look like a phone where the battery has expired or an old handset that does not function any more.

Spy Phone Adapted to Give Appearance of a Dead Phone

All standard features on the phone have been switched off through the software so that the screen does not come on and the buttons do not light up or respond in any way. The call receive function, however, is still maintained so that the spy phone is able to receive and auto-answer an incoming call. When the call is answered, the microphone is switched on and the caller is able to listen in to the surrounding environment. A cleverly thought out listening device that masquerades as an old classic phone!

Enhanced Microphone Sensitivity

Some spy phones use the standard microphone of the handset and as such the listening radius of the microphone is normally limited. This is because standard mobile phone microphones are designed to filter out background noise and only be sensitive enough for someone to speak directly into the phone. Because the Infinity Spy Phone is not used to make ‘normal’ calls, we have enhanced microphone sensitivity and the result is an audio pick up radius of at least 8 metres – making it a sophisticated GSM bug.

Innocuous Short Term Listening Device

The Infinity Spy Phone is the perfect room bug for an office type scenario where the phone could be left on a desk or maybe on top of a cupboard. In the car, it may be that the spy phone could be left in a back of seat pocket or under a seat. Whatever the requirement, a four day standby time and/or a listening time of 5 hours mean that the Infinity Spy Phone is an excellent tool for short term audio surveillance requirements or where an innocuous ‘old phone’ would not arouse suspicion. This tri-band model will still function in countries outside the UK and EU.

  • GSM type listening device made from adapted mobile phone
  • No standard mobile phone capability – screen and buttons have all been disabled
  • Auto-answering GSM engine – enhanced microphone technology
  • Excellent listening radius of up to 8 metres for normal speech
  • Tri-band network coverage 900/1800/1900MHz – works in most countries worldwide
  • 5 hours of listening in time and/or 4 days standby time
  • In original boxed with charger and Orange or Virgin SIM card
  • Works on other phone networks although audio quality is less clear
  • Optional external microphone for varied deployment possibilities (see package options)

Can this spy phone be used as a normal mobile phone (cell phone)?

No, the normal phone functionality has been disabled and as a result the phone appears to have a dead battery.

Can I leave this connected to the mains supply as though it was on charge and still be able to use it as a spy phone?

Yes, just like a normal mobile phone, it can still be active even when on charge.

Can this be set to call me back when there is noise in the area where it has been placed?

No, unfortunately there is no voice activation facility with this GSM bug model.

Where in the world can this spy phone be used?

Anywhere that uses Triband GSM phone network in operation. This includes the majority countries around the world using the 900/1800/1900MHz frequency bands.

I live in a location where I cannot receive a reasonable phone signal on my mobile phone on any network. Will the Infinity Spy Phone still work?

Almost certainly not. The antenna inside the spy phone has not been altered for better reception.

You need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • If you would like the option of hiding the spy phone out of sight yet still maintaining a good audio sensitivity then the external 1 metre long optional microphone is certainly worth considering
  • This device can still function as a spyphone when it is plugged in charging from the mains supply.
  • You will need to ensure that the network SIM card that you have chosen for the spy phone has decent signal coverage in the area that the spy phone is deployed, otherwise just like a standard mobile phone, the Infinity Spy Phone may not function.
  • This tri-band model has the capability of being used outside the EU. The tri-band frequencies cover most countries around the world.