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  • Although Spy Equipment UK offers many stand-alone listening device & voice recording solutions, there are circumstances where additional microphones and amplifiers are required.

    Listen to Conversations with Ease

    It maybe that as an Investigator you already have a good audio recorder, but need to have a covert microphone to facilitate the recording of an interview or a face to face meeting. It maybe that whispering is preventing the use of a normal recording device. It could be that you need to hear what is being said in the next room, but it has not been possible to access the room to install a suitable recording or listening device. In this section Spy Equipment UK have a range of solutions for amplified and covert recording

    Have you ever wondered what is being said in the next room, but it is impossible to hear. The Listen Through The Wall Device provides a perfect solution to enable you to hear clearly what is being said and the beauty of this device is that it has the facility to plug in a voice recorder, so not only can you hear what is being said, but also you can record it at the same time. If you have an existing recorder, but it simply isn’t picking up the conversation that you want to hear because of whispering, then the sound amplifier provides an economical tool to achieve this. If you want a cheap covert microphone that can work with your existing digital audio recorder then Spy Equipment UK can provide these spy gadgets as well.