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Listen Through Wall Device

Product Code LTW1

This is a special amplifier that will pick up the slightest noise through solid barriers, such as walls, enabling the user to listen to what is happening on the other side, and record if necessary.

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The Listen Through The Wall Device is a special amplifier that will pick up sounds through solid barriers, such as walls, partitions and windows that it would normally have not been possible to hear purely with the human ear.

Developed from Automotive Engineering Concept

The forerunner of Listen Through Wall Device was not made for listening through walls and other barriers of this type at all. It was an automotive engineers tool to enable analysis of sounds deep inside an engine primarily to identify potential faults before considering stripping it down. This original concept has been adapted and developed over a period of time to produce a device that was suitable for amplifying sounds through walls, partitions and and other barriers.

Sound Amplification – Adjustable Audio Controls

The listening device consists of a special amplifier, to which is attached a ceramic contact microphone – a specialised sensitive instrument that picks up slightest vibrations from the wall and converts them into audible sound. The adjustable amplifier intensifies the sound making it loud enough for the human ear to comfortably hear. Treble and bass controls on the amplifier can be used to clarify the sound for the listener and to get the best out of the sound that is being picked up through the wall, ceiling, floor, window or other barrier to which the microphone has been attached. It should be noted that the microphone is magnetic and as such this is ideal for attaching to a metal barrier, but for keeping in place on other surfaces, other means must be used to hold it in place.

Earphones Supplied – Voice Recorder Connectable

The unit works best on solid barriers, such as concrete brick or glass and walls up to 300mm (12 inches thick), but can also obtain reasonable results on some cavity walls as well . Sound monitoring is achieved through included stereo earphones and the unit has a audio output socket for connection of a suitable recorder – see Digital Voice Recorder Pro or Voice Recorder Ultimate. A lead is supplied to connect an external recorder, so if you have your own recorder already then it should be easy to link the two. Although the jack plug connector on this lead will suit the majority of voice reorders available, an adapter may be needed to connect to some wit a different microphone-in socket.

Battery Powered

This product is powered by a replaceable alkaline PP3 battery that when new will generally power the device for up to 24 hours use. For regular or longterm use it maybe prudent to purchase a lithium PP3 battery that will provide longer deployment opportunity or a rechargeable battery that will keep running costs down over time. There is NO option for connecting the device to a mains power supply.

  • Listen through solid and some cavity barriers up to 300mm (12 inches thick)
  • Also can be used to listen for fluids passing through pipes and even to assist in diagnosis of vehicle engine and gearbox problems
  • Bass and Treble controls for audio adjustment to optimise sounds heard
  • Super sensitive and magnetic ceramic microphone
  • Supplied with stereo headphones for discreet operation
  • Powered by included 9V (PP3) Battery – giving up to 24 hours of use
  • Audio output socket for connection of suitable voice recorder
  • Supplied with audio connection lead for voice recorder connection

Would it be possible to use this product to listen through a ceiling or a floor?

Yes it would be possible to use this in this way, although it is difficult to say whether it would work as well as through a solid wall. The device can also be used to listen through glass including double glazed windows and for listening to engines, fluid flowing through pipes, etc.

I want to record what the Listen Through Wall Device hears. Can I connect a standard recorder to it?

The unit is supplied with a connection lead for plugging into digital and tape recorders. There still maybe a need to obtain a convertor plug to ensure the correct connection to your recorder. We also supply recorders if you do not have your own.

Rather than holding the microphone to the wall I wanted to leave it in position for a longer period of time. How do I attach the microphone to the wall?

Many of our customers has either used Duck Tape or similar and another idea is to surround the microphone when it’s in position with plenty of Bluetack.

Could I attach this to the outside of a car to listen to what is being said inside?

This would be difficult to do because it would have to be secured underneath and be waterproofed in some way to prevent damage to the electronics. It would be more preferable to place a covert voice recorder inside the vehicle instead.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • The Listen Through Wall Device can only be powered from a PP3 9V battery. No mains power supply is available.
  • PP3 batteries are avilable from many high street stores and online outlets. Lithium ion versions of this batteries can power the device for maybe 3 times longer than a standard alkaline battery.
  • Althoug there is no specific metod supplied to attach the microphone to a wall for ‘hands free’ operation, this could be achieve by packing a large amount of ‘bluetack’ around the edge of the microphone or by using duct tape to hold the microphone in place on the wall.