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    Hidden Cameras

    Hidden Cameras for use at Home, Work or Outdoors. Browse through a wide range of hidden spy cameras to suit...

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    Wifi Spy Camera

    WiFi Spy Camera Range, perfect for deployment into covert situations where extra security or video evidence gathering while watching from...

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    Portable Hidden Camera

    Portable spy cameras can provide evidence if you are unfortunate enough to be physically assaulted or if you want to...

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    Body Worn Spy Cameras

    This section contains a range of spy and covert camera solutions for body worn applications when it is crucial to...

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    Spy Camera Packages

    We stock a comprehensive range of spy camera solutions for static applications in the home or office and for mobile...

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    Outdoor Spy Cameras

    Your home is your castle, protect it with an outdoor camera from our outdoor spy cameras range. Rest easy knowing...

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    Spy Camera Accessories

    Accessories for spy and surveillance cameras, including essential battery packs and screens for effective covert video recording. Browse our products...

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    All the Spy Cameras in one place. Browse through a wide range of various hidden spy camera solutions in our...

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    Browse through an array of top spy cameras and video surveillance devices. We have divided the spy cameras into different sections to make it easier to find the best solution to suit every application.

    Spy Cameras infographic

    In the hidden camera section we have a selection of static covert applications that are ideal for deployment in a room, office or workshop. Favourite covert cams include spy clocks, PIR cams, smoke detectors and covert bags. Our latest devices have integrated recording devices in one stand-alone unit. Examples include tissue box camera or the alarm clock camera, this type of spying device is growing ever more popular.

    Spy Cameras for a Variety of Needs

    In the portable hidden camera section, we have an array of devices that can be carried on the person. They can also be set down to record in a stand-alone situation. Bag cameras have proven to be a favourite in this section with mystery shoppers and private investigators. We also have a covert cam and recorder solution built into ballpoint pen, a favourite with professionals. Now there is no excuse not to get video in almost any situation! Our hi-tech surveillance systems have the power to transmit high-quality video images direct to your mobile phone or computer, making these a popular covert cam solution to suit a variety of needs.

    In our body worn section we have the established products such as tie and button spy cameras with associated digital video recording devices. New on the market are the CCD covert camera solutions which are built into a bag attached to a tiny MP4 recorder. Ideal where quality imagery is paramount, but discretion needs to be assured. The latest and most compact body worn solution is a watch which has a small spy camera built in. This makes provision for both high-quality video and still images easily.

    Covert Surveillance Solutions

    Due to the mass amount of media exposure in combating crime, there has been a huge demand for outdoor spy cameras. Our spy store offers a selection of self-contained secret cam recorder solutions. These can be deployed in a variety of outdoor locations, often in remote places, great for collecting evidence in any location no matter the light levels and the environment. These powerful systems can record day and night and have battery power for long-term placement. Perfect for local authorities, environment agencies and water authorities.

    Motion Detection and Wifi Spy Cams

    Many of the spy cameras we supply come with powerful applications such as motion detection and Wifi functionality. This Technology has become far more commonplace and sophisticated. We have a superb range of hidden surveillance system solutions to suit almost every scenario. Check our blog out for a variety of spy camera articles and interesting statistics or ask one of our experts using the chat box or contact us form.