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One of the main complaints from past and potential customers about GSM bugs is/has been the fact that although these devices provide a great listening in capability, they do not provide the facility to be able to record what is being heard.

Listen and Record What’s Going On

There has been a solution to this problem for many years and although not ideal, it does enable listening in and selectively recording what is heard both at the same time. Here at Spy Equipment UK we quickly realised that rather than expecting customers to work out what was required to achieve a listening device GSM bug solution, we dedicated a section on our website to lend a helping hand

We have combined the three elements you will need to listen in to your home or office – from any phone, anywhere in the world, while taking high quality recordings which can be replayed directly or downloaded to your PC. Please note this is a discreet solution, both the GSM Bugs and the recording equipment are designed for subtle applications. Here’s what you get:


Select one of our packages to include the GSM Bug of your choice

Mobile Telephone Recording Leading

This will enable you to discreetly record what you are hearing from your GSM Bug. Dial in from any phone, place the recording lead earpiece in your ear and record onto the digital recorder what you are hearing.

The Digital Voice Recorder

High quality 16 hour (Voice Activated) Digital Voice Recorder, complete with software and USB connection for your PC.

When using all three items of the package together you will be able to record ‘live’ phone conversation, and as a result get ‘hard copy’ proof of what was said in the vicinity of the GSM Bug

Watch this section because Spy Equipment UK are soon to launch an even simpler GSM recording package that makes use of an existing phone with specialised software to enable normal listening and high quality recording onto the phone itself