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Global PC Spy

Product Code PCS9

A superb computer monitoring software offering both ‘live’ remote video and audio surveillance and computer usage history logging in one package all controlled through a dedicated user panel. Our most comprehensive Windows computer surveillance solution

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The Global PC Spy is a completely undetectable Windows computer monitoring program that offers a vast array of features. The software provides the capability to remotely and secretly watch and hear ‘live’ as well as log activity on the computer for later review if live monitoring is not possible at certain times.

Simple to Deploy -Easy to Use

The software is supplied on a USB stick and can be installed on the target PC in seconds. No prior specialist knowledge is required. Simply start the installation from the USB stick and after a few seconds an ID number will show on the computer screen (which must be noted). At this point the software is installed and the USB stick can be removed leaving the software to work for you. Remote surveillance is made easy because the monitoring panel, which is a website that has a secure login . This means that it is possible to keep watch on the target computer’s activity from any web-connected device (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.)

Protect You Business – Keep Your Child Safe

Computer monitoring software and key-logging devices are used by parents concerned about the safety of their children whilst they are using a computer, particularly when they are online where they are potentially exposed to the predatory behaviour of others, bullying and inappropriate websites. These products are also ideal for safeguarding sensitive data on company computers and for monitoring employees who maybe conducting illegal activities using the company PC.

Live Monitoring – See/Hear as it Happens

Unlike previous pc monitoring products that we have been able to offer the Global PC Spy allows in a number of ways to remotely survey the target computer live. You can literally watch a mirror image of its screen (in use), take webcam pictures or webcam videos, so you can see who is looking at the screen. It is also possible to make a recording using the monitored computer’s microphone, so you can hear what is being said or what is going on in the vicinity (it should be noted that some webcams have an indicator light to show that they are in use during video recording).

Comprehensive Logging of Usage Data

In addition to the live monitoring facilities, the Global PC Spy has a list of features that catalogue user activity for later review. These include logging of every key that is typed on the keyboard, the taking of screenshot at an interval set on the web panel, logging of text and images added to the clipboard, indexing of Chrome and Firefox history, downloads and bookmarks and cataloguing of Skype messages. Finally, the software will also index Chrome browser’s saved login details.

Fantastic Remote Control Capability

From your web panel it is possible to remotely activate and control certain features. Sometimes you will not need to be monitoring 24/7, so certain remote features are only triggered on request. If so desired it is also possible to remotely reboot or even shutdown the computer being monitored, maybe to prevent a child. And you can remove the software remotely if so desired. You should however give serious consideration to deleting the programme completely before the expiry of the licence because a manual install would gain be required on the target computer and there would be an administration fee for restarting the software package.

Choose a Licence to Suit You

Many customers will only wish to monitor a computer for a relatively short period of time whilst others may need continual use for extended periods, so we have devised a licensing system to suit needs/budgets. The software is designed to monitor one Windows computer. A purchase of this software entitles you to monitor unlimited data/history from the installed computer for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months from the installation date, dependant upon the period that you have chosen. If you wish to continue using the software after this initial 3, 6 or 12-month period, then this will require an additional licence purchase. It is of course possible to extend the licence for a longer period than your initial purchase option, so for example if you originally chose a 3-month licence and wanted to extend this for a further 6 or 12 months, then it is simply a matter of paying for the upgrade. This software is not transferable from computer to computer.

The Optimal Windows PC Monitoring System

Designed for Windows systems 10 and 11 – You should be in no doubt that this is the most comprehensive PC surveillance software available. You will be hard-pushed to find a monitoring software that is so discreet because it is so swift to install and has so many features. The Web monitoring panel really is well laid and simple to use with information catalogued in such an intuitive way that even a new user will be able to find their way around in a matter of minutes. Information on the panel can be very easily downloaded in commonly used formats, with no additional software is required. Worried about ant-virus? Then don’t be because the Global PC Spy software is designed to avoid all antivirus programmes, so install with confidence.

  • Discreetly installs onto any Windows PC (not Mac compatible)
  • Super-fast installation takes a matter of seconds (unless additional software has to be automatically pulled in by the system)
  • Monitor/remotely control all features from a superb web panel (with secure login)
  • Monitors every keystroke and catalogues this
  • Takes screenshots at user set intervals (set on web panel)
  • Get data and images that are added to the clipboard
  • Remotely monitor the desktop of the installed computer ‘live’
  • remotely view through the computer’s webcam (webcam indicator light may show on target PC)
  • Take image snapshots with the computer’s webcam
  • Remembers all websites visited on Firefox and Chrome Internet browsers
  • Capture and get access to Chrome saved logins
  • Get all Firefox and Chrome Bookmarks and download history on Chrome
  • Make an audio recording with the computer’s microphone and listen back to the recording
  • Get access to Skype text messaging on the installed PC (not audio or video)
  • Remotely reboot or shutdown the target PC and uninstall the GPC software remotely if required
  • Will NOT be detected by any antivirus program during installation of in use
  • Available with full features in 3, 6 and 12 month licence options
  • Licence starts at the time of installation onto the target PC, although first 24 hours are for free
  • Renew at your leisure – Reactivate software after a break (must be still installed on target PC)
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and now Windows 11 operating systems


Is the software well hidden even from someone who really knows about computers?

Yes, this software is extremely well hidden. The user interface can only be accessed remotely from the secure web panel, and it doesn’t create a folder in program files. The application has an extremely small profile, so it won’t slow down the PC.

Is the program easy to install?

The installation process is almost instantaneous, only taking a few seconds to install (depending on your processor power). The installation time will only be increased if Java is not already installed on the target PC and the software has to auto-install Java during the process.

How many computers can I use this software on at any one time?

The software can only be installed on one PC per licence and is not transferable between computers

Can I get rid of the software from the computer it is installed on very easily?

Uninstallation can be done remotely through the web panel or there is the option to switch it off for a while during the licence period.

Is there any way that Global PC Spy could be run on a Mac computer?

This is only possible if the Mac computer has the hard drive partitioned and on one section (where the software could be installed) it runs as Windows.


You will need to consider the following to use this software:

  • This USB flash drive is designed purely for the software program and for downloading information using the program and cannot be used for storage of documents or other files unrelated to its computer monitoring capability.
  • The software can only be installed on one Windows PC per licence.
  • You will need to have administrative access to the computer that you wish to install the software onto. This means that you know the password for the computer that allows you to install and delete software from the computer. Consider our Windows Master Key software product if this is an issue.