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People / VIP Trackers

TICK Car Asset GPS TrackerTICK Car Asset GPS Tracker

TICK Car Asset GPS Tracker

£294.00 Inc VAT£245.00 Ex VAT
Micro TrackerMicro Tracker

Micro Tracker

£188.40 Inc VAT£157.00 Ex VAT
GPS Defender – On Demand TrackerGPS Defender – On Demand Tracker

GPS Defender – On Demand Tracker

£204.00 Inc VAT£170.00 Ex VAT
GPS Defender Asset / People TrackerGPS Defender Asset / People Tracker

GPS Defender Asset / People Tracker

£294.00 Inc VAT£245.00 Ex VAT
Magnetic Car Asset TrackerMagnetic Car Asset Tracker

Magnetic Car Asset Tracker

£254.40 Inc VAT£212.00 Ex VAT

Tracking people can be for the purpose of an investigation or maybe even for their security and personal protection.

Protecting the Important People in Your Life

VIPs are at risk from attack and kidnap. Children can sometimes be at risk from abduction and although abduction is a small risk, media coverage of events such as this over the past few year has heightened public awareness of the potential need for tracking children or tracking VIPs. In addition to this government legislation now dictates that those considered as lone workers must be provided with a GPS tracker for the security in case they get into peril

When GSM tracking was introduced several years ago, it was thought that this would solve the people tracking issue, but necessary government legislation has resigned the tracking of mobile phones and GSM devices to a poor alternative to GPS trackers. In the case of VIPs and lone workers the person carrying the device always knows that they have the tracker with them, but when GPS people trackers are used for investigation, then size and battery life become major issues

At Spy Equipment UK we have tried to source GPS devices that could be used either for investigation or security. When deployed in an investigative capacity, certain functionality of the people trackers are disabled because it is not necessary for panic buttons and two-way communication to be active. This of course means that battery life is enhanced, however, because of their size, people trackers still have relatively short operating capacity

When used in an investigation, people trackers are probably best secreted into an item that the person to be tracked is carrying. Bags and suitcases are an obvious choice, particularly where there is a lining that will assist in keeping the tracker a secret. Whatever your need, one of the people trackers in this section can provide the solution needed for either investigation or security