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GSM Accessories

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Before scientists and engineers devised easy ways to record video discreetly, spying without having a physical human presence relied upon listening in or remote recording.

Essential GSM Additions

If you read Peter Wrights famous book ‘Spycatcher’ which details secrets about MI5 and their techniques throughout most of the 20th century, you will become aware that MI5 heavily relied upon cleverly secreted microphones and later radio bugs to provide them with important information about national security. In the 21st century, technology has moved us forward into an age where audio spy devices whether for listening in or recording, have become extremely sophisticated, simple to use and ever more effective. As part of this huge leap forward GSM bugs or infinity bugs have provided a modern day wonder for the professional eavesdropper.

If you already have a GSM bug and a voice recorder of some description, then it is very simple to enable recording when calling the GSM bug or infinity transmitter. Here in this section Spy Equipment UK have provided the latest telephone recording lead, an accessory that turns simple listening devices into much more comprehensive eavesdropping and audio recording tools.