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USB Mains Charger WiFi Camera

Product Code WC4M

This standard looking USB Mains Charger has a very discreet, built-in high definition WiFi spy camera, and can be remotely monitored on a smartphone or PC from anywhere in the world, providing there is an internet connection.

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Choosing a hidden camera that will fit into an environment without attracting attention is the first rule of covert electronic video surveillance. Being able to record high definition footage and watch it live is a great bonus.Spy Equipment UK’s innovative USB Mains Charger WiFi Camera is capable of both, which is part of the reason the device is one of our top 10 spy shop products.

Easy to Set-up and Deploy

Getting the USB Mains Charger WiFi Camera working does not require connection to an Ethernet port or to the WiFi Router. It really is a matter of ensuring that you are within a WiFi broadcast area, plugging the device into a live socket and then following a simple setup procedure.
No specialist technical knowledge or experience is required to operate the spy camera and it should only take around ten minutes to get the device up and running.

High Definition Footage: Global Remote Live Accessibility

Whilst other, less advanced surveillance devices may produce low-quality, pixelated video footage and will only allow the user to view what the camera is seeing within the bounds of the same WiFi signal, the all-new USB Mains Charger WiFi Camera offers the complete opposite.

All of Spy Equipment UK’s WiFi spy camera surveillance devices offer excellent video quality (with audio) and can be remotely viewed on a computer or smartphone from anywhere in the world, providing there is internet connection. Here are some other things to know about the remote viewing function:

  • Available as an app download for smartphones, or a console is available on a Windows computer
  • The user can remotely view footage, live stream, record videos and take stills
  • Streamed footage is automatically stored on the device being used
  • Settings can be changed remotely.

Discreetly Engineered Design and Functionality

USB mains charger plugs are one of the most commonly used objects found in any home, office or workshop environment, which makes them a superb disguise for a hidden spy camera.
The WiFi spy camera in this device is located in the front face of the plug, viewing into the room, so it is ideally deployed where there are wall plug sockets placed at waist height, for example above work surfaces, office desks, etc.

There are no sounds or flashing lights that would alert attention or arouse suspicion, making this USB charger the perfect covert surveillance solution. The system also supports motion detection and will send an email when it has been triggered.

Versatile WiFi Camera Solution

Due to its inconspicuous design, the USB Charger WiFi Camera will blend seamlessly into different home and office environments, without raising suspicion. The charger will take power from the mains supply it is connected to, to allow for long-term or even continual surveillance of the room where it is deployed.

Not to mention, the device is fully functional as a charger plug, so it can be used to power and charge other USB devices.
You can learn more about this versatile WiFi spy camera solution in our blog ‘Introducing Our USB Mains Charger WiFi Spy Camera’.

  • Fairly standard looking mains powered USB charger with very discreet colour HD WiFi camera
  • Wide angle camera discreetly included in the front face of the mains adapter (when plugged into wall socket)
  • Easy to use and with fast set up – Plug into mains socket to get up and running
  • High definition video resolution – Switch between 1080p, 720p or 480 @ 25 frames per second (real time)
  • Camera image sensor -1/2.9” CMOS Progressive sensor – Lens F2.0 3.64 mm – 90º wide angled
  • Ability to view and record live video remotely – Files can be downloaded and deleted remotely
  • Integrated audio recording (microphone hole on side of plug)
  • Pre-installed with 32 GB memory card – Memory usage ; 1 minute approx. 19 MB and 52 minutes for 1 GB
  • Power permanently from mains supply – perfect for long-term deployment
  • Switch between Manual / Scheduled / Motion detection recording all with time and date stamping for evidential purposes
  • More than one WiFi camera can be added onto the same platform – up to 20 cameras can be displayed at one time
  • Platform has password protection for confidential secure user access
  • Dimensions of plug outer: 50 x 50 x 25 mm
  • No special software or accessories needed for playback of recorded files – Apps for iPhone and Android devices available
  • System is Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android compatible – Requires Windows PC or smartphone to complete initial set-up procedure
  • Perfect for high quality video surveillance at home, or in the office

Whereabouts is the spy camera located?

When the mains charger is plugged into a wall socket in the normal way, the camera views the room environment from the front face of the device.

Can the product actually be used to charge attached USB devices?

Yes, the system is able to provide a charging facility for any battery powered device that uses a normal USB charger cable.

Does the WiFi USB Mains Charger Camera make any noise when recording are started and stopped?

This product is totally discreet giving no visual or audio indicators whatsoever, so there is nothing that will alert unwanted attention.

How do I know whether the WiFi camera is recording the right part of the room?

The camera is a wide angled camera model which should provide a decent area of coverage, however to check it will be worth doing a live remote viewing test to see if the unit is positioned as you wish.

Where would I place such a device?

This really is down to your own personal choice. These are best used in wall sockets that are work surface height or maybe plugged into an extension lead that has been placed on an angle.

Does the unit also record audio?

Yes, the unit has an in-built microphone that should easily capture and record clear audio onto the video footage up to a 5 metres radius.

  • You WILL need the password to the network on which you wish to install this WiFi camera system for the initial set up procedure. You may need physical access to the WiFi router.
  • The WiFi camera system will NOT work if the WiFi network that it has been connected to is switched off or is inaccessible when remote viewing, but can work still as a stand-alone motion activated DVR.
  • On some shared office systems, such as shared WiFi on technology parks where numerous businesses share the same WiFi output, it may not be possible to use this WiFi camera due to security restrictions in place for multi-office shared systems.
  • To take full advantage remote live video surveillance, you will need an Android Smartphone, iPhone, Android Tablet or iPad that has an Internet connection.