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  • Spy Clock WiFi Camera

    This new sleek and stylish brushed black digital desktop / bedside clock is fitted with a high definition WiFi and IP spy camera with SD card recording system.

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    Deploying a ready-made covert camera recording system into varied environments is always a challenge. A discreet desktop or table top camera system is always a good choice. The Spy Clock Camera Recorder is the ideal solution for many scenarios at home or in the office where a slimline stylish and very discreet spy camera system can be deployed to capture vital video (with audio) evidence.

    Retained Standard Clock Functionality

    This device can be used as a standard digital clock, and is powered primarily from the mains supply and this ensures that it can be deployed into a situation where long term video surveillance is the only option to capture certain events in a room. It must be stressed that although the there is standard LCD clock functionality the product does NOT have any any arm or radio functionality.

    High Definition Video – Motion Detection Recording

    The front vertical face of the clock fitted with a high grade pinhole camera with that has through-the-lens motion detection recording as standard, however, the unit can be programmed to record continuously if required. The incorporated technology can record full HD1920 x 1080 high definition video footage in colour (with audio) onto the enclosed micro SD card for later viewing. This latest version of Spy Clock now has totally discreet infrared illumination for night time recording, which means that excellent quality video can still be captured during low light and the darkest hours yet there are no giveaway signs that the infrared LED’s are switched on lighting the environment for the camera to see.

    Full WiFi and IP Remote Monitoring

    The previous version of this clock was only able to offer a self-contained recording video (with audio) facility. This new version also has full WiFi and Ip capability. What this means is that not only can the clock automatically record all in your absence, but it is also possible to view what the camera is seeing and hearing ‘live’ on your Android Smartphone or iPhone (app available for download). And with full IP capability, this does mean that remote viewing can be achieved from the other side of the world if desired (the phone needs to have a web connection). It should be noted that where the Spy Clock Camera is placed there needs to be WiFi that the spy clock can use to transmit through.

    Discreet Design – No Telltale Signs

    What makes this product so discreet is that the controls and micro SD card slot are concealed behind a removable cover on the back of the clock. Also the camera and low light illuminator are cleverly designed into the front facia of the product, so nobody will ever suspect that it is anything more than a standard clock. The SD card recording system will accept a card up to a maximum of 32GB so recording capacity should be ample. Although an 8GB SD card is provided as standard with this unit, it is possible to upgrade to a 32GB micro SD card (see package options menu).

    Windows And Mac Compatible

    The footage recorded is stored on the inserted SD card using a format that can be easily played back through a Windows or Mac computer without special software. Recordings have time and date stamp making them perfect for evidential purposes. If for some reason it is not possible to use the preinstalled computer media player we recommend a totally free downloadable player called VLC – our choice in the Spy Equipment UK office.

    • Fully functional desktop / bedside digital clock with in-built spy camera recording system
    • Note that this does NOT have an alarm or any radio functionality
    • Full WiFi and IP functionality – Remotely view on iPhone or Android phone from infinite distance
    • Sleek design with stylish black aluminium finish will fit into home and office environments
    • Video resolution of 1920 x 1080 @ 30 frames per second
    • Colour pinhole camera with 78º camera angle lens – minimum illumination of 0.03 lux when infrared illuminators switch on automatically
    • Integrated microphone for audio recording onto video footage
    • Micro SD card recording system accepts up to maximum of 32Gb (8GB card supplied as standard)
    • Motion activated or continuous recording options – 5 metre (15 feet) detection range
    • Hidden camera recording system controls for totally discreet operation
    • Footage recorded in AVI format – Playback on Windows or Mac computer
    • Clock overall dimension: 160 x 80 x 35mm – weight 240 grammes
    • Infrared remote control, mains power lead, USB cable and 8GB micro SD card
    • Perfect for deployment in both home and office environments

    Which way does the camera face?

    The spy camera is positioned in the little grille on the front face of the clock.

    If somebody took the back cover off the unit, would they be able to tell that it wasn’t a standard LCD clock?

    It would certainly arouse some suspicion, although there is no particular reason why anybody would need to remove this cover which looks like access to a battery compartment

    Can I view this camera remotely on my computer?

    Currently it is only possible to remotely watch live on your iPhone or Android phone after downloading the right app

    How do I watch back the video recordings?

    The micro SD card from inside the unit would need to be removed an connected / put into a computer to play back recorded files. It is also possible to watch back the recordings on your phone if you are in the vicinity of the spy camera system (approx 50 metres).

    Does playing back the files require any special software?

    No special software is required as such, although some computers may need an updated media player. We recommend a free download of either VLC or KM Player which will ensure that there are no problems playing back recordings. Also the app is required for playing back on the phone.

    Does this device record sound?

    Yes, there is a microphone within this device. The microphone will be able to clearly record voices within a general 6 metre radius

    Is the video recorded good enough to be able to recognise faces?

    Absolutely, yes, it is very easy to identify people on the footage even in fairly low light in the environment that the recording takes place

    You will need to consider the following to use this product:

    • A computer with speakers attached is required if wishing to playback recordings with the audio on your PC or Laptop
    • You will need a media player on the computer for playback of video / audio files. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK
    • You will need to download an app onto your iPhone or Android phone to make use of the WiFi/IP Capability
    • The unit records approximately 30 minutes of video/audio per Gigabyte of storage.