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Get A Professional “Spy Guy” Solution To YOUR Problem Today…

(You'll get specialist advice and recommendations from our resident private investigator).

Need to Solve One of These Problems?

  • I need to find out if my partner is cheating on me (and I need evidence)
  • I want to protect my property from vandals / thieves
  • I want to know what my employee(s) are doing
  • I need to know if I’ve been bugged
  • I need to know where my child is and whether they are safe
  • My neighbour gives me abuse – I need evidence
  • I am being bullied at work – I need to gather evidence
  • I need to know if I am being tracked
  • I need to know what my children are doing online

(These are just some of the most common problems the “Spy Guy” can help with. If your problem is not listed above simply select ‘Other’ in the form below and briefly explain your problem).

Get a Personalised “Spy Guy” Solution for your Problem

If you want a fast, personalised solution to YOUR problem, simply complete the form below and the “Spy Guy” will provide personalised advice and product recommendations for your problem / situation (all via email).


In as little as 15 minutes you will:

  • Have a plan in place to solve your problem
  • Know exactly what spy equipment you need
  • Know how to use the equipment when you get it
  • And, most importantly, be well on your way to gaining control of the situation that’s bothering you