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Spy Centre

Welcome to Spy Equipment UK’s new Spy Centre. Bringing you all the latest news and reviews and advice from our experts in one central easy to use hub of  intelligence. It’s all about helping you discover and share new spy experiences and ideas online.

With new products frequently being launched you can now read a review or submit a review yourself to share your experiences and ideas with others. You can also keep a close eye on what’s shaking in the SPY world, with detailed reports of how to successfully run operations amongst other articles.

If you find it useful, please help us develop the service further by sending your comments to [email protected] or via our Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

Welcome to the Spy Centre

Latest News

Meet Cloakey – Our Latest Online Privacy Tool

[email protected]   January 21, 2022

Spy Equipment fans rejoice! We have a new member in our long line of secure communications devices. Introducing the Cloakey Online Privacy Tool, a tiny USB stick that boasts big protection for you and your computer. Spy Equipment UK has long been committed to bringing you the latest and the best spy camera devices to […]

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