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    A Focus on the 365 Enduro Audio Recorder

    Billy Rooney   May 28, 2020

    As a top selling audio recording device, the Enduro 365 audio recorder has plenty of outstanding features that have been recognised by those who have purchased this device. We have had terrific feedback from those that use this savvy piece of technology to capture vital audio recordings. We’d like to take you through the features […]

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    Savvy Body Worn Cameras for Any Situation

    Billy Rooney   May 17, 2020

    Our range of body worn cameras include some of the most versatile and effective pieces of spy technology on the market today. Suitable for a variety of scenario types, these devices provide high quality results while ensuring subtle usage.  It can be difficult to record instances discreetly when on the go, by simply attaching a […]

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    How to Monitor your Babysitter Using Spy Cameras

    Billy Rooney   May 3, 2020

    Leaving your children in the company of another person is not an easy thing to do. You want to be reassured that the person looking after your children acts responsibly and conforms to your rules. We understand that ensuring your child’s safety is your top priority, that’s why we’ve outlined a set of spy cameras […]

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    Back By Popular Demand – Day / Night WiFi CCTV Camera!

    Billy Rooney   April 24, 2020

    The Day / Night WiFi CCTV Camera is back by popular demand! As one of our most favoured outdoor cameras, we have reinstated the Day / Night WiFi CCTV Camera. In this blog post, we look at the key features of this CCTV camera and run through the usability of an outdoor camera that is […]

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    Hear About Our New Listening Device – The GSM Calculator

    Billy Rooney   April 12, 2020

    Spy Equipment UK has just released a brand new listening product. Say hello to the GSM Calculator Listening Device, which joins our expanding range of listening devices developed and manufactured by Spy Equipment UK. The GSM Calculator Listening Device Firstly, it is important to note that this is a fully functioning, average-sized calculator that you […]

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    Home Office Using Child Spies for Covert Surveillance

    Billy Rooney   April 2, 2020

    The Home Office has been using child spies as a means of covert surveillance, it has been revealed. While most have voiced their dismay at children as young as 15 being put in perilous scenarios for the gain of the Home Office, UK Security of State for Defence Ben Wallace is calling for more children […]

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    Coronavirus Update from Spy Equipment UK

    Billy Rooney   March 23, 2020

    It has been a strange few weeks all over the world as the coronavirus outbreak continues to endanger lives and businesses. There are challenging times ahead for all, but the Spy Equipment UK team endeavour to fight through the pandemic safely and securely. Here at Spy Equipment UK, we want to keep our customers as […]

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    Spy Cameras to Automatically Catch Drivers on Mobiles

    Billy Rooney   March 20, 2020

    Spy cameras that automatically catch drivers who are using a phone at the wheel may soon become widespread here in the UK. Britain looks set to follow Australia’s lead on this one, with the Southern Hemisphere country having already introduced the technology. So, are we about to have more eyes on us, with spy camera […]

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    Latest Developments to the Bluetooth Covert Earpiece

    Billy Rooney   February 25, 2020

    We are always busy thinking of ideas on how to improve our products even further, to give you the best equipment to use day in, day out. Making slight, subtle changes to the already phenomenal ability of our surveillance and covert communications devices provides you with products that can go the extra mile in terms […]

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    Pet Sitter Surveillance – How Is Your Pet Treated Whilst You’re Out?

    Billy Rooney   February 9, 2020

    Whatever the reason for having to spend time apart from your home and beloved pets, you want to know that they are in safe hands by the person you’ve entrusted with looking after them. Finding a close relative or friend to look after pets isn’t always realistic and, therefore, many turn to pet sitters to […]

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    5 of the Best Small Spy Cameras On the Market

    Billy Rooney   January 29, 2020

    Are you looking to harness your inner private detective or secret agent? Perhaps you just simply require advanced and savvy small spy cameras to bring the truth to light? There are several options for you to consider. We provide five of the best smallest spy cameras on the market today and we’ll take a look […]

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    Product Release – GSM Enduro Live Listening Device

    Billy Rooney   January 15, 2020

    We have recently released a brand new product in the form of the GSM Enduro Live Listening Device. Here we will take a look at the features of this sophisticated piece of equipment and the scenarios in which you may find it useful. We always inform our customers of any new products or revised products, […]

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    Revealed: The Most Secure Regions & Countries to Live in 2019

    Billy Rooney   January 6, 2020

    It’s reassuring to know that you live in a peaceful neighbourhood and to know you can enjoy the area you live in without facing regular security challenges. At Spy Equipment UK, we pride ourselves on providing the very best spy products as security and surveillance experts that have extensive experience in the industry. In this […]

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    Spy Pen Voice Recorder Developments

    Billy Rooney   December 16, 2019

    We have been busy making adjustments to a Spy Pen Digital Recorder product and we’re pleased to announce that the performance of this device has been improved even further. Our in-house development team have taken this product’s abilities to the next level and we can’t wait for our customers to get their hands on the […]

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    A Spy Camera for Christmas – An Alternative & Practical Gift

    Billy Rooney   November 28, 2019

    Christmas is finally here and it’s time to start looking around for the stand-out presents that friends, family and colleagues can enjoy well into the New Year; as opposed to assigning them to the back of the cupboard. If you’re seeking a present that is going to prove real worth to the recipient, a spy […]

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    Man United Call on Spy Equipment Specialists in Recruitment Push

    Billy Rooney   November 13, 2019

    Manchester United have allegedly called upon the services of a number of spy equipment specialists, as they look to address their recently wayward recruitment policies and return to the top of the footballing tree. United are hoping that by bringing in surveillance experts, they can monitor a potential transfer signing to learn of the full […]

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    Spy Equipment UK – Interview With Owner Adrian Mudd

    Billy Rooney   October 25, 2019

    We’re proud to be a leading UK provider of spy technology, distributing equipment throughout Britain and Europe. In this article, owner Adrian Mudd gives us an insight into Spy Equipment UK as an entity, himself as the founder of the company and where he believes the industry is headed.  What’s the Story of Spy Equipment […]

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    A Breakdown of 4 Best Selling Spy Cameras

    Billy Rooney   October 4, 2019

    Video evidence is definitive, which makes surveillance of this kind highly popular for a number of circumstances. Video recorders as spy products are extremely versatile – with a wide range of spy cameras on the market, there are designs to suit all professional and personal needs.  Whether that be outdoor surveillance, body-worn devices or the […]

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    Discreet Spy Equipment to Monitor Elderly People’s Care

    Billy Rooney   September 22, 2019

    It can be worrying for people when they have to leave their elderly relatives in the care of someone else. The aid of a live-in carer or assisted living is a huge help for many families, but there is always a concern when leaving your loved one in their most vulnerable state – monitor the […]

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    Voice Recorder Development from Spy Equipment UK

    Billy Rooney   September 13, 2019

    Spy Equipment UK is pleased to introduce the new and improved Mains Socket Voice Recorder. We’ve developed yet another everyday appliance with the latest spy technology and have therefore enhanced the usability of this device for our valued customers.  We’re continually seeking new, intricate and sophisticated ways to develop our products. Spy technology is ingrained […]

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    A Breakdown of 4 Bestselling Spy Tracking Devices

    Billy Rooney   August 28, 2019

    Tracking devices are used in a number of instances by professionals, individuals and companies for a wide range of purposes, from parcel tracking to fleet vehicle management. Here at Spy Equipment UK, we understand the necessity of the use of tracking bugs to secure vehicles and assets, as well as to ensure the safety of […]

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    Gaining An Edge: Spy Products In Professional Sport

    Billy Rooney   August 1, 2019

    The use of spy products in professional sport has been a hot conversation point recently, with the curious and determined trying different tactics to gain an advantage throughout the build up to an event. Spying and the use of hidden cameras isn’t exactly new in sport. Scouts are constantly increasing their efforts to keep tabs […]

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    Introducing Our USB Mains Charger WiFi Camera

    Billy Rooney   July 9, 2019

    At Spy Equipment UK, we regularly review all product ranges while contemplating new ideas to bring to market, and our latest offering comes out of our WiFi camera range. We’re excited to present to you our brand new USB Mains Charger, complete with WiFi spy camera.  Through shrewd product design and first-rate execution, we guarantee […]

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    GCHQ’s Astonishing London Spy Centre Revealed

    Billy Rooney   July 1, 2019

    Covert surveillance is the aim of the game for individuals or organisations utilising spy equipment – such as discrete hidden cameras – and intelligence. From the outside looking in, anyone not in the know would scarcely believe that the recently retired, mundane Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in London, was a spy base for more than […]

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    Huawei Spy Allegations: Chairman Resumes Strife With U.S

    Billy Rooney   June 17, 2019

    Previously, Spy Equipment UK brought you up to date with everything you needed to know about the Huawei spying allegations. Since then, tension between the Chinese technology giants and the U.S, in particular, has intensified. Huawei says they have contract agreements with 30 countries, to provide equipment for building new 5G networks. However, the U.S.’ […]

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    How GDPR Affects the Use of Spy Cameras in the Workplace

    imogen@media-street.co.uk   April 5, 2019

    General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is the EU legislation that came into effect on 25th May 2018 and is designed to protect the privacy of all individuals within the European Union. The regulations affect everyone, including businesses which may affect the use of spy cameras in the workplace. For those that are not compliant […]

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    A Breakdown of The Five Best-Selling Listening Devices

    imogen@media-street.co.uk   March 26, 2019

    Listening devices are an excellent way to collect evidence and monitor a variety of situations. Audio spy products can also get the edge over video surveillance as they are a lot more discreet to use and therefore less thought and planning needs to be put into their usage. Furthermore, their adaptability and versatility make them […]

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    What Can We Expect from Spy Equipment Technology in 2019?

    imogen@media-street.co.uk   March 14, 2019

    Year on year, we see developments in technology that increasingly outdo the last. These advances take us from strength to strength in our society, regularly improving our medical and scientific discoveries, our rate of construction and our progress in IT. Our personal and professional lives also benefit from such developments; whether it’s the use of […]

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    Everything You Need to Know About The Huawei Spying Allegations

    Grace Jalowiecka   January 16, 2019

    As one of the most successful technology companies in the world, it’s certainly surprising that Huawei’s top executives have been accused of spying over the past month. The billion dollar business is known for its ‘spectacular’ camera display and crystal clear images in its phone models, as well as dynamic enterprise and carrier solutions for […]

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    Brand New Surveillance Technology from Spy Equipment UK

    Grace Jalowiecka   January 5, 2019

    A brand new year means brand new spy technology at Spy Equipment UK! We have added to our counter surveillance with the HSA-Q1 Professional RF Spectrum Analyser for serious professionals involved in Countermeasures (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures ‘sweeps’). Spy Equipment UK are the sole providers of such surveillance devices throughout the UK and we are […]

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    Hidden Spy Equipment to Improve Employee Efficiency

    Grace Jalowiecka   January 4, 2019

    The January blues are a regular occurrence in any workplace. People are still trying to recover from their seasonal socials and the thought of going back to sit in front of a computer is the last thing on their minds. So how you can make the start of 2019 a success for your company and […]

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    Aston Martin to re-create DB5 model fitted with high-quality Spy Gadgets

    Grace Jalowiecka   December 9, 2018

    James Bond is synonymous with luxurious, fast-paced adventure and has been a household and Hollywood name since 1962, when the first movie, Dr No, was released. Since then, Bond has become a character for people to aspire to in modern, every-day life and so have his spy gadgets, including and not limited to hidden cameras […]

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    Suspicious of an unfaithful spouse? Cheating Partners most likely to act at Christmas

    Grace Jalowiecka   December 6, 2018

    Christmas should be a time of love, laughter, family and most importantly, forgiveness. Unfortunately, this is also the time for cheating partners to pursue their dishonesty. Unfaithful spouses likely keep their family and secret lives completely separate during the seasonal festivities, just like any other time of the year. If you have suspected your partner […]

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    The All-New Samsung Galaxy Spy Phone Range at Spy Equipment UK

    Grace Jalowiecka   November 10, 2018

    Here at Spy Equipment UK we always try to go above and beyond to give our customers the best product range on the market. We are excited to announce the eagerly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Spy Phones now available to purchase on our website. Pre-installed with our latest spy phone technology, both models offer an array […]

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    Spy Upgrades to Suit Everyone this Christmas

    Grace Jalowiecka   November 6, 2018

    Christmas is just around the corner (yes, we said it!) and it’s time to start thinking and planning for the year ahead. The team at Spy Equipment UK are always on the look-out for ways to take our products one step further so our customers get the highest quality in counter-surveillance, hidden audio recorders, portable […]

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    Would you Cheat? Cheating students’ Ingenious uses of Spy Equipment

    Grace Jalowiecka   November 5, 2018

    As long as there are tests, there will always be people who try to cheat. Educational systems place huge emphasis on originality and fairness, and the strict exam conditions students experience today are designed to prevent cheating. Desks are separated so that candidates cannot copy each other, bags and phones are banned, pockets may be […]

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    The New & Improved Voice Logger Computer Software

    Grace Jalowiecka   October 1, 2018

    After a long two-year wait, Spy Equipment UK are excited to relaunch the new and vastly improved Voice Logger Computer Software. The Voice Logger is a multifaceted piece of tech that functions as a voice recorder but also allows you to monitor computer activity at the same time. Adrian Mudd, Owner of Spy Equipment UK, […]

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    Would you trust your partner on a lads holiday?

    Grace Jalowiecka   September 28, 2018

    Is your boyfriend going away on a ‘lads’ holiday? Or maybe your girlfriend is taking a vacation with her female friends? Do you trust them? If you were given the opportunity, would you go undercover and spy on your partner while they are away? Luckily, Spy Equipment UK have a full-comprehensive range of spy equipment […]

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    Introducing the new Car Key Voice Recorder

    Grace Jalowiecka   September 22, 2018

    We are pleased to announce the launch of a yet another new hidden audio recorder at Spy Equipment UK – the Car Key Voice Recorder. This device looks just like a car or motorcycle key, and its authentic design ensures no one knows the full extent of its capabilities. Alongside our other discreet voice recorders, […]

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    Protecting your taxi with voice recorders

    Grace Jalowiecka   September 11, 2018

    Taxis have been the four-wheeled friend of city dwellers for as long as we can remember. However, the mode of transport has become a place of uncertainty over the past few years, with taxi drivers being at the brunt of unprovoked attacks and physical violence. It’s only with spy equipment such as voice recorders and […]

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    Unveiling the New Micro Tracker!

    Grace Jalowiecka   August 30, 2018

    As ever, here at Spy Equipment UK we are always on the look-out for ways to improve our products and to make them even more discreet whilst outputting maximum performance. That’s why we are excited to unveil our new micro tracker and adding it to our already significant range of GPS tracking devices. A stand […]

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    The Best Voice Recorder For Your Home

    Grace Jalowiecka   August 24, 2018

    Spy Equipment UK have seen a massive increase in people purchasing voice recorder products over the past couple of years, with people relying on our discrete range to make sure they capture the most out of what others have to say. If you are looking for an everyday voice recording device to blend into your […]

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    Outsmarting criminals with unique spy equipment

    Grace Jalowiecka   August 17, 2018

    With the advancement in spy design and technology in the 21st century, what are you supposed to look for when it comes to protecting your home against criminals and burglars? Apart from fitting the ordinary security camera above the front door and downloading apps on your phone for to find lost or stolen property, there […]

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    Launching the brand new surveillance photo frame camera!

    Grace Jalowiecka   August 15, 2018

      Here at Spy Equipment UK, we are excited to unveil our brand new surveillance Photo Frame Camera! By expanding our product range, we can provide the latest innovations in discrete surveillance products, perfect for both the home and business environment. The photo frame is the best option when it comes to discrete room surveillance […]

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    We’ve got some exciting new products online!

    charliemediastreetcouk   August 14, 2018

    At Spy Equipment UK, one of our main goals is to keep up to date with the latest technology and to constantly re-invent our products and services to ensure we meet our customer’s ever-changing needs. Whether that means upgrading our spy cameras with wi-fi and remote recording capabilities; or ensuring our outdoor cameras can record […]

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    The Animals Accused of Being Spies

    Adrian Mudd   July 5, 2018

    We know what you’re thinking; quite an intruding headline for this latest blog post, right? And we were equally as curious when we began researching the list of animals that have been accused of international espionage in the past. Interesting facts about spies How to use spy equipment to monitor wildlife What’s not to love […]

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    Spy Histories: North Vietnam’s Defence Against America

    Adrian Mudd   June 25, 2018

    The cold war was at its height during the 1960s and 1970s. In their fight against communist, America sent men into Vietnam to battle the ‘iron fist’. The mission resulted in over one million fatalities for both sides. It wasn’t a war people believed in; it is the sole reason the flower power movement erupted. […]

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    Phone and Computer Cheating: What Equipment Is Best

    Adrian Mudd   June 18, 2018

    Some consider conspiring to cheat as bad as cheating. It is a direct absence of honesty and devotion. We agree, too; especially so when this conspiring to cheat involves sordid acts such as sending nude photographs and other acts of that variety. It happens much, much more often than it did in previous times. To […]

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    The Best Way To Keep A Vehicle Safe

    Adrian Mudd   June 11, 2018

    Whether you’re a classic car owner or a caravan tripper, a worry of yours is perhaps always theft. It’s something you can insure against, sure, but that is a perpetual drain on your bank account. And it’s a general pain, too. Enter asset trackers. Protect Your Vehicle with Car & Asset Trackers We want our […]

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    Spy Histories: Rajneesh Movement

    Adrian Mudd   May 29, 2018

    In our last spy histories, we detailed how spying has helped with a whole plethora of happenings, most notably wars. Sometimes spying is used in honourable ways for righteous causes, like the prevention of evil, the way our equipment is used. However, it’s not always that way. Due to the power that it yields (consider […]

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    Spy Equipment Fights Cyber Crime

    Adrian Mudd   May 24, 2018

    Not too long ago we could browse and feel free. We would google to our heart’s content and once we found the result we were after, we’d be done. Now, the situation has changed rather dramatically so. If we search now, we are seemingly tied to that term as potential buyers; not only do we […]

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    Four Reasons to Shop With Spy Equipment

    Adrian Mudd   May 14, 2018

    For nearly 20 years, we have been a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality spy equipment in the UK. We stock a range of innovative devices, from spy cameras and covert audio recorders, to counter surveillance and CCTV. Spy Equipment UK is based in the Midlands, but we ship our products all around the world. […]

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    Nuts Facts About Spies!

    Adrian Mudd   April 27, 2018

    The world of spying is indeed an interesting one. There are many amusing quirks, there are many sombre elements, all of which interesting. Today, due to this inherent interestingness, we’re going to run through some things that go on in the world of spies. We hope when you buy our equipment, say voice recorders or […]

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    Spy Histories: Post-WW2 Germany

    Adrian Mudd   April 20, 2018

    Spying is steeped in our history. As we’ve previously told, it’s won wars; political campaigns; even divorce settlements. It’s as diverse as it is mysterious, perhaps because of the breadth of the term. There are, of course, some scenarios where spying was much more salient than other times. Ensuring world peace is much more important […]

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    Our Top Spy Novel Recommendations

    Adrian Mudd   April 17, 2018

    You find the world of spies fascinating – that’s most probably why you’re here. You find it interesting so want to read articles about it. Makes sense. Well, how about reading a spy novel? Spy novels are some of the best reads out there. Due to their intrinsically exciting nature, they’re always the hardest to […]

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    Bee Safe and Make Honey With Spy Equipment

    Adrian Mudd   March 21, 2018

    Last week, two boys were arrested for vandalising a honey farm in the United States. The event created quite the buzz in the media causing the shocking news to since spread internationally. As a result, 50 hives were wiped out, killing at least 500,000 bees. The estimated cost of this incident was $60,000 (around £40,000). […]

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    How Much Suspicion Justifies Buying Our Spy Gear?

    Adrian Mudd   March 15, 2018

    A good portion of our customers are those who feel they are being cheated on. They come to us for some spy equipment, in pursuit of the truth. We help a lot of them. Even if they find out the ugly truth through the use of spy gear, they are usually grateful. And so are […]

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    Did You Know You Can Make £50 From Telling Us Your Story?

    Adrian Mudd   March 8, 2018

    We really love what we do at Spy Equipment UK, but there is one thing that we love more than what we do: hearing how we helped you. Hearing stories of empowerment; stories of liberation; stories of discovery; stories of strength; stories of finding lost goods. It’s what makes us determined to make even better […]

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    Corbyn’s Lawyers Defend Against Spy Allegations

    Adrian Mudd   February 22, 2018

    This week, Tory MP Ben Bradley accused Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn of selling British secrets to Russian spies… The exact tweet goes like this: “Corbyn sold British secrets to communist spies…get some perspective mate!! Your priorities are a bit awry! #AreYouSerious.” Corbyn’s lawyers are now demanding an apology from the outspoken conservative MP and threatened […]

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    Listening Device or Spy Camera – Oh What Spy To Be

    Adrian Mudd   February 16, 2018

    You’ve decided to take the plunge and become a naysayer to all things bad; deceit, harm, and negligence to name a few. We need more people like you; the world would be a better place if we did. It takes a lot of courage to adopt an anti-all-things-bad stance, so we commend that. But you […]

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    Caught On Spy Camera: Carer Abusing Elderly Woman With Dementia

    Adrian Mudd   February 6, 2018

    Back in 2017, BBC Radio 4 released a programme on elderly abuse in the UK. Their reports found that a staggering 23,428 abuse cases had been registered UK-wide, with only 15 resulting in prosecution. As a result, more and more concerned families and friends are taking matters into their own hand, obtaining evidence that catches […]

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    New Year, New Gear, New Site

    Adrian Mudd   January 24, 2018

    The festive period is over, and we hope you had a wonderful holiday. However, even though the Christmas and NYE celebrations have come to an end, there’s still so much to be excited about at Spy Equipment UK. As one of the leading spy gear manufacturers in the UK, we love to keep our products […]

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    Who’s The Most Important Spy of All Time?

    Adrian Mudd   January 19, 2018

    Who’s the most important spy of all time; perhaps a question you’ve never thought. Ok, definitely a question you’ve never thought. So, the question’s importance is questionable, but it’s interestingness isn’t. Spies have won wars, some have won a couple. So perhaps let’s rephrase the question to make it a question you have thought before: […]

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    Our Top Budget Buys!

    Adrian Mudd   January 11, 2018

    The need for our equipment can come at any time. January, however, is a time when suspicion arises most. Why? December. December is a bad month for relationships. It is a time of drinks; of staff parties; of mistakes; of regrets. Due to this, many of you are probably considering buying spy equipment now. Staring […]

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    Alternate Realities: What If Thatcher Had Spy Equipment?

    Adrian Mudd   December 21, 2017

    A Coup. An oust. A betrayal. 1990, England. Victim? Margaret Thatcher and an era of ruthless pragmatism. Today we present a new series: alternative realities. In which, we explore historical situations, and much like our 5 TV shows and Movies Ruined Spy Equipment article, place our equipment and see how that very situation would change. […]

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    Cheating Happens More at Christmas!

    Adrian Mudd   December 1, 2017

    Christmas, although a time of joy and merriment, is also a time of sinister happenings. Flowing alcohol means people become more impulsive. We often see it in the movies; we often hear stories of it; we often read about it: cheating happens most at Christmas. In a recent survey 20% of people who are currently […]

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    Why Hasn’t Spy Equipment UK Jumped on the Black Friday Bandwagon?

    Adrian Mudd   November 27, 2017

    High street shops were rife with deals, sales and bogof offers this weekend. Black Friday has typically been synonymous with mobs of consumers fighting over half-price TVs, 50-percent off handbags and cheap Christmas presents. But where were all the people this year? In the UK, many city shopping areas were silent. In fact, while there […]

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    Why Choose Our Asset Tracker

    Adrian Mudd   November 21, 2017

    We place you in a scenario that illustrates just how good our asset tracker is!… You go to a restaurant, choose your meal for the evening, and inform the waiter of your choice. At this point, you’re excited. You’ve been hungry for hours. It comes. Yet, the waiter doesn’t leave. He stands there, rich with […]

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    You Thought It, You Bought It, You Caught It: Was It Worth It?

    Adrian Mudd   October 26, 2017

    Thoughts rambling around in your head: ‘Where is he?’, ‘Who are they with?’, ‘What are they up to?’, ‘Why aren’t they home?’ – resonating so loud that everyday life becomes hard. You want clarity, you deserve clarity. This is the situation many of our clients are in. Respectable citizens wanting the basic human right of […]

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    How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

    Adrian Mudd   October 19, 2017

    With Halloween just weeks away, people will soon be donning their best zombie costumes. Others may be taking part in a zombie flash mob or ‘zombie trails’, where your goal is to reach the finishing line while evading people dressed up as zombies.   It might all seem like good fun, but what if the […]

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    Eight of the Most Secure Places in the World

    Adrian Mudd   October 2, 2017

    Effective security, surveillance and spy gadgets are paramount – particularly if you are in possession of confidential information, valuable possessions, or you are protecting someone or something of high importance. While many of us feel unsafe, and may consider purchasing spy cameras and surveillance equipment to put our minds at rest, there are some places […]

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    5 Films and TV Shows that Would be Ruined With Spy Equipment

    Adrian Mudd   September 19, 2017

    Many Hollywood blockbusters revolve around secrecy. Here at Spy Equipment UK, we try to avoid enigmas at all costs – with spy equipment; audio, visual, and GPS tracking, we like to live with total knowledge of what’s happening inside of our hard-earned homes, where our children may be, or what our spouses may be up […]

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    Spy van returns – and this time it’s a 1989 Dodge Ram!

    Adrian Mudd   August 29, 2017

    You may remember an article we published back in June on the 1988 Ford Transit spy van that sold at auction for £10,300 in Leicestershire?   Well, now we’re heading across the pond to North Carolina, where Ginter Senfeldas has announced the sale of a 1989 Dodge Ram 350 on eBay! Not only is the […]

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    Tips for buying a covert audio recorder

    Adrian Mudd   August 17, 2017

    Are you looking to purchase a voice recorder? These are one of the most popular pieces of surveillance and monitoring equipment on the market. The audio recorder has been used in a variety of situations, and are a wonderful alternative to bulky spy equipment. These small and powerful devices offer an impressive hidden recording solution, […]

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    World-famous female spies throughout history

    Adrian Mudd   July 25, 2017

    Throughout history, espionage has played a huge role in the development and growth of countries all over the world. For years, spies have been gathering intelligence and helping nations by undertaking a number of covert operations. But too often do we forget that some of these incredible spies were women – giving their courage and […]

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    Spy Equipment UK’s top body worn spy cameras

    Adrian Mudd   July 24, 2017

    You may require a body worn spy camera if you need to conduct covert filming on the move. Mystery shoppers, journalists, government officials, private investigators and many more people could find these devices particularly handy.   If you have a specific body worn spy camera in mind, get in touch with Spy Equipment UK and […]

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    Is it ethical to spy on a cheating partner?

    Adrian Mudd   July 17, 2017

    There are many reasons for why someone may consider spying on a cheating partner. If they suspect infidelity, or they are curious about a spouse’s recent changes in behaviour (eg. they are spending more time on their phone or the computer), for example.   While some believe that there are ethical concerns associated to spying […]

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    How do vehicle trackers actually work?

    Adrian Mudd   June 30, 2017

    You may already know what a GPS vehicle tracker looks like, and even what it does, but do you know it works? If not, the guys at Spy Equipment UK have put together this hand guide for you!   The basics Trackers are used to locate vehicles using GPS technology – the same kind of […]

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    Cracking down on encryption in Europe

    Adrian Mudd   June 19, 2017

    On Wednesday 14 June, ministers from the central government and federal states in Germany devised a new law to give authorities access to private messages, as well as to fingerprint children as young as six.   The ministers commented that encrypted messaging services, such as WhatsApp and Signal, allow criminals and militants to evade traditional […]

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    Remember that Ford Transit ‘spy van’? Here’s how it did!

    Adrian Mudd   June 7, 2017

    Last month, we wrote about a 1988 Ford Transit ‘spy van’ that was going under the hammer at an auction centre in Shepshed, Leicestershire. The van, which was auctioned by Manheim, has now sold for a record-breaking price of £10,300! During the auction on Monday 22 May, Matthew Davock, head of LCV at Manheim opened […]

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    What counts as cheating?

    Adrian Mudd   May 24, 2017

    Cheating can be devastating to a relationship. Whether you have been married for 10 years or living together for 6 months, most of us place the utmost trust in our partners to remain committed, faithful and monogamous at all times.   By what counts as cheating? In our digital, constantly connected world, that’s becoming increasingly […]

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    Ford Transit ‘Spy Van’ is up for auction!

    Adrian Mudd   May 17, 2017

    A blue 1998 Ford Transit ‘Spy Van’ will go under the hammer at an auction centre in Charnwood road, Shepshed on May 22, in a bid to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. Manheim’s Director of Commercial Vehicles, James Davis, purchased the government restored vehicles, for the 50th-anniversary celebration of this iconic vehicle. Over the […]

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    What can I use tracking devices for?

    Adrian Mudd   May 8, 2017

    It’s a common misconception that tracking devices can only be used in cars and other vehicles. But these devices are versatile, and with many employing innovative technical capabilities, these instruments have a wealth of applications. They can also be used in conjunction with other devices, such as your smartphone. While using GPS trackers to keep […]

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    Times when spy cameras have saved the day!

    Adrian Mudd   April 26, 2017

    Spy Equipment UK would like to pay homage to the humble spy camera. It’s small, discreet, covert capabilities have been used to capture harmful or dangerous content and put the world to right for many years.   We do not condone the illicit or sordid use of spy cameras. When used properly and professionally, these devices […]

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    Spy cameras: A buyer’s guide

    Adrian Mudd   April 13, 2017

    With such an extensive selection of spy cameras on the market, it can be a struggle to know which one to purchase. You’ve probably searched the internet far and wide for the perfect spy camera and found the whole thing a little confusing and tiresome. Spy cameras are used in a range of scenarios with […]

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    Exclusive: Inside the world of private investigators

    Adrian Mudd   April 3, 2017

    Private Investigators Graham Deacon and Alexander Shaw don’t wear raincoats, nor do they like being compared to shady fictional detectives. They are far removed from the stereotypical image of a private investigator. Here, they speak to Spy Equipment UK about their backgrounds, roles and responsibilities – including some interesting stories from on the job. Could you […]

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    Spy cameras and the law – what you need to know

    Adrian Mudd   March 20, 2017

    Security cameras are frequently used to protect property and to deter crime. They are commonly employed by businesses, government bodies and local authorities, but today these cameras are being purchased by vigilant homeowners looking to secure their premises and keep their family safe. As a large supplier of spy cameras, we have seen sales soar […]

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    Small and mighty: The new GSM Bug

    Adrian Mudd   March 9, 2017

    Spy Equipment UK is pleased to announce the launch of a new bugging device. The GSM Black Box Listening Bug combines state-of-the-art technology and innovative thinking to create a spy tool with exceptional applications and features.

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    How to become a private investigator

    Adrian Mudd   February 16, 2017

    We know what you’re thinking: don your biggest trench coat, put on your deerstalker cap, grab a magnifying glass and stroll the cobbled streets looking for question marks and clues – and BOOM, you’re a bona fide private investigator. Oh, you didn’t think that? Well good….neither did we!

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    Using spy equipment to monitor wildlife

    Adrian Mudd   February 2, 2017

    Have you ever wondered what your cat or dog gets up to when you’re not around? Ever swooned over the footage captured on David Attenborough’s Planet Earth? Gazed longingly out the window in the hopes of observing different species of wildlife in your garden?

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    A voice recorder with a difference!

    Adrian Mudd   January 27, 2017

    There’s a new voice recorder in town! Our new product may look like a standard Bluetooth headset, but it is, in fact, an audio recorder complete with amplifying microphone!

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    Additional security with the Data Shredder!

    Adrian Mudd   January 27, 2017

    SEUK has designed and manufactured a brand new tool for your data protection requirements. The nifty Data Shredder Software, which comes on a USB stick, can be used as an additional security measure to delete documents, images, files and folders.

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    How Do Encryption Devices Work?

    Adrian Mudd   January 17, 2017

    The internet. What a wonderful, magical thing! Where you can surf the web for hours – watch cat videos until your eyes hurt, check out your mum’s latest holiday photos on Facebook, or scan Google for answers to important questions like ‘why is the sky blue?’ and ‘does Gordon Brown have a glass eye?’ A […]

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    How to keep your cool when wearing a spy camera

    Adrian Mudd   January 3, 2017

    Spy cameras come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Many are so technologically advanced that they can be fitted into just about anything – from wristwatches and glasses to mobile phones and pens.

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    Combat Nuisance Neighbours with Spy Equipment

    Adrian Mudd   December 15, 2016

    It’s unlikely that all of us live in ‘Pleasantville’, where the streets are peaceful and your neighbours are quiet and considerate all of the time. If the only drama occurring in your neighbourhood is a fireman rescuing a cat from a tree, or the local girl guide squad selling warm chocolate chip cookies, then this […]

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    Introducing the new Global PC Spy!

    Adrian Mudd   December 5, 2016

    Spy Equipment UK is excited to announce the launch of a super new product – the GLOBAL PC SPY! This fantastic piece of monitoring software is totally undetectable and can be used to remotely view and hear ‘live’, as well as historical activity on the computer.

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    Catch a Cheating Partner: Spy on Your Spouse Without a PI

    Adrian Mudd   November 24, 2016

    Upset, anxious, nervous, angry – just some of the emotions you may be feeling if you suspect a cheating partner. Does your gut tell you your partner is being unfaithful, but you have no proof? Unless you have solid evidence, the situation could backfire or put tremendous strain on your relationship.

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    Sports Direct Accused of Bugging Private MP Meeting

    Adrian Mudd   November 15, 2016

    Sports Direct has been lambasted after MPs discovered a bugging device during a private meeting at the firm’s warehouse in Derbyshire, Shirebrook last week.

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    The Importance of Elderly Monitoring Devices

    Adrian Mudd   October 31, 2016

    In April 2012, BBC Panorama went undercover in a bid to reveal the shocking treatment of elderly residents in care homes around the UK. The documentary was sparked by a concerned relative using a hidden camera to record the suspected abuse of an elderly relative by carers in the facility.

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    Ultimate Christmas Spy Gifts for Men

    Adrian Mudd   October 21, 2016

    With just over two months until Christmas(!) it might be time to consider purchasing your presents sooner rather than later. Fortunately, the rise of internet shopping means that we no longer have to contend with the crowds of shoppers or form hour-long queues at the checkouts.

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    Spy Equipment in the City

    Adrian Mudd   October 12, 2016

    Today’s cities are alive with cutting-edge technology – cameras, smartphones, computers, etc. Streets, roads, homes and offices are all thriving hubs of digital innovation. Technology connects us – people, businesses and communities. It helps us to gather information and keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the world. It is an integral part of our […]

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    Top passwords of 2015 – it’s time for a change!

    Adrian Mudd   September 30, 2016

    Data hacking was a serious point of contention in 2015 – and what a productive year is was for online data thieves! 37 million Ashley Madison users had their information leaked to the public, and 15 million T-mobile customers had their security breached.

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    There’s a new camera in town: Mini Black Box!

    Adrian Mudd   September 28, 2016

    The Mini Back Box Security Camera is the pinnacle of modern CCTV equipment. This high-definition, self-contained unit boasts incredible features such as infrared night vision and long battery life – all compacted in a sophisticated black enclosure for covert room surveillance.

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    How spy gadgets keep cyclists safe

    Adrian Mudd   September 21, 2016

    With more and more cycle lanes cropping up around the UK; bike-to-work schemes offering employee incentives; and people wanting to avoid traffic in the towns and cities, it’s no wonder that people are frequently opting for a cycle ride rather than a car journey.

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    New product launch at SEUK: GPS Avenger Tracker!

    Adrian Mudd   September 15, 2016

    The latest product to hit the Spy Equipment UK site is the GPS Avenger Tracker! This awesome device uses a tracking platform website, and features real-time and historical tracking facilities that work without the need for specialist, complicated software.

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    How is modern spy equipment sabotaging your corporation?

    Adrian Mudd   September 5, 2016

    On 8th August 2016, a listening device was found in a Sydney hotel room where New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks, were staying prior to their Rugby Championship. The device, hidden in a hotel chair, was located during a routine security check and said to have been used to gain information about the team’s tactics […]

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    How GPS trackers can keep your business secure

    Adrian Mudd   August 24, 2016

    In Europe, the transportation industry employs 10 million people each year – that equates to 4.5 percent of total employment, and accounts for 4.6 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With this in mind, it’s no surprise that fleet owners are keen to keep close track of their vehicles and employees.

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    Workplace monitoring and the law

    Adrian Mudd   July 20, 2016

    Do your staff members check their Facebook accounts at work? Do they ever send personal emails from a work account? Do they skype their friends to ask them non work-related questions? How would you know unless you’re paying attention?

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    5 Hilarious Spy Camera Pranks

    Adrian Mudd   July 6, 2016

    If you have aspirations of making a viral video, then without doubt the best way of doing so is by installing some spy cameras and playing pranks on friends or unsuspecting members of the public.

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    Do football teams spy on each other?

    Adrian Mudd   June 23, 2016

    Van Gaal is paranoid about delivery vans, the French national team got infiltrated by a drone at the World Cup and Palace were fined for doing it to Cardiff City – but how many of our premiership or international teams would actually spy on each other?

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    How To Keep A (Legal) Eye On Your Babysitter

    Adrian Mudd   April 29, 2016

    Putting your child in the hands of someone else is a nerve-racking experience. As a parent, your top priority is the safety and wellbeing of your children. You want to know that they’re being cared for properly when you’re busy at work or simply need to get out of the house from time-to-time, as we […]

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    Why these new listening devices are the best thing since sliced bread

    Adrian Mudd   March 14, 2016

    We’re very excited to announce a fantastic advance in our listening device technologies here at Spy Equipment UK. We’ve made some alterations to improve your covert recording and listening experience. We are consistently developing our high-tech spy gadgets to provide consumers with the ultimate in modern surveillance equipment.

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    Is my Child Being Bullied Online? Cyberbullying Infographic

    Adrian Mudd   March 10, 2016

    Bullying is no longer limited to the school playground, cyberbullying on the internet is a serious problem and as many as 7 in 10 young people are affected. This common form of harassment is a serious matter and should never be ignored. If you are asking yourself; is my child is being bullied online, tehn […]

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    Are your e-mail spam days over?

    Adrian Mudd   February 19, 2016

    If you’re reading this then probably not. You know the feeling – you open up your email inbox and it’s stuffed with spam mail that you don’t want to read and didn’t sign up for. Most of it’s probably totally innocuous, it’s just an unfortunate side effect of not reading the terms and conditions before […]

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    Find out if your partner is cheating before Valentine’s Day

    Adrian Mudd   February 10, 2016

    It’s something that none of us would ever want to experience, but the sad truth is that it is now easier than ever for a cheating partner to go undetected. As the Daily Mirror recently reported, an app has been launched that allows cheating partners to have more than one number on a single phone, […]

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    How to protect your home and family in 2016

    Adrian Mudd   January 20, 2016

    What could possibly be more important than protecting your family and the home in which you all live? Very little! You should rest easy, because nowadays, there’s some pretty smart equipment out there to help you do just that. For years, people relied on visually obvious gadgets such as boxy burglar alarms and sign-posted CCTV […]

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    Post gone missing again?

    Adrian Mudd   January 13, 2016

    But is your postman to blame? Make sure your parcels and letters fall into the right hands this year and catch your thieving neighbour… Finding out that your post has gone missing is an inconvenience at best, and a definite cause for concern if it’s happening on a regular basis. The Royal Mail deals with […]

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    How to stop nuisance telephone calls

    Adrian Mudd   January 4, 2016

    The majority of people in the UK will have felt the annoyance of running to answer a ringing telephone, only to find that it’s a call centre trying to sell you something you don’t need, or an insurance company claiming you’re owed money for an accident you never had. Nuisance calls are a big problem […]

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    Five biggest spies of all time

    Adrian Mudd   December 23, 2015

    It seems that keeping a close eye on what’s precious is the way of the world right now. Lots of us even have access to state-of-the-art spy equipment that we can rely on to monitor our families and protect properties.

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    5 Gadgets to Help Protect your Business

    Adrian Mudd   December 18, 2015

    If you’re looking for a spy gadget for your business, whether it’s to monitor or protect your employees, there are many covert spy gadgets available which won’t raise any suspicions within your working environment. In a recent survey, 84% of employers have admitted to some sort of office monitoring which has led to the dismissal […]

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    Are hidden cameras making our workers more efficient?

    Adrian Mudd   December 10, 2015

    With the news that postal workers in the UK are to be equipped with miniature cameras to prove they’ve been doing their job properly, will hidden and body worn cameras become more of a common sight in society?

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    Enter Our Advent Calendar Giveaway!

    Adrian Mudd   December 1, 2015

    Christmas has come early this year at Spy Equipment UK thanks to our festive advent calendar competition! While regular chocolate advent calendars satisfy your sweet cravings in the run-up to Christmas, everybody knows that by Boxing Day you will be sick of the sight of it. And what better way to get excited for Christmas […]

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    Protect your shop against Christmas crime

    Adrian Mudd   November 30, 2015

    The festive season is a time of giving, a chance to connect with old friends and relatives and an excuse to eat and drink as much as you fancy. With such merriment and good tidings going around, the Christmas period usually sees very little crime – with one significant exception. Shop owners and the retail […]

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    Who uses Spy Equipment in the UK?

    Adrian Mudd   November 26, 2015

    The phrase “Big Brother society” is often mentioned when discussing modern Britain, but is the title fair? With research estimating that we are each caught on camera 300 times every day, you might think so. But why are there so many cameras littering our streets and properties, and who is operating them?

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    How our latest Samsung spy phones can help you

    Adrian Mudd   November 3, 2015

    You are now able to get your hands on genuine spy equipment and spy phones to use in everyday life. Thanks to the latest Samsung range and Spy Equipment UK. Our special Android Ultra Spy Phone Software can be utilised with any Galaxy or Android spy phone that we sell here at Spy Equipment UK.

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    6 ways hidden surveillance will make your business more profitable

    Adrian Mudd   November 3, 2015

    Using hidden surveillance can help your business in a number of ways, from enhancing employee security to reducing theft and increasing productivity. It is estimated that every year, hundreds of thousands of pounds are lost as a result of employee theft, ranging from minor misdemeanours to high-level fraud.

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    Are more UK parents using spy equipment to track their children?

    Adrian Mudd   October 23, 2015

    When you think of spy equipment or secretive surveillance you probably conjure up images of James Bond type scenarios – or perhaps think of suspicious employers trying to catch their employees in the act of stealing from them.

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    Surveillance equipment for the home explained

    Adrian Mudd   October 16, 2015

    Surveillance equipment within the home might feel intrusive and unnecessary, but there are plenty of reasons that spy cameras in your house could be a real boon.

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    3G to WiFi

    Adrian Mudd   August 12, 2015

    The 3G spy camera has been around for about 7 years. It was hailed as the ‘holy grail’ solution to remote camera surveillance when it was first launched, but in reality, this technology never really gained such huge popularity despite the fact that there was really no alternative distance monitoring solution. Some may find this […]

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    Spy Camera Surveillance Tackling Crime

    Adrian Mudd   July 16, 2015

    From protecting your staff against abusive behaviour to catching serious criminals in the act, spy cameras can be used in a number of ways to help keep your business safe. Having these cameras installed provides peace of mind, even if their footage never has to be used as evidence. The BBC’s Crimewatch is full of […]

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    What is a Nanny Cam?

    Adrian Mudd   June 8, 2015

    When the day comes to hand over your child to someone else to look after, it can be much more difficult than expected. Most parents will wonder if their child is safe? Are they being well looked after? But how could a parent ever know these answers? The solution in to listen and look in […]

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    Guide to Protecting Yourself from Online Catfishes

    Adrian Mudd   June 5, 2015

    Just incase you aren’t aware, in the words of the Urban Dictionary, a Catfish is “someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or other social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.”. Sometimes harmful but potentially dangerous, Catfishing is no doubt happening to someone you know as you’re […]

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    Ultimate Spy Camera Guide to Property Protection

    Adrian Mudd   June 5, 2015

    Protecting your home goes beyond your day to day list of things to do and nowadays is a must. With the threat of trespassers, vandalism and burglaries on the rise, there’s no time to lose. We have created a beginners guide to home surveillance, detailing what cameras exist, where the best place is to install […]

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    Don’t Fall Victim to Being Spied on

    Adrian Mudd   June 2, 2015

    Are you aware of the today’s spying circumstances? Does it even concern you? Statistics state that it affects us all. Recently, it’s been said that there are a staggering 6.1 million cameras in the UK. With this in mind, it would seem that Brits have no chance of preventing spies from keeping a close eye […]

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    How to Eavesdrop on a Conversation

    Adrian Mudd   May 28, 2015

    Before now, eavesdropping used to mean hiding behind doors or hovering out of sight to listen to conversations you weren’t meant to hear, not any more. Eavesdropping has never been easier with the use of a listening device. They do all of the work for you so you don’t need to be around during the […]

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    Top 10 uses of spy equipment to hit the headlines

    Adrian Mudd   May 18, 2015

    With Spooks making the leap from TV to cinema it seems we can’t get enough of hi-tech spy equipment such as hidden cameras and secret listening devices. However, this isn’t just the stuff of fiction any more – the kind of equipment dreamt up for James Bond decades ago is now being used to fight […]

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    Best Spying Books of all Time

    Adrian Mudd   May 15, 2015

    A captivating and interesting book can be hard to come across but when it comes spy books they are always exciting, gripping and may cause readers to bite off their fingernails in anticipation of what is to come.

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    How Good are Spy Cameras at Night?

    Adrian Mudd   May 12, 2015

    Like the human eye, a lot of cameras don’t tend to have a ‘night vision’ feature. Even the newest of the new in camera technology seem to have missed out; compensating for night vision with a blinding torch which is anything but subtle. Don’t fret because at Spy Equipment UK we have a wide variety […]

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    Why WiFi Spy Camera Surveillance?

    Adrian Mudd   April 28, 2015

    If you’re still using a 3G spy camera system then you’re missing out on a range of new features that spy camera tech is currently offering. Advanced camera technology has brought about the IP camera, better known as the WiFi camera which is in high demand right now. If you aren’t aware of this type of […]

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    How Technology Can Help Dementia Carers

    Adrian Mudd   April 15, 2015

    Has your loved one been diagnosed with Dementia? Are you concerned of the growing symptoms? The diagnosis of Dementia within your family is a huge shock and will affect the balance in your day to day lives. Dementia is quickly becoming widely recognised in Britain.

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    New Spy Voice Recorder Computer Software Released!

    Adrian Mudd   February 5, 2015

    We are very excited to announce a brand new arrival to our collection of spy software! Every year, our customers’ security needs become more complex as technology advances. So, here at Spy Equipment UK, we are constantly developing new sophisticated high-tech spy gadgets to allow individuals to protect their safety and integrity. Our new Spy […]

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    Benefits and Uses of Motion Detection Cameras

    Adrian Mudd   February 3, 2015

    Surveillance and spy cameras have long been used to monitor business premises, help secure homes and keep a watchful eye on public places. But they can waste time, storage, effort and energy when recording empty scenes with nothing going on. That’s why many models of spy camera have evolved into motion detection cameras that will […]

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    Car Trackers Ousting Faithless Partners

    Adrian Mudd   January 28, 2015

    There are few things worse than suspecting a partner of being unfaithful. Do those ‘working late’ excuses sound unconvincing? Is your other half evasive about where they’ve been, and who with? If you’ve tried an honest conversation and got nowhere, and still feel that pang of uncertainty, don’t suffer the stress anymore, find out the […]

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    New Features, New Spy Products

    Adrian Mudd   January 16, 2015

    Even though 2015 has really just got started, here at Spy Equipment UK we are hungover still from the recent festivities. We like to give our customers the best experience when they purchase through our website, so we have continued to make adjustments to the functionality and the overall user experience whilst also enhancing our […]

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    How to Hide a Spy Camera (Infographic)

    Adrian Mudd   January 13, 2015

    There is a variety of different places, in or outside your home, where you could hide a spy camera. Some will be more discreet than others, but all options are worth looking into. Discover the range of cameras hidden in everyday objects that are most effective when collecting video footage without anyone knowing.

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    Economic and Environmental Driving with Car Trackers

    Adrian Mudd   January 7, 2015

    Car trackers are used around the world for lowering drivers’ insurance, by the police in investigations and by individuals wishing to monitor their loved ones. However, there is an increasing number of drivers using vehicle trackers for a different everyday use. A car tracker can be implemented to allow you to monitor your driving around […]

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    Why You Need Mobile Call Recording

    Adrian Mudd   December 23, 2014

    As our communications become increasingly based on digital devices such as mobile phones, it can often be difficult to protect your security. When you do not have solid records of conversations, how can you prove if another party was in the wrong, or said what you claimed, whether for legal reasons or personal disputes? Luckily, […]

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    Is Your Car Safe from Security Threats?

    Adrian Mudd   December 16, 2014

    We rely on our vehicles every day to get us from A to B safely, whether it be to work, home, or a friend’s home. We all know that cars present safety risks on the roads, but lately it has been suggested that cars themselves could present their drivers with a whole range of inherent […]

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    Keep New Drivers Safe with a Car Tracker

    Adrian Mudd   December 10, 2014

    Many of us moan about irresponsible or inexperienced drivers on the roads, and occasionally feel concerned about the danger some new drivers may present to themselves and others. Whilst the majority of young drivers are conscientious and aware, there are a select few who may need an extra bit of monitoring when they first take […]

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    Changing Attitudes Towards Surveillance

    Adrian Mudd   December 3, 2014

    Recently, the news has been awash with stories of ‘pervasive’ surveillance or ‘snooping’. Whether it be enacted by government agencies, businesses or individuals, the coverage is rarely positive. Many people appear to be very worried about the extent of monitoring in our society, but exactly how much of a threat does surveillance really pose to […]

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