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    Category: Phone Monitoring

    How To Stop Nuisance Telephone Calls

    Adrian Mudd   January 4, 2016

    The majority of people in the UK will have felt the annoyance of running to answer a ringing telephone, only to find that it’s a call centre trying to sell you something you don’t need, or an insurance company claiming you’re owed money for an accident you never had. Nuisance calls are a big problem […]

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    Why You Need Mobile Call Recording

    Adrian Mudd   December 23, 2014

    As our communications become increasingly based on digital devices such as mobile phones, it can often be difficult to protect your security. When you do not have solid records of conversations, how can you prove if another party was in the wrong, or said what you claimed, whether for legal reasons or personal disputes? Luckily, […]

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    Protect Your Security With Phone Monitoring

    Adrian Mudd   October 27, 2014

    Recently there has been a lot of discussion in the media surrounding smartphone security – or rather, the lack of it – and immoral phone monitoring. Vodafone has revealed the existence of secret wires on their networks that allow phone call data to be transmitted to security agencies, half of the most popular Android apps […]

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    How to Stop Bullying with Monitoring Devices

    Adrian Mudd   July 29, 2014

    Being bullied is an experience that negates the victim’s quality of life in a serious way. Feeling scared to go into school or work, spending all day miserable and all evening dreading the next day is something no-one should have to go through. Unfortunately with developments in mobile technology and social media, many victims are […]

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    Mobile Phone Hacking Good or Bad?

    Adrian Mudd   February 5, 2014

    Whether you’re Sienna Miller, a Prime Minister or Prince Harry it seems you can’t have a private conversation anywhere without being listened in on these days. Mobile phone hacking has plagued the news in recent times with new incidences frequently hitting the headlines. Even American giants News Corp were proven to have hacked nearly 7,000 […]

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    Android Spy Phone Software Release

    Adrian Mudd   September 25, 2012

    The Android Smartphone platform is now the clear market leader in the mobile phone world. Spy Equipment UK has just released the new Android Spectre Spy Phone Software that itself is the front-runner for the Android spy phone market.

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    Covert Landline Recorders Are Hot!

    Adrian Mudd   May 14, 2012

    Ever since the EU regulated to outlaw the use of FM and UHF transmitters, the spy industry has been searching for an alternative to completely discrete landline recorders and telephone surveillance. Now a solution has finally been found.

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    Landline Recorders In Demand

    Adrian Mudd   March 20, 2012

    You would have thought that with the advent of the mobile phone that the popularity of Landline Recorders would have decreased to such an extent that their demand would be almost non-existent. Current evidence shows that this thought is totally unfounded. Prior to the advent of the mobile phone, the only serious mode of communication […]

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    Recording Your Mobile Calls

    Adrian Mudd   April 29, 2011

    Landline telephone and landline recorders have been around for years, but recording mobile phone conversations discreetly has always been difficult until now. Spy Phones make such surveillance easy, and we have the best, most technologically advanced in both the national and international market. Some will argue that it is illegal to record a telephone call […]

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    Latest Spy Software Goes Down A Storm

    Adrian Mudd   November 10, 2010

    Spy equipment UK have recently launched a new range of spy software products that have taken the market by storm. Both spy phone software and forensic recovery software have a proved a real hit.

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    Follow The Link to Track Via Your Phone

    Adrian Mudd   May 5, 2009

    Here at Spy Equipment UK we love to have the latest and greatest that technology can offer and when it comes to GPS Tracking we offer only the best in devices and service.

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    Suspicious Women Use the Internet to Spy

    Adrian Mudd   February 1, 2009

    MORE than one in four women in Dudley have used the internet to secretly spy on their other half according to research by Virgin Media.

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