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Suspicious Women Use the Internet to Spy

Adrian Mudd   February 1, 2009

MORE than one in four women in Dudley have used the internet to secretly spy on their other half according to research by Virgin Media.

With almost 88 per cent of Brits surfing the internet daily, it’s never been easier for women to snoop on their loved ones, leading to the rise of an ‘iSpy generation’. The research reveals the fairer sex in the borough are almost twice as likely to spy on their partners using the internet than their male counterparts.

What’s The Most Suspicious Area In The UK?

Yorkshire leads the way as the nation’s most insecure area with 30 percent of the county’s couples admitting to spying on each other via the internet, closely followed by those in the South (26 percent).

The result of this research is no surprise to us here at Spy Equipment UK. We have found that both male and female customers will invariably have attempted to check on their suspicions in a number of ways including checking the Internet activity of their partners. Here at Spy Equipment UK, we know that the humble PC has become an important infidelity research tool. We have a range of products that take this PC Monitoring research to the next level. Until recently, both hardware and software solutions for PC activity monitoring were relatively expensive, but now, newer, more innovative and relatively inexpensive solutions are available to suit all requirements.