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Category: Spy Equipment UK News

What Makes A Good Spy Store?

Billy Rooney   August 3, 2021

As the UK’s leading spy shop, we know what it takes to provide a top level of service and achieve customer satisfaction. With decades of experience in the spy industry, our team are not only experts in producing high quality spy equipment but also providing the necessary advice to lead customers to the right solutions […]

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Spy Equipment UK Is Now Active On Instagram!

Billy Rooney   March 25, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Spy Equipment UK is now active on Instagram! We’ve joined the Instagram revolution and are excited to start interacting with our customers on the popular image-based social platform. Spy Equipment UK isn’t new to social media by any stretch of the imagination, but we have expanded our horizons in […]

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Our Christmas Advent Calendar Is Back In 2020!

Billy Rooney   December 3, 2020

At Spy Equipment UK, we are excited to announce the return of our Christmas advent calendar competition for 2020. In this article, we take a closer look at the competition, how you can enter for free for the chance to win cool gadgets and exactly what you may walk away with during the course of […]

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5 Spy Gear Gift Ideas for Christmas

Billy Rooney   December 1, 2020

Christmas is almost here! As we build up to the big day, there still may be quite a bit of shopping to do for some. We can help on that note, especially if you’re looking for a high-tech, cool and lasting gift that will be a genuine surprise when the wrapping paper comes off. Here, […]

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A List of Spy Equipment UK Made Devices & Resellers

Billy Rooney   September 28, 2020

At Spy Equipment UK, we have a passion for manufacturing the most cutting edge and very best pieces of spy equipment. Since our inception back in 2000, we have designed and manufactured countless spy products and have taken great pride in distributing them all over the world. In this article, we provide some information on […]

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A Focus on the 365 Enduro Audio Recorder

Billy Rooney   May 28, 2020

As a top selling audio recording device, the Enduro 365 audio recorder has plenty of outstanding features that have been recognised by those who have purchased this device. We have had terrific feedback from those that use this savvy piece of technology to capture vital audio recordings. We’d like to take you through the features […]

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Savvy Body Worn Cameras for Any Situation

Billy Rooney   May 17, 2020

Our range of body worn cameras include some of the most versatile and effective pieces of spy technology on the market today. Suitable for a variety of scenario types, these devices provide high quality results while ensuring subtle usage. It can be difficult to record instances discreetly when on the go, by simply attaching a […]

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How to Monitor Your Babysitter Using Spy Cameras

Billy Rooney   May 3, 2020

Leaving your children in the company of another person is not an easy thing to do. You want to be reassured that the person looking after your children acts responsibly and conforms to your rules. We understand that ensuring your child’s safety is your top priority, that’s why we’ve outlined a set of spy cameras […]

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Hear About Our New Listening Device – The GSM Calculator

Billy Rooney   April 12, 2020

Spy Equipment UK has just released a brand new listening product. Say hello to the GSM Calculator Listening Device, which joins our expanding range of listening devices developed and manufactured by Spy Equipment UK. The GSM Calculator Listening Device Firstly, it is important to note that this is a fully functioning, average-sized calculator that you […]

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Coronavirus Update From Spy Equipment UK

Billy Rooney   March 23, 2020

It has been a strange few weeks all over the world as the coronavirus outbreak continues to endanger lives and businesses. There are challenging times ahead for all, but the Spy Equipment UK team endeavour to fight through the pandemic safely and securely. Here at Spy Equipment UK, we want to keep our customers as […]

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Latest Developments to the Bluetooth Covert Earpiece

Billy Rooney   February 25, 2020

We are always busy thinking of ideas on how to improve our products even further, to give you the best equipment to use day in, day out. Making slight, subtle changes to the already phenomenal ability of our surveillance and covert communications devices provides you with products that can go the extra mile in terms […]

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5 of the Best Small Spy Cameras On the Market

Billy Rooney   January 29, 2020

Are you looking to harness your inner private detective or secret agent? Perhaps you just simply require advanced and savvy small spy cameras to bring the truth to light? There are several options for you to consider. We provide five of the best smallest spy cameras on the market today and we’ll take a look […]

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Product Release – GSM Enduro Live Listening Device

Billy Rooney   January 15, 2020

We have recently released a brand new product in the form of the GSM Enduro Live Listening Device. Here we will take a look at the features of this sophisticated piece of equipment and the scenarios in which you may find it useful. We always inform our customers of any new products or revised products, […]

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Spy Equipment UK – Interview With Owner Adrian Mudd

Billy Rooney   October 25, 2019

We’re proud to be a leading UK provider of spy technology, distributing equipment throughout Britain and Europe. In this article, owner Adrian Mudd gives us an insight into Spy Equipment UK as an entity, himself as the founder of the company and where he believes the industry is headed. What’s The Story Of Spy Equipment […]

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Discreet Spy Equipment to Monitor Elderly People’s Care

Billy Rooney   September 22, 2019

It can be worrying for people when they have to leave their elderly relatives in the care of someone else. The aid of a live-in carer or assisted living is a huge help for many families, but there is always a concern when leaving your loved one in their most vulnerable state – monitor the […]

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Voice Recorder Development from Spy Equipment UK

Billy Rooney   September 13, 2019

Spy Equipment UK is pleased to introduce the new and improved Mains Socket Voice Recorder. We’ve developed yet another everyday appliance with the latest spy technology and have therefore enhanced the usability of this device for our valued customers. We’re continually seeking new, intricate and sophisticated ways to develop our products. Spy technology is ingrained […]

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What Can We Expect From Spy Equipment Technology In 2019?

imogen@media-street.co.uk   March 14, 2019

Year on year, we see developments in technology that increasingly outdo the last. These advances take us from strength to strength in our society, regularly improving our medical and scientific discoveries, our rate of construction and our progress in IT. Our personal and professional lives also benefit from such developments; whether it’s the use of […]

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Brand New Surveillance Technology From Spy Equipment UK

Grace Jalowiecka   January 5, 2019

A brand new year means brand new spy technology at Spy Equipment UK! We have added to our counter surveillance range with the HSA-Q1 Professional RF Spectrum Analyser for serious professionals involved in Countermeasures (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures ‘sweeps’). Spy Equipment UK are the sole providers of such surveillance devices throughout the UK and we […]

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Hidden Spy Equipment To Improve Employee Efficiency

Grace Jalowiecka   January 4, 2019

The January blues are a regular occurrence in any workplace. People are still trying to recover from their seasonal socials and the thought of going back to sit in front of a computer is the last thing on their minds. So how can you make the start of 2019 a success for your company and […]

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The All New Samsung Galaxy Spy Phone Range at Spy Equipment UK

Grace Jalowiecka   November 10, 2018

Here at Spy Equipment UK, we always try to go above and beyond to give our customers the best product range on the market. We are excited to announce the eagerly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Spy Phones now available to purchase on our website. Pre-installed with our latest spy phone technology, both models offer an array […]

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Spy Equipment Upgrades to Suit Everyone this Christmas

Grace Jalowiecka   November 6, 2018

Christmas is just around the corner (yes, we said it!) and it’s time to start thinking and planning for the year ahead. The team at Spy Equipment UK are always on the look-out for ways to take our products one step further so our customers get the highest quality in counter-surveillance, hidden audio recorders, portable […]

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Outsmarting Criminals With Unique Spy Equipment

Grace Jalowiecka   August 17, 2018

With the advancement in spy design and technology in the 21st century, what are you supposed to look for when it comes to protecting your home against criminals and burglars? Apart from fitting the ordinary security camera above the front door and downloading apps on your phone for to find lost or stolen property, there […]

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We’ve Got Some Exciting New Spy Products Online!

charliemediastreetcouk   August 14, 2018

At Spy Equipment UK, one of our main goals is to keep up to date with the latest technology and to constantly reinvent our spy products and services to ensure we meet our customer’s ever-changing needs. Whether that means upgrading our spy cameras with WiFi and remote recording capabilities or ensuring our outdoor cameras can […]

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Spy Equipment Fights Cyber Crime

Adrian Mudd   May 24, 2018

Not too long ago we could browse and feel free. We would google to our heart’s content and once we found the result we were after, we’d be done. Now, the situation has changed rather dramatically so. If we search now, we are seemingly tied to that term as potential buyers; not only do we […]

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Four Reasons to Shop With Spy Equipment

Adrian Mudd   May 14, 2018

For nearly 20 years, we have been a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality spy equipment in the UK. We stock a range of innovative devices, from spy cameras and covert audio recorders, to counter surveillance and CCTV. Spy Equipment UK is based in the Midlands, but we ship our products all around the world. […]

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Our Top Spy Novel Recommendations

Adrian Mudd   April 17, 2018

You find the world of spies fascinating – that’s most probably why you’re here. You find it interesting so want to read articles about it. Makes sense. Well, how about reading a spy novel? Spy novels are some of the best reads out there. Due to their intrinsically exciting nature, they’re always the hardest to […]

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How Much Suspicion Justifies Buying Our Spy Gear?

Adrian Mudd   March 15, 2018

A good portion of our customers are those who feel they are being cheated on. They come to us for some spy equipment, in pursuit of the truth. We help a lot of them. Even if they find out the ugly truth through the use of spy gear, they are usually grateful. And so are […]

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Did You Know You Can Make £50 From Telling Us Your Story?

Adrian Mudd   March 8, 2018

We really love what we do at Spy Equipment UK, but there is one thing that we love more than what we do: hearing how we helped you. Hearing stories of empowerment; stories of liberation; stories of discovery; stories of strength; stories of finding lost goods. It’s what makes us determined to make even better […]

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New Year, New Gear, New Site

Adrian Mudd   January 24, 2018

The festive period is over, and we hope you had a wonderful holiday. However, even though the Christmas and NYE celebrations have come to an end, there’s still so much to be excited about at Spy Equipment UK. As one of the leading spy gear manufacturers in the UK, we love to keep our products […]

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Our Top Budget Buys!

Adrian Mudd   January 11, 2018

The need for our equipment can come at any time. January, however, is a time when suspicion arises most. Why? December. December is a bad month for relationships. It is a time of drinks; of staff parties; of mistakes; of regrets. Due to this, many of you are probably considering buying spy equipment now. Staring […]

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Why Hasn’t Spy Equipment UK Jumped on the Black Friday Bandwagon?

Adrian Mudd   November 27, 2017

High street shops were rife with deals, sales and bogof offers this weekend. Black Friday has typically been synonymous with mobs of consumers fighting over half-price TVs, 50-percent off handbags and cheap Christmas presents. But where were all the people this year? In the UK, many city shopping areas were silent. In fact, while there […]

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You Thought It, You Bought It, You Caught It: Was It Worth It?

Adrian Mudd   October 26, 2017

Thoughts rambling around in your head: ‘Where is he?’, ‘Who are they with?’, ‘What are they up to?’, ‘Why aren’t they home?’ – resonating so loud that everyday life becomes hard. You want clarity, you deserve clarity. This is the situation many of our clients are in. Respectable citizens wanting the basic human right of […]

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Spy Equipment UK’s Top Body Worn Spy Cameras

Adrian Mudd   July 24, 2017

You may require a body worn spy camera if you need to conduct covert filming on the move. Mystery shoppers, journalists, government officials, private investigators and many more people could find these types of spy camera devices particularly handy. If you have a specific body worn spy camera in mind, get in touch with Spy […]

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Using Spy Equipment To Monitor Wildlife

Adrian Mudd   February 2, 2017

Have you ever wondered what your cat or dog gets up to when you’re not around? Ever swooned over the footage captured on David Attenborough’s Planet Earth? Gazed longingly out the window in the hopes of observing different species of wildlife in your garden?

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Combat Nuisance Neighbours With Spy Equipment

Adrian Mudd   December 15, 2016

It’s unlikely that all of us live in ‘Pleasantville’, where the streets are peaceful and your neighbours are quiet and considerate all of the time. If the only drama occurring in your neighbourhood is a fireman rescuing a cat from a tree, or the local girl guide squad selling warm chocolate chip cookies, then this […]

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The Importance Of Elderly Monitoring Devices

Adrian Mudd   October 31, 2016

In April 2012, BBC Panorama went undercover in a bid to reveal the shocking treatment of elderly residents in care homes around the UK. The documentary was sparked by a concerned relative using a hidden camera to record the suspected abuse of an elderly relative by carers in the facility.

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New Product Launch At SEUK: GPS Avenger Tracker!

Adrian Mudd   September 15, 2016

The latest product to hit the Spy Equipment UK site is the GPS Avenger Tracker! This awesome device uses a tracking platform website, and features real-time and historical tracking facilities that work without the need for specialist, complicated software.

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Enter Our Advent Calendar Giveaway!

Adrian Mudd   December 1, 2015

Christmas has come early this year at Spy Equipment UK thanks to our festive advent calendar competition! While regular chocolate advent calendars satisfy your sweet cravings in the run-up to Christmas, everybody knows that by Boxing Day you will be sick of the sight of it. And what better way to get excited for Christmas […]

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New Features, New Spy Products

Adrian Mudd   January 16, 2015

Even though 2015 has really just got started, here at Spy Equipment UK we are hungover still from the recent festivities. We like to give our customers the best experience when they purchase through our website, so we have continued to make adjustments to the functionality and the overall user experience whilst also enhancing our […]

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The Great Christmas Gift Giveaway

Adrian Mudd   November 21, 2014

For Christmas comes but once a year, when all across the land both children and adults get excited with the prospect of Santa coming down the chimney or roasting next to a log fire with the family. There are many reasons to immerse yourself in the fun of Christmas and here’s another one you might […]

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Find Out if you’re Being Spied on with our New Infographic

Adrian Mudd   July 29, 2014

Here at Spy Equipment UK our main aim is to keep our position as the number one point of contact for people in the UK who are looking for spy equipment products and information. That means not only developing the country’s leading spy products and support, but also playing an active role in researching the […]

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Spy Shop Promotes UK Made Products

Adrian Mudd   July 14, 2014

Here at Spy Equipment UK, we are very proud to provide the highest quality spy gear and expert security advice to individuals, businesses, private investigators and government organisations alike across the globe. We consider ourselves to be the ultimate spy shop and have dedicated designers and manufacturers in the UK working to create new specialist […]

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2014 Spy Equipment UK

Adrian Mudd   January 8, 2014

Just like old technology, Twenty Thirteen is now a distant memory. However reflecting on what was a super busy year for us at Spy Equipment UK is rewarding, as we have come a long way as a business. It has been a year with many new challenges, especially technically where new products are being developed […]

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Christmas Calendar Giveaway

Adrian Mudd   December 3, 2013

We are really pleased to announce that the ‘doors’ are now open to our 2013 Christmas competition! As opposed to the traditional Advent Calendars that we have become accustomed to over the years with little chocolates and pictures, we have gone one step further and have created an interactive version on our website, and we […]

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New Spy Equipment UK

Adrian Mudd   November 11, 2013

Over recent months those of you who make regular visits to the Spy Equipment UK site will have noticed an array of improvements since the launch of the latest version in mid-August 2013. At launch, the main platform was in place, but there were many tweaks required to turn the site into what we envisaged […]

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New Website Launch

Adrian Mudd   September 22, 2013

Our new Spy Shop website has really moved us on from the previous tired offering. The site has been redesigned from the ground up and offers a better functionality and browsing experience in general. There is lots more to come…. It has been a long time in the planning and making, but in the middle […]

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Spy Equipment – A Vision of the Future!

Adrian Mudd   July 8, 2010

If you look back over the history of surveillance equipment you will see the amazing leaps forwards that we have enjoyed over the past 10 years. The next 10 years could be incredible and, as leaders in the provision of spy equipment, we are set to be at the heart of this industry progression.

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Home/Personal Security – The Spy Equipment UK Way

Adrian Mudd   June 15, 2010

Protecting our homes and families has been a basic instinct since the beginning of humankind. The need to ensure safety in our personal lives – our homes, children and valuable assets – is deeply ingrained in the way we function. Here’s how devices from Spy Equipment UK can help. But in today’s technology-fuelled word, it’s […]

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Meet the New Personal Pocket Safe

Adrian Mudd   October 8, 2009

Spy Equipment UK have made a new addition to the security solutions section. The Flash Drive Personal Pocket Safe solves an identity theft problem that until now has remained a hot issue.

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We Have Just Reduced Some of Our Prices

Adrian Mudd   August 19, 2009

Spy Equipment UK are proud to announce that due to popular demand, we have been able to vastly reduce the prices on our mobile phone spy software packages. Now these are all at incredibly low prices and with new features.

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Spy Equipment Releases First UK Catalogue

Adrian Mudd   June 24, 2009

Spy Equipment UK is proud to announce the addition of a downloadable catalogue for those customers who wish to have a paper-based brochure of all of the products that we offer.

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Launch of Videos and Data Sheets to Aid Our Customers

Adrian Mudd   May 22, 2009

The Spy Equipment UK website is under constant review to make the experience of our visitors a pleasant, but informative one.

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Spy Equipment UK Signs New Tracker Deal

Adrian Mudd   April 3, 2009

Spy Equipment UK are proud to announce the signing of a new contract for the distribution of a range of cutting-edge tracking devices that are considered to be market leaders.

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Our New Price Evaluation

Adrian Mudd   February 26, 2009

Here at Spy Equipment UK we are continually evaluating our pricing structure. Many customers compare sophisticated spy electronics prices to consumer electronics on the High Street, but they are not comparable.

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Spy Equipment UK Launch Spy Cobra

Adrian Mudd   February 9, 2009

Spy Equipment UK have just announced the release of their latest Computer Surveillance product. The Key Stealth is the ideal solution for laptop computers.

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Real Spy Equipment, Real Spies

Adrian Mudd   June 26, 2008

When you imagine a spy shop, you imagine James Bond fans, but spy shops cater to real life spies to as recent stories in the press suggest. A spy shop may be something most people think belongs in the world of movies. The idea that there could be a real life Bond-style Q who manages […]

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Armchair Spying in the UK with Spy Equipment UK

Adrian Mudd   June 18, 2008

If you thought spying was a bit too much like hard work, check out Spy Equipment UK, where you’ll find devices and gadgets you can use from the comfort of your computer chair. Staking out cars, staying awake all night, tailing your target, ducking behind walls – being a spy can be hard work. But […]

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