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Audio & Voice Recording

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Recording devices can take many different appearances and are harder to spot now than they have ever been before. Here is our up-to-date range of clever audio recorders and voice recorders.

Listening devices, in particular voice recorders, are some of the most popular pieces of surveillance equipment. In most cases that involves someone or a group of people being monitored, it is the spoken word that is most important. Recording devices have been used in various forms for many years. Historically, they tended to be fairly bulky spy solutions and would require tapes, which meant that they needed to be serviced regularly. However, the digital revolution has seen the advent of smaller and more powerful covert recording solutions, such as voice recorders. A digital audio recorder can be incorporated into so many everyday objects and they just keep on getting smarter.

Versatile Voice Recorders

No matter what type of scenario you find yourself in, a voice recording device can help provide clarity and closure. Theft and fraud in the workplace is on the increase and often a covert video recorder may be the only way to gather evidence required to deal with the matter effectively. It may be that you are being bullied and need a recording device to discreetly record audio evidence of the bully interacting with you. At home, it may be that you suspect that your partner is cheating and need to record their conversations when you are out of the house.

Whatever the circumstance, Spy Equipment UK has a superb range of covert voice recorders to make evidence gathering very simple. We have a whole host of voice recording solutions available in this range, including devices such as pens, car keys and adapters, all of which wouldn’t look out of place in a domestic environment.

Affordable & High Quality Audio Recorders

Covert audio recorders are required in a variety of situations. There is the misconception that such pieces of equipment are always used in an underhand manner, but this simply isn’t the case. Certain covert recorders are used as a training aid where organisers do not wish participants to be put off by the presence of a recording device. Think about Big Brother. Obviously, when the contestants enter the house, they are aware that they are being filmed and listened to, but after a short while they forget about the cameras and act naturally.

Another common use for audio recording devices is for training. Using a covert device in a training situation reduces the time involved in waiting for participants to act naturally. Some buyers of such recorders want them as a discrete dictation tool, for taking verbal notes throughout their working day. Whether you intend to use audio recorders in a commercial or personal environment, they can prove to be the ultimate difference in acquiring pivotal information that can inform decisions and ensure your safety. All of the devices in our audio recording range have been tried and tested by our team of surveillance professionals and, as we manufacture some of our products in house, we can guarantee the best possible price for our customers.