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  • Mains Socket Voice Recorder

    The Wall Socket Voice Recorder is part of the new generation of covert voice recording solutions on offer from Spy Equipment UK. It is the perfect discreet audio recording device for home or office.

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    Wall socket power outlets can be found in virtually every room in every house or office and this makes them the perfect everyday item in which to build in an audio recorder without attracting any unwanted attention. The Mains Socket Voice Recorder has been designed with this in mind.

    Like and Everyday Double Wall Outlet

    Although this product looks like any common double mains wall socket, in fact it conceals a very high quality recording system that is very simple to use once the socket has been installed. The flash memory recording system works independently of the mains socket system and therefore both mains sockets can be used to power devices in the normal manner.

    Designed to be Discrete

    Once installed in a wall-mounted flush position, there are no external signs on the face, sides or top lip that the double socket is anything unusual. This is because the charging port and pin-operated switch are located on the bottom lip of the product facing the floor/carpet and therefore not in view under normal circumstances. After installation the battery and recording circuitry will be concealed within the wall cavity behind the socket face.

    Large Memory Storage Capacity

    The recording capacity of this system is in excess of 280 hours and the battery that has been incorporated after a full charge will give up to 8 hours of recording time (or 24 hours if big battery option selected). Charging of the battery is achieved using the mains charger or USB lead that are supplied. Recordings can be downloaded onto a Laptop when connected using the supplied USB lead. Recordings can then be stored and played back on the Laptop in the normal manner, without the need of any specialist software.

    For When Adding to an Environment is Not Possible

    Although we have numerous other alternative recorders with larger memory and much longer recording deployment times available, if there is no option, but to replace an existing fixture within a room to achieve covert recording, then the Mains Socket Voice Recorder is certainly worth consideration. Compatible with All Windows computer systems from 98 and above.

    • Discreet recording solution for home or office
    • Fully functional double wall socket
    • Built-in 120 or 360 mAh battery – giving up to either 8 or 24 hours of recording time on a full charge
    • Battery charging time of only 1 hour
    • High Recording bit rate of 128 Kpbs
    • Audio pick-up range of over 7 metres
    • Total recording capacity – in excess of 280 hours
    • Compatible with Windows 98SE or higher – USB2.0 interface
    • Recordings stored as WAV format
    • Supplied with Mains charger, USB connection lead and operating pin

    Can the concealed battery be charged just by the being plugged into a mains power outlet, maybe into itself?

    No, the unit is charged through a USB charging lead that connects to the plug through a micro USB port hidden under the fuse cover. The USB lead however can be connected to either a computer or to the mains supply using a USB to mains adapter.

    Does the recorder make any sound or indication that it is anything other than a standard Double Wall Socket?

    No, the device is completely discrete in operation and looks exactly like any standard unit.

    Do the recordings have a time and date stamp?

    There is no changeable time and date reference on the recordings.

    Can the voice activation facility be turned off?

    No, the device is designed as standard to have voice (sound) activation. It always will be set to this mode.

    How is the device switched on and off?

    There is a small pin-size hole in the bottom edge of the socket, which is only visible if viewing upwards from underneath. By using the supplied pin, the unit can be switched on and off.

    If the battery runs out before the device is switched off, will the recorded files still remain stored?

    Yes, the memory will save the recordings onto the internal flash memory and these audio files can only be deleted manually when the device is connected to a computer.

    How do I retrieve the files from the internal memory?

    The files can be retrieved by connecting the charging cable to a PC (maybe a Laptop or Tablet). The memory of the Mains Socket Recorder acts like a flash memory, so files are easy to offload.

    You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

    • This device does not draw power from the mains supply for the recording operation, but instead power is supplied by a battery fitted on the back of the socket. The device can be charged by plugging the micro USB lead onto the bottom of the socket and plugging into itself using a USB to mains adapter.
    • To offload audio from the recorder memory it is best to use a Windows laptop or tablet type of device that can be connected on site to the wall socket via a USB lead
    • You will need a computer with speakers attached if wishing to playback recordings through your PC or Laptop
    • You will require media player on the computer for playback of audio files. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK.
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