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GSM Double Wall Socket

Product Code GSW4

This is a fully-functional double plug wall socket with built in GSM listening module. A more permanent mains-powered listening device that can provide clear GSM audio surveillance capability from anywhere in the world!

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This is a fully working UK style double wall socket that conceals a GSM unit capable of receiving covert calls to allow real time audio monitoring. This totally standard looking UK wall socket is perfect for both home and office applications as it will blend in to it’s surroundings almost seamlessly.

Blends Into Environment – Quality Audio

The GSM Double Wall Socket can be installed in place of an existing double wall socket outlet and therefore it will remain permanently powered, waiting for you to call in at anytime, from anywhere. With incredibly crisp, clear audio quality you won’t miss a word whether its checking on your partner whilst you are away or listening in to ensure that your staff are working diligently. The SIM card inside the GSM module that is fixed to the rear of the socket can be called from any phone, so there is nothing to add to make it work.

Discreet Operation – Sensitive Microphone

This wall socket listening device will not make any sound or give any indication as to what is happening and the GSM module is set to auto-answer the call and activate the microphone enabling you to hear what is going on around it. The sensitive microphone is powerful enough to pick up normal speech level sounds within a radius of up to 8 metres (25 feet) of the device. This means that even if the wall socket was fixed in a position that is tucked out of sight, it would still very easily be able to react to sound in the room that it has been placed.

Fully Functional Socket Outlets

Both of the two outlets on the wall socket function as normal, which means that two other mains powered devices can be powered, essentially putting the GSM Double Wall Socket completely ‘above suspicion’. There is no limit to the distance from which you can call the device because essentially it is just like making a call to an auto-answering mobile phone. Call from a mobile phone or a landline, the choice is yours.

Standard Call-in or Voice Activated Versions Available

We offer two versions, one without and one with voice activation facility. The unit with voice activation facility has the extra ability to inform you by text message when it detects noise in the environment where it had been plugged in. This means that you can choose if you wish to call in to listen at that time. In addition the sensitivity of the microphone can be set to the required level for triggering. Switching on and off the voice activation and setting the sensitivity level is easily achieved using certain coded text messages from the mobile phone number you wish the system to respond to. There is no extra charge for this option, but if you select the device with voice activation facility then this will require credit on the SIM inside the bug to be able to text you notifications and respond to remote commands.

Choose a Network to Suit Deployment Placement

It should be noted that although we always supply an operational Virgin SIM card (Pre-pay with no credit) ready to deploy, the SIM inside the device can be changed to one of your choice to suit your budget or the network capability where the bug is to be placed. We have been previously asked to build GSM bugs into brass and chrome socket outlets, but unfortunately the heavy metal socket front causes a ‘Farraday Cage’ effect blocking GSM transmissions, although it may be possible to accommodate another style of plastic wall socket outlet at additional cost to the purchaser (please call to discuss if required).

  • Standard double wall socket cleverly fitted with smart GSM module
  • Unlimited surveillance distance – dial in and listen from anywhere in the world.
  • Fully functional UK double plug wall socket – will power other devices from all sockets
  • Mains power supply – input 200-240V AC
  • Quad-band GSM 850Mhz, 900MHz, 1800Mhz or 1900MHz
  • Microphone – ported electret-condenser with FET amplifier
  • Audio processor – built in digital sound processor
  • System control – RISC based micro-controller
  • GSM antenna – internal
  • Supplied with O2 SIM card, but should be changed to international SIM for country of deployment
  • This unit should accept any standard size active SIM card from any country
  • Audio capture distance for normal level speech of up to 8 metres (25 feet) radius

Will this work as a standard double mains wall plug?

Yes, it will power devices plugged into it whilst working as a listening device.

How sensitive is the microphone?

The microphone should easily pick up sounds in a radius of up to 7 metres.

Do all of the sockets work or is one blanked off?

All of the sockets work in the normal manner.

Will the GSM bug still work if the switches on the wall socket are in the off position?

Yes, the unit will remain powered at all times because it is directly connected to the mains supply.

Does it come supplied with a SIM card?

Yes, we normally supply with an O2 SIM card, but this can be easily changed over when you receive the GSM unit if required.

Does the GSM Bug make any noise or are there any indication that it is being used as a listening device?

There are no giveaway signs whatsoever.

On the voice activated version, will I need credit on the SIM card?

Yes, if you have set the unit to call you back then, just like a normal phone, you will need credit on the SIM inside the device to enable it to call you.

Can anybody install this unit?

Although it is really a simple fitment, it is recommended that wall socket installation is conducted by someone who is qualified to undertake this task.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • You will need a working phone (mobile or landline) to enable you to listen in to the bug.
  • If the supplied O2 SIM card is not ideal for your location, then this will need to be replaced with an active SIM card of your choice to suit the location or your own needs as to network suitability.
  • This unit is NOT battery powered and must be connected to the mains power supply in the normal way that a wall socket would be installed.
  • To be able to take advantage of the voice activation facilty on this version of the device (if you choose this version) the SIM card inside the Double Wall Socket will require credit or will need to be a contract SIM. The O2 SIM card supplied does NOT have credit on it and as such it is not possible to use the voice activation facilty unless you put credit on this SIM.
  • As installation requires wiring directly into a mains power circuit, for the sake of safety, it maybe advantageous to employ the services of a qualified electrician.
  • We are NOT able to build a GSM Wall Socket with a brass or chrome metal front.
  • To obtain the best GSM signal connection it may be prudent to replace any metal back box with a plastic alternative.
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