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  • Computer forensic data recovery is associated with recovering evidence for criminal proceedings, but now it id often used for civil proceedings and personal reasons

    Protecting Yourself Computer Threats

    Forensic computer science came hard-on-the-heels of the wider use of computers going back as far as the early 1980’s. At that time this practice of digitally recovering information from a computer memory was restricted to few few individuals with specialist knowledge and equipment. The result was a very expensive service with limited appeal usually due to financial constraints.

    Times have changed. Now forensic recovery software is far more affordable and can be used by even the least computer-savvy. At Spy Equipment UK we offer a number of different solutions in ‘bite-sized’ packages. You can recover information from Windows computers, USB flash drive memory sticks and even SD cards.

    Many schools and businesses have discovered the benefits of using certain forensic software to check that their computers are not being used inappropriately, but use of the software is certainly not restricted to organisations. Maybe you want to check on you child’s computer activity at home to ensure that they are safe or you may find yourself in a situation whereby the only way to gather information about a cheating partner’s affair is by forensically recovering data from the computer. Whatever your reasons, you can be certain that this category will almost certainly have something to help achieve your aim.