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Forensic Data Recovery Investigation Kit

Product Code FDR1

An unlimited usage complete forensic investigation kit that enables interrogation and extraction of data from Windows computers, iPhone and Android based phone systems. Analyse and backup information and even use specialist software to turn you PC into an audio recording system.

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A complete digital smartphone and Windows PC forensic interrogation kit provided in a smart carry case, specifically aimed at law enforcement agencies and other investigators that have a regular requirement to catalogue and scrutinise data held on the memory of Android and iPhone devices, Windows computers and ancillary memory devices.

Complete Software Tool Set – Phone/PC Backup & Analysis

For quite some time, we have offered the iRecovery, Android Phone Recovery, Data Devil and Porn Detection sticks as individual products for gathering and cataloguing data from iPhone and Android smartphones, Windows PCs and ancillary memory devices. However, we have never previously offered all of these products together in one kit.

In addition to these four softwares, this complete investigation kit contains a Photo Backup Stick and a SIM Card Seizure device as well as our previously offered Chat Stick and Voice Logger recording software. Add on connection cables, USB sticks and other accessories needed for various recovery processes and you have a complete field kit. All of these individual items are contained in a compact but smart protective carry case, ensuring that everything is kept together and protected between investigation deployments. All softwares have forward compatibility with free updates for life.

Superb Kit for Law Enforcement & Private Investigation Agencies

For law enforcement agencies, being able to retrieve data – including deleted information – is crucial for the purpose of gathering evidence to support and/or investigate a case. The Forensic Data Recovery Investigation Kit can be used for in-house recovery by digital phone forensic recovery and investigation teams, especially as the systems are designed to comply with law enforcement standard evidence integrity. When not used as the original forensic recovery method, the kit may also be deployed as a cross validation system to support the integrity of another digital device scan software/method, thereby confirming evidential integrity.

The modern day private investigator needs a plethora of investigation equipment to ensure that they can offer the right services and solutions to a wide range of clientele. This digital investigation tool kit is certainly something every private investigator should have. Even those with no previous digital forensic experience will be able to use the tools provided to to offer a professional service to their clients as part of an everyday investigation. This could be to either gather intelligence to further an inquiry or maybe even to support an ongoing case that may well end up in court. Here are the individual devices that come with the Forensic Data Recovery Investigation Kit:

iRecovery Stick

The iRecovery stick is designed to recover a backup of data from the memory of iPhones, which can include very limited deleted information as well. Made to work with all iPhones up to and including those running iOS 15, with free upgrades going forward. The software can also be used on iPad, iPod, iTouch and iTunes backup. Please see iRecovery Stick for details on this device.

Android Phone Stick

The Android Phone Recovery stick is designed to recover a backup of data from the memory of android phones, which can include some deleted information (when phone is rooted). Made to work with all android phones, with free upgrades going forward. Additionally, the software can also be used on android tablets. Please see Android Phone Recovery Stick for full details.

SIM Card Seizure

The SIM Card Seizure software has been around for quite some time now but it still can be a useful tool to have. You will get a SIM card reader and adapters for the three different SIM card sizes. The software will recover information stored to the memory of the card. Most modern phones do not store SMS messages to the SIM card but there could be other information has been stored, so SIM card Seizure is beneficial where data has been retained.

Photo Backup Stick

There are various ways to backup photos taken on modern mobile phones and computers, however sometimes these services have not been activated or access to the backup service is not available. What’s more, some backup services reduce image quality for easier storage. The Photo Backup stick is an all in one, cross compatible solution to create a backup of photos and videos stored on android phones, iPhones, Windows and Mac computers. Also supplied is a portable flash storage drive to create a storage library. The Photo backup software will not duplicate images and has inbuilt drivers to ensure multiple device compatibility. Includes Photo Backup Stick 1TB – Case File Drive – compatible with Apple, Windows and Android.

Data Devil Stick

The Data Devil (data recovery stick) is designed to recover deleted data from Windows OS compatible mass storage devices. Recover from PC hard drives, USB drives, digital cameras, SD cards and any digital media that is compatible with Windows and you can perform data recovery on the media. Recover image files in various common formats, MS Office and Open Office files as well as MP3 and PDF files that have been previously been deleted, but not overwritten. Data Devil for full details.

Porn Detection Stick

The Porn Detection Stick is designed to recover deleted pornographic imagery from a Windows computer. Recover deleted files that have been previously stored on the computer hard drive and also internet cache files even if they haven’t been saved. The specialist software uses skin tone detection to identify relevant content and then retrieves this for subsequent analysis. Use in conjunction with the Photo Backup Stick to enable storage and cataloguing of a large number of files. Porn Detection Stick for full details.

Voice Logger Recording Software

The Voice Logger Computer Software is a software solution to audio surveillance of a room where a computer is consistently left switched on. The software supplied on a USB stick has super quick installation that can avoid antivirus detection and once in place will automatically, but discreetly, record what is happening in the room environment. The recordings are stored on the computer for later playback, offload or automatic sending by email. High quality MP3 recorded files and sound detection recording as standard. Voice Logger Compuer Software for full details.

  • Get access to deleted information from any number of iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch devices including those using iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS, 10, 11, 12, 13 (now incl. iOS14)
  • Recover deleted text (SMS) messages, contacts, call history, iMessages, Safari web history, as well as recently deleted photos, notes and calendar appointments
  • This mobile phone investigation equipment allows users to copy and view currently available data held in the phone’s memory including calls, messages, voice messages, notes and multimedia files, etc.
  • Get access to map history to see locations searched on the iPhone’s map with exact GPS coordinates
  • Recover from previously backed up iTunes data storage without need to physically have the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
  • Safe interrogation of stored information – Duplicates recovered information from the phone memory with actually deleting any data during the process
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and now Windows 10
  • Future-proof technology – Free upgrades to this product come as standard
  • Use on as many phones as you wish as many times as you like – no usage limits
  • Compatible with Android Phones running operating systems from 1.5 through to OS 8.0 in some cases
  • Recovers deleted data such as text messages (SMS), call logs, contacts, photos, music, documents, calendar entries and notes
  • Downloads Phone Contents such as photos, internet history, all text messages, contacts, call logs, etc. – Parses numerous social media apps for data
  • Recovers data from a massive range of Android devices, including data recovery from Micro SD cards of those phones
  • Easy-To-Use – On screen prompts during for the process to make things simple
  • separates data into categories to allow an output report
  • System Compatibility: Windows 10 and 11
  • Investigate SIM cards from any phone – Review content that is saved on the SIM memory
  • Designed to work with any SIM card used in any phone type
  • View list of last dialled numbers (LDN) made with the SIM card being interrogated
  • Perform recovery of deleted data that was previously stored on the SIM
  • Tried and tested – Used by law enforcement agencies for nearly 20 years
  • Recover data from Hard Drives – USB Drives – Digital Cameras and other outdates memory devices such as MMC, MemoryStick and Compact Flash
  • Recover Imagery in JPG – BMP -PNG – TIFF – EMF
  • Recover MS Docs in DOC – DOCX – XLS – XLSX – PPT – PUB – VSD – MDB and some open office docs
  • Retrieve other deleted docs in PDF _ RTF – AutoCAD – CHM – HTML
  • Recover multi-media format in MP3 – MPEG
  • Scans computer for all imagery -currently stored – previously deleted
  • Trawls computer hard drives, USB drives, or any other storage that mounts as a drive in Windows
  • Blurred picture viewer prevents the user from seeing unwanted pornography
  • Works on any storage media formatted as FAT or NTFS
  • Easily back up photos and videos automatically – No cloud storage requirement
  • Avoid downloading and backing up duplicate images – Remembers previously downloaded content
  • No need for cloud storage – No subscription fees to pay
  • Compatible with virtually all digital devices – Inbuilt apps support for PC/MAC/iPhone/Android
  • Catalogue images and videos from multiple devices with one Photo Backup stick
  • Future-proof software – Free software upgrades come as standard at no extra cost
  • Completely discreet room audio monitoring software supplied on an easy-to-deploy USB stick
  • Utilises the installed computer’s own microphone to monitor the surrounding room environment
  • Software preset to sound activation – Record only when there is sound to be recorded (ambient sound level filtering can be set)
  • Recordings have time and date – Audio pickup range up to 7 metres (microphone quality dependant)
  • Stored recordings can be discreetly saved and encrypted – or have them automatically emailed out

How far back can I recover deleted data when using any of the recovery sticks?

This can differ dependent upon whether you are recovering from a phone a computer or a memory car/device. On a phones memory this will all depend on whether the data has been overwritten. Generally we found that the previous six weeks worth of data was not normally overwritten, but this cannot be guaranteed. That said, we have known of cases where deleted data a year old has been recovered or partially recovered. On computers or memory devices this can be similar, but moreover will be dictated by memory capacity and frequency of use.

If the iPhone has a screen PIN lock, then can I still recover the data from that iphone?

Unless you are able to access the phone when the PIN lock is off or are able to get past the screen PIN lock / fingerprint lock, then unfortunately the software will be unable to access the operating system, so cannot be used to recover data from the phone itself, however when using the iRecovery stick it can be possible to recover from iTunes backup.

When using the Data Devil or Porn Detection Stick to recover from a computer, can this be done without knowing the computer password?

No, these softwares do not evade the login process, so you will need access prior to running any recovery processes.

How long will the recovery process take?

This depends upon the speed of the processor in the computer being recovered from or being used for the recovery process and actually how much data is stored on the phone, computer or memory devices being interrogated. The process when using a PC with a fast processor and phone, computer or memory device that has only had light usage could take only 6 minutes or so, however a slow PC processor and a heavily used phone, PC, or memory device may mean the process could take an 45 minutes or maybe even more. Photo Backup may take longer dependant upon size of stored imagery.

Is the SIM Card Seizure recovery process faster or does it take as long as the other softwares?

The SIM Seizure process is much quicker, generally less than a minute to pull any information from the SIM card, if any data has been stored on there.

If my phone has been reset to factory setting or my computer memory shredded or my memory device has been reformatted and all of the data has been deleted off, can the recovery softwares still recover the deleted data?

Unfortunately during the reset/data shred/format processes all data from the memory space on these devices is permanently wiped and cannot be recovered. Resetting of the phone however does not affect any data stored on the SIM card, so the SIM Card Seizure may still reveal something if data is stored on the SIM card of the phone being examined.

Can any of the software included in the Forensic Data Recovery Investigation Kit be conducted on a Mac computer?

As such the software is designed to run recovery processes through Windows operting system, although the Photo Backup stick that is able to interrogate the memory on Apple computer devices to recover and catalogue photographs.

Can the iRecovery, Phone Recovery and Photo Backup software be used to recover data from iPads, iTouch models and Android tablets?

Yes, you will be able to recover from these devices successfully, but you will not get much from them, since they do not generally get used like a mobile phone, so there will be no text messages, contacts, nor call logs, etc.

Can the Data Devil and Porn Detection Stick recover from any Apple OS devices?

No, unfortunately this is not possible as these softwares are only designed to trawl Windows based devices.

What if a new operating system comes out. Will the softwares in this investigation kit be rendered useless in that instance?

Updates do come out generally 4 to 6 weeks after new versions of operating systems are launched to ensure the most data possible and to support new versions of iPhone and Android phone operating systems. Under the Tools menu at the top of the program is an update option. You must be connected to the Internet for it to complete an update.

Consider The Following When Using This Equipment:

  • You should have access to the phone, computer or computer ancillary device to be analysed for an extended period of time to run the software processes. For example we recommend that you consider having physical access to phones for an hour
  • Any phone to be recovered from will need to have an active SIM card inserted
  • Any computer, etc. being investigated must not have undergone a security wipe/data shredding process before using the recovery software
  • You will not be able to recover information from phones that have undergone a fully security wipe taking the phone back to factory settings
  • There are no guarantees that the data that you wish to recover is still held in the phone memory or on the computer or ancillary devices being investigated. The data that you wish to recover may have already been overwritten.
  • Software sticks all require a Windows PC on which to run the software to achieve the recovery process except Photo Backup stick that can actually recover images from a Mac
  • Not all Android and iPhone operating systems are supported as there will always be about a six week delay after new phone operating system release before the recovery sticks have been updated to be compatible. Updates are for free when available.
  • Not all SIM cards will retain last dialled numbers or other data. This will depend on the phone handset used with the SIM.
  • Because these are specialist forensic software products, specialist support can only be provided directly with the software manufacturer. Information on how to contact the software manufacturer will be provided with the software product.