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Android Phone Recovery Stick

Product Code 4NDR

The Android Phone Recovery Stick is the ultimate recovery tool for anyone who wants to capture currently-held and previously deleted information from an Android phone. New updated version covers some of the latest Android operating systems.

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The Android Phone Recovery Stick is a revolutionary forensic investigation product designed to recover deleted data from Android Phones. This latest version can recover data from some handsets that have most recent operating systems up to Android Oreo 8.1.

Recovery Process Uses a Windows Computer

The Android Phone Recovery Stick is a flash-drive USB device that will help you recover deleted data as well as other stored data from your Google Android phone. Spy Equipment UK is the official UK Supplier for this product. Connect the Android mobile phone to any Windows PC using the phone’s data cable and then connect the recovery stick to the same computer via a free USB port. Once the two devices are connected, it is simply a matter of running the spy mobile phone software on the Recovery Stick to retrieve the data. At the upper extreme the data recovery process may take maybe an hour to complete.

Modern Forensic Evidentially Sound Process

Deleted data on a phone is a tricky thing. When data is deleted from the phone, the phone marks the data as deleted and no longer displays it on the phone. This data may immediately be overwritten by the phone or it may be available for recovery until new data overwrites it. With most cell phones, new data is written over deleted space first so only the most recent data can be recovered. There was once a product that was called a SIM Card Reader that gave limited retrieved information. This software takes that old idea to the next level. The Android Phone Recovery Stick can now recover deleted data from Android phones running Oreo 8.1 as long as the phone is rooted before data recovery is attempted. We recommend using Kingo Root, although you should consider carefully before you root a handset because rooting cannot be reversed and rooting does reduce the level of security for the handset. Banking apps will not run on a rooted phone.

Recover Current and Deleted Data

During the recovery process scanning the phone memory it is possible to recover deleted text (SMS) messages , MMS messages, call logs, contacts, notes and calendar entries as well as deleted content from the following apps: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, TextFree, TextPlus, Pinger, Jott Messenger, LinkedIn and Vkontakte (devices up to Android 4.3) In addition currently available memory data including: SMS messages, Call History, Contacts, Photos/Images, Internet History, Voice Memos, Organiser and Properties (devices up to Android 5.1) In addition to this, as long as debugging mode is on in the phone setting then it will be possible to bypass the phone’s PIN or pattern locks.

Recovery from Phone SD card

The phone Recovery Stick, as an added bonus, is also able to recover some deleted data form the microSD card that is used in the phone. Phones running Android operating system up to Lollipop 5.1 are supported for this type of recovery. It is possible to recover the following deleted files from an SD card: Photos/Images, MP3/videos, MS Documents, Open Office Documents and PDF/Text Files.

Investigate Fraud and Infidelity

Because of its versatile recovery capabilities and easy-to-use interface the Android Recovery Stick is perfect for business professionals who need to back up crucial data on their smartphone, employers who need to check on employees for misuse of company phones and when investigating fraud and industrial espionage. This software is also ideal for concerned parents who wish to check on the the safety of their children and monitor potential cyber-bullying. The Android Recovery Stick is also a fantastic investigation tool for checking on partners and spouses who may be cheating in a relationship. Sometimes retrieving this sort of data is the only way to provide peace of mind.

Please Note: Data recovery is not guaranteed. Some data is overwritten or otherwise unrecoverable. Some phones running Android 4.2 and 4.3 may restrict access making deleted data recovery of the phone impossible.

How far back will the stick recover up to?

It very much depends on the usage of the device. Standard recovery is approximately 5-6 weeks, however, if the phone you wish to recover from is heavily used, you might receive less.

How long does the process take?

This depends on the processing power of the computer using the software. Generally, it’ll take a quad core processor @ 2.5 Ghz around 8 minutes to retrieve deleted data from 500MB.

Will it recover from all Android phones?

This version currently works on a massive range of phones with various OS, some up to Android 5.1

Can I still recover information if the phone has a screen lock password set?

You would need to know the screen lock password to be able to use the software to recover from the phone’s memory. However if the phone is set to debugging mode in the settings, then it will be possible.

How many phones can I recover data from?

You can use the software on as many compatible handsets as you like.

Will the recovery software show up on the computer that I have it connected to to do the recovery?

No, the software always stays on the USB stick itself and the computer is used for its capability to process the software recovery. However, recovered data will be sent to the connected computer’s memory storage. Of course this can be transferred off and deleted so no trace it left behind.

Can this phone software be used to recover data from other types of phones like Windows Mobile?

No, this software is purely for Android operating systems.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • If the phone does not have debugging mode in or on the settings, then you must have the PIN code for the screen lock of the phones that you wish to analyse before performing a recovery process
  • You should have access to the phone to be analysed for an extended period of time to run the process. We recommend that you consider having physical access to the phone for an hour
  • The phone to be recovered from will need to have an active SIM card inserted
  • You will not be able to recover information from phones that have undergone a fully security wipe taking the phone back to factory settings
  • This software requires a Windows PC on which to run the software to achieve the recovery process
  • Not all Android devices and operating systems are supported, so it is important to check our PDF compatibility list to ensure that the phone(s) to be investigated are compatible with the software.
  • Currently only devices running Android version 5.1 can have deleted data recovered, although some devices up to 8.0 can be interrogated for currently stored data.
  • We recommend using Kingo Root, although you should consider carefully before you root a handset because rooting cannot be reversed and rooting does reduce the level of security for the handset. Banking apps will not run on a rooted phone.
  • Recovers deleted data such as text messages (SMS), call logs, contacts, photos, music, documents, calendar entries and notes
  • Downloads Phone Contents such as photos, internet history, all text messages, contacts, call logs, etc.
  • Now rooting handset will assist in recovering deleted data from Android 5.1 handsets
  • Where debugging mode is on or in the phone settings, it should be possible to bypass the PIN or pattern lock
  • Compatible with Android Phones running operating systems from 1.5 through to OS 8.0 in some cases
  • Now rooting handset will assist in recovering deleted data from Android 5.1 handsets
  • Parses numerous apps on the phone including KIK, TextFree, TextPlus, Vkontakte, Jott Messenger, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Linkedin and Pinger
  • Recovers data from large range of older Android devices, including data recovery from Micro SD cards of those phones
  • Recovers from device memory cards – Music, photos, MP3’s, videos, some MS documents, PDF and text files
  • System Compatibility: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, 10 and 11
  • USB Stick Containing Software
  • Full Instructions