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CAM-GX5 Cellular Activity Detector

Product Code GX55

The CAM-GX5 Cellular Activity Detector is a handheld multi-channel cellular frequency detector capable of scanning for the very latest 5G enabled devices in addition to more commonplace 2G, 3G and 4G transmitting products, plus all WiFi and Bluetooth bugging devices.

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The ever-changing world of modern technology presents opportunity for new and more sophisticated bugging devices. With many cities in UK and across the world now adding 5G super-fast mobile frequencies for mobile data communication technology, the need for a specialist countermeasure bug sweepers has become especially important. Right now, Spy Equipment UK is the only spy shop in the UK that provide this advanced counter surveillance product.

Covers Every GSM Frequency Range – Event History Logging

Previously, our bug hunters (frequency scanners) have been able to offer filtered scanning for 2G, 3G and 4G signals, but now 5G is also now covered by the CAM-GX5. The very nature of normal cellular transmissions means that signals are not 100% of the time actually transmitting. This poses a challenge for any bug detection system in that it is required to pick out event activity as and when it happens. The GX5 takes it to the next level in comparison to other devices in that it has the facility to log up to 4000 cellular transmission events, thereby providing the ability to detect infrequent ‘burst’ or store and forward type of cellular activity over an extended period of time. This unit has the ability to change region to accommodate differing frequency usage across the globe.

Multiple Frequency WiFi and Bluetooth Detection

The CAM-GX5 is ideally suited for detection of various mobile phone technology based devices such as mobile and smartphones, tablets (with 3G/4G and/or WiFi), vehicle trackers, GSM listening bugs and 3G/4G/5G hidden spy video cameras. The device has high sensitivity across all monitored frequencies and can even identify a signal up to 50 metres away. It is perfect for pre-checking sensitive meeting rooms for hidden bugs and eavesdropping devices, unauthorised mobile phone usage at venues such as examination rooms, offices, hospitals and even prisons. It is also perfectly suited for locating the latest hidden tracking devices. On top of all this, it provides 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz frequency coverage, encompassing the fast growing threat of Bluetooth and WiFi bugging technology.

Powerful and Professional Countermeasures Equipment

The large colour TFT screen displays separate, different types of signal together with signal strength. The layout is very clear and easy to assess and is supported by a simple and intuitive menu system, which allows the user to select various types of displays and features. There are different modes to suit certain circumstances, including ‘beep’ and silent vibrate mode and regional frequency selection. The sensitive multi-gain amplifiers can detect activity up to a range of 50 metres, dependant upon signal strength and localised ambient conditions.

Time/Date Event Logs Graphically Displayed

Each relevant frequency transmission event for each signal, no matter how long or short, will be recorded with time/date, duration type of frequency band and its strength. The event activity can be easily displayed in graph mode on the display, which is particularly useful when attempting to identify certain devices such as GSM or GPS trackers, where a regular transmission of positional data will be clearly evident. In addition, identifying unauthorised mobile device usage in prisons and hospitals is made easier using this timed activity log method. The CAM-GX5 also features a band covering 2,4GHz and 5.0GHz, specifically for wireless and WiFi covert video cameras and the latest Bluetooth and WiFi audio monitoring devices. The latter can record audio events and store them, before sending them in regular signal bursts, which the GX5 is perfectly placed to detect and event record.

Include Downloadable Data in Sweep Report

The Countermeasures professional will find the reporting feature of particular use. The entire event log over an extended period can be downloaded to a USB stick for storage and subsequent transfer to a computer for viewing and analysis. The collated report can then be included in a full counter surveillance sweep report if required. Comparing the data from several days or separate visits to the same venue can prove to be extremely useful.

High Quality Unit Made in UK

The CAM-GX5 is constructed from the highest quality materials, including an aircraft grade aluminium body. It is powered by an integral lithium-polymer battery pack and is supplied with an international charger. All components are easily carried in the specially designed foam lined heavy-duty military standard carry case for total protection when carrying or when not in use.

  • Professional grade handheld multi-channel cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth frequency detector
  • The latest frequency scanning technology – Detects 2G/3G/4G/5G cellular devices and WiFi/Bluetooth (2.4GHz and 5GHz) Devices
  • Designed to detect: Mobile/Smartphones, GPS Trackers, SMS (Texts), GSM Bugs, 3G/4G/5G Video, Bluetooth and WiFi enabled Devices, Store and Forward Transmitters
  • Manufactured to adapt to variances in global cellular coverage – Simply select the region in which the GX5 is being operated
  • Separate 2.4GHz/5GHz band detector for the latest generation of WiFi/Bluetooth/Video transmitting devices
  • Optimised for sensitivity across all bands – Detects localised signals from up to 50 metres away
  • 4000 Cellular event log catalogues records Time/Date, Band, Duration as well as Signal Strength
  • Event log viewable on-screen and/or downloaded to USB stick for storage and later viewing/analysis on a computer
  • Graph Mode displays real time or historical data graphical information of all detected cellular frequency bands
  • in-built high quality 3.5-inch Colour TFT display – Easy to navigate operation menu system
  • Premium quality machined Aluminium body for maximum durability – Single adjustable hinged antenna
  • Operational mode selector: Audible Signal Strength, ‘Beep’ and Silent Vibrate
  • Internal Lithium Polymer battery pack – multi-region mains charger supplied
  • Supplied tough and high quality heavy duty Military Standard carry case

Will this device find all radio frequency bugs?

The CAM-GX5 unit is specifically for 2G/3G/4G/5G cellular frequencies, WiFi, Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz video bugs. No single bug detector can pick up all bugs, but this is the most comprehensive handheld mobile signal detection device available.

Can the CAM-GX5 unit detect voice recorders?

No, voice recorders to not transmit a frequency and therefore cannot be detected by RF detection equipment. A Non-Linear Junction Detector is the only type of device that can detect this type of bugging device. This is why any counter surveillance sweep should always include a physical search.

Can the CAM-GX5 detect wireless hidden cameras?

This product is able to detect wireless hidden cameras that transmit on the 2.4 GHz, 5GHz, 3G, 4G and the latest 5G bands.

Can I hear through the device when an audio bug is detected?

The CAM-GX5 does not have audio demodulation and is designed for certain specific digital signals only.

Will the CAM-GX5 easily detect tracking devices?

Yes, using the specific GSM/3G and 4G detection range on this bug sweeper, tracking devices are far easier to identify in comparison to other bug detectors that do not have a dedicated GSM/3G/4G scanning band.

What does the WAM-108t offer that the CAM-GX5 doesn’t?

The WAM-108t has an additional directional antenna and additional Wideband capability covering a frequency range of between 0 to 14GHz, therefore it is able to detect transmitting bugs operating outside the specific bands set on the CAM-GX5. On balance, because the CAM-GX5 has a specific 5G capability, then any TSCM specialist would probably employ both.

Can the CAM-GX5 produce reports that are compatible for display on a Mac computer?

Unfortunately the reports produced by the unit are only suitable for analysing and reporting on a Windows computer.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • If using a bug detector for the first time it is advisable to test the unit in various ‘friendly environments’ to become conversant with the functionality.
  • It is advised that a user should have a reasonable knowledge of frequency bands used by common and professional bugging devices as well as everyday transmitting equipment to use this product effectively.
  • No bug detector can detect all types of bugging device. Some spy and surveillance equipment such as recording devices and most spy cameras do not transmit radio frequencies. As a result, other equipment should be considered as well as backing up an RF sweep with a physical search.