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    Asset Trackers

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  • Asset trackers are used for tracking a massive variety of expensive assets whilst they are in transit.

    Know Where Your Assets Are Going

    Whether it’s for business or personal use, our extensive range of asset tracking devices help keep an eye on the location and movements of your asset.

    They can be deployed in different ways. Some are placed within a high-value commodity or in the packing in which it is contained. Asset trackers these days tend to use the same GPS tracking technology that is incorporated into vehicle tracking solutions. The difference is that they are generally required to be much more compact to enable deployment into situations where there is limited space. The compact nature of these devices means that they can be installed into a wider range of circumstances, but of course, the reduced size of these units also means that battery life to keep them active is much less than vehicle & car tracker units.

    Protect Your Assets with Asset Tracking

    Asset trackers listed on our website have been used in many differing situations. Logistics companies have used them successfully to track high-value assets that are at risk of being stolen. Television companies have used Micro Trackers when making investigative programmes where certain commodities need to be tracked often across borders. Our asset trackers have also been used on many occasions by private investigators who have been required to investigate corporate theft and fraud

    Whatever the circumstances, although there are limitations surrounding the deployment of  GPS asset trackers, they can be used to great effect during the investigation of theft or for absolute peace of mind when moving a high-value asset from one place to another.