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GPS Defender Asset / People Tracker

Product Code GPS7

This compact and versatile asset tracker is perfect for short to medium term people and asset tracking. Linked to our dedicated tracking platform, the live and historic data can be accessed from any web-enabled device.

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The GPS Defender asset tracker is designed for people and asset tracking. It is a portable and compact device that can be carried in the pocket, hidden in a bag, case, or luxury goods or even attached to expensive equipment for extra peace of mind.

Ideal for Short to medium Term Asset Tracking

When it comes to asset tracking, the key factors are optimised operation and scheduled reports. The GPS Defender’s unique timer design allows it to remain in deep-sleep mode all or most of the time (when stationary). This asset tracker only sends location reports according to the pre-defined schedule, during periods when it is ‘on-the-move’, ensuring users get the most from each battery charge. This makes The GPS Defender excellent for short term asset tracking and as a personnel and asset tracker. The compact design ensures that it is easy to carry on the person or maybe secrete in a bag, a case or within a package of some description.

Motion Detection – A People Tracker With Efficient Power Usage

Motion detection is an essential feature in this people tracker. It is a feature that is important when used in various scenarios, whether it be for the elderly or chronically ill or for keeping tabs on an asset, or vehicle maybe. This unit has an in-built motion sensor, which activates when the tracking device is moved. This sets off the process of sending out a location on a preset regular basis over the mobile phone data network, to our dedicated online tracking platform at intervals as little as every 15 seconds. A people tracking device that provides regular updates as to the whereabouts of the subject.

Low Cost EU Roaming SIM Card Available

The GPS Defender is supplied asset tracking system, as standard with an active Vodafone PAYG SIM card for transmitting its positional data. This allows for real-time locations to be reported back to the tracking panel, but requires credit on the SIM to do this. As an alternative to PAYG SIM’s, an unlimited UK / EU cross-network SIM Card providing limitless tracking for 12 months is also an option (subject to fair usage policy) . The unlimited UK/EU SIM is similar to a contract SIM in that there is no need to check credit levels or top anything up. Roaming in the UK across EE, Vodafone and O2, plus across EU networks, the asset tracker will rarely been unable to send out live locations to the tracking platform.

A Leading Asset Tracker – No Tracking Credit Top-ups Needed

Many asset trackers and tracking devices in general have ongoing running costs, in the form of tracking credits, in addition to adding credit to the SIM card. This normally means that a regular payments have to be made to keep credits topped up in order to ensure that the location information from the tracking device is accessible on the tracking panel to which it is linked. This can prove very costly over time; but things are different with this clever asset tracker.

The GPS Defender has an annual subscription fee for use of the FutureTrack panel, however no additional tracking credits are required and the first 12 months panel fee is included in the purchase price. This means that only the SIM card credit needs to be considered if using a Prepay SIM and if using a UK unlimited SIM, there are no hidden extras or pitfalls to consider whatsoever. Find info on our FutureTrack subscription renewal by following the link.

Comprehensive Tracking Console Uses Google Maps

The GPS Defender people tracker operates on Spy Equipment UK’s web-based tracking console called FutureTrack. FutureTrack is a password protected, web based tracking console with comprehensive facilities and includes screen auto-refresh, geo-fencing and email movement alerts. The mapping is sophisticated utilising Google Maps including Google Street view.

FutureTrack is also available to view on any Internet-enabled mobile phone or tablet providing real-time monitoring on the move and other features. For a preview of the features available with the tracking console please click on this FutureTrack link and enter the below demo account details.

  • Username: spydemo
  • Password: spydemo

Contact us if you would like to learn more about this asset tracking system.

  • A neat and compact asset tracker ideal for tracking both assets and people / VIP’s
  • Real time tracking with 15 second live updates (or longer between if required)
  • Easy to carry in the pocket, around the neck or to conceal in a bag, case or prized asset/li>
  • Fully rechargeable 1150mAh lithium ion battery – Operational: -20°C ~ +60°C
  • Battery Consumption – up to 4 days life or standby Time up to 1 month (2 to 3 hours movement per day)
  • Latest SiRF Star IV (50 channel) GPS chipset technology with in-built high gain antenna
  • On-Board Memory will store any lost location data even when the GPRS coverage is low
  • This very clever people tracker has an in-Built Motion Sensor will automatically power down to conserve battery power when not in operation for 5 minutes
  • Geo-Fencing will alert you via email the moment the unit enters or leaves any user defined area
  • Live monitoring and storage of 12 months of historic data on your tracking account
  • Accurate asset tracking visible usually to within a matter of 5 meters at street level
  • Quad Band modem for GSM/ GPS/ GPRS total worldwide operation (850/900/1800/1900 MHz )
  • Asset tracking unit dimensions: 65mm x 42mm x 18mm(D) – Only 54 grammes
  • With PAYG SIM option GBP 10.00 of credit is included in the purchase price – Optional managed SIM with single up-front annual payment (see package menu)

What if I placed this people tracker inside a container or inside a car?

If the container is plastic, glass or cardboard, then there should be no issue, but if the container was made of thick wood or metal then this would almost certainly render the GPS system unusable. Inside a car the tracker has been found to work, although it will be less effective than in the open due to reduced GPS transmission capability.

What if a person carrying the asset tracker went inside a building?

Ordinarily, if the person was close to external windows, then the GPS location information should still be obtained, however the deeper into a building the person moves, the more chance there will be of total signal loss.

How accurate is the GPS Defender asset and people tracker?

This will depend on a number of factors including what type of area the tracker is in at the time that it sends out locations. If there are tall buildings then GPS reflection off these buildings can reduce accuracy a little. However, generally the devices are accurate to within about 5 metres.

If I want to know when the tracker enters or exits a certain area, then is there a way that I can be alerted?

Yes. This is generally known as a Geo-Fence alert. You can be alerted by email which of course can be received by your smartphone.

Can I set the size of the alert area myself?

Yes, this is a simple process that can be set through the tracking panel to which you will have a secure password protected login.

How can I watch the movements of my tracking device?

You are provided with a secure login to our feature-rich web-based tracking console. This can be accessed from any Internet connected computer or mobile device such as a Smartphone. Dedicated Android and iPhone apps are available.

Can anybody else access the login to my tracking device?

Other than one of the Spy Equipment UK team, who may need access for support and administration purposes, nobody else will be able to access your tracker login unless you supply the login User ID and password to them.

If I wanted more than one person to have access to monitor my tracker, how many could log on at any one time?


Consider the Following When Using This Asset Tracking System:

  • Each people tracker requires an annual licence fee to be paid. This fee has to be paid upon purchase and if you wish to continue using the service after the 12 month period then £70.00 + VAT (£84.00) will be payable.
  • If you select the Unlimited UK / EU SIM card option then this provides unlimited cross network tracking service across the UK and EU area for a 12 month period (subject to fair usage policy). If you intend to use the tracking service outside UK and EU borders, then the Managed SIM fee WILL NOT cover this eventuality and you must contact Spy Equipment UK to discuss arrangements for this.
  • GPS Trackers including this advanced and neat asset tracker cannot operate when enclosed within certain materials such as metal and heavy wood. GPS signals can also be blocked by the human body if the tracker is placed in such a way, such as under a seat of a vehicle.