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GPS Defender – On Demand Tracker

Product Code GPS6

A compact versatile tracking unit that is ideal for short to medium term people and asset tracking. Controlled directly from your Smartphone with no tracking platform subscriptions required.

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The GPS Defender (On Demand Tracker) is designed for people and asset tracking. It is a portable and compact device that can be carried in the pocket, hidden in a bag, case, or luxury goods or even attached to expensive equipment for extra peace of mind.

Control Directly From Smartphone

This GPS tracker is designed and set up to be used to talk directly to your Smartphone by SMS. There are a number of ways that the tracking system can be used. Most customers purchase this unit because they do not have to log onto a tracking panel and can simply call the number of the SIM card that they put in the unit and receive an SMS location back. The SMS received contains a real-time link to a map that will, when clicked on, automatically display on the screen of the Smartphone.

Receive Locations as Link in SMS

Other programmable functionality includes the ability to request the unit to send out regular locations to your Smartphone and the ability to request a location be automatically sent from the GPS tracker unit to your Smartphone when the device moves. It should be noted that each and every SMS location received will be at the standard cost for the network provider of the SIM that has been put into the GPS Defender unit. Some network providers will offer deals with large amounts of SMS messages included for a reasonable price which would help keep operating costs down.

Efficient Design – Low Power Consumption

The GPS Defender uses the latest SiRF Star IV chipset, which has economic power usage, will ensure that users get the most from each battery charge. This fact ensures that the dimensions of the device are kept to a minimum. As a result the in-built 1150mAh battery can provide up to 4 days power for the unit, all dependant upon how often the device is called upon to send its location. The more locations requested, the shorter deployment time will be.

Ideal Asset/Personal Short Term Tracker

The GPS Defender is excellent for short term asset tracking and as a personnel tracker for those who maybe vulnerable. The compact design ensures that it is easy to carry on the person or maybe secrete in a bag, a case or within a package of some description without attracting attention.

SIM Card and Credit Available to Purchase

The GPS Defender can be supplied, as an optional extra with an active Vodafone PAYG SIM card with £10.00 credit on for transmitting its positional data (see drop-down menu for this paid upgrade). Although the on-demand GPS Defender is not programmed for use with a dedicated tracking panel, if at some later stage it was decided that responding to a tracking panel would be more favourable, then at an extra cost, the unit could be set up to do this (For functionality in regards to this upgrade see GPS Defender Asset/VIP Tracker).

  • Neat and compact design ideal for tracking both assets and people / VIP’s
  • Easy to carry in the pocket, around the neck or to conceal in a bag, case or prized asset
  • Fully rechargeable 1150mAh lithium ion battery – Operational: -20°C ~ +60°C
  • Battery Consumption – up to 7 days life dependant upon how often a GPS location is demanded from the unit
  • Latest SiRF Star IV (50 channel) GPS chipset technology with in-built high gain antenna
  • In-Built Motion Sensor will automatically power down certain systems to conserve battery power when not moving for 5 minutes
  • Control directly from your Smartphone – call the SIM in the unit and receive back a location map link by SMS
  • Send SMS command to unit to set up automated regular locations to be sent to your smartphone
  • Set to send a location to your Smartphone by SMS when the device starts to move again after going into sleep mode
  • Accurate Tracking visible usually to within a matter of 5 meters at street level
  • Quad Band modem for GSM/ GPS/ GPRS total worldwide operation (850/900/1800/1900 MHz )
  • Unit can be programmed how to send a low battery alert by SMS to your Smartphone when battery life has reduced to 20% level
  • Tracking unit dimensions: 65mm x 42mm x 18mm(D) – Only 54 grammes
  • Option to add device onto our dedication web-based tracking panel at some later stage (Annual tracking panel subscription required – see GPS Defender Asset / VIP tracker for full specs.)

What if I placed this tracker inside a container or inside a car?

If the container is plastic, glass or cardboard, then there should be no issue, but if the container was made of thick wood or metal then this would almost certainly render the GPS system unusable. Inside a car the tracker has been found to work, although it will be less effective than in the open due to reduced GPS transmission capability.

What if a person carrying the tracker went inside a building?

Ordinarily, if the person was close to external windows, then the GPS location information should still be obtained, however the deeper into a building the person moves, the more chance there will be of total signal loss.

How accurate is the GPS Defender tracker?

This will depend on a number of factors including what type of area the tracker is in at the time that it sends out locations. If there are tall buildings then GPS reflection off these buildings can reduce accuracy a little. However, generally the devices are accurate to within about 5 metres.

If I want to know when the tracker enters or exits a certain area, then is there a way that I can be alerted?

There is no way to set up this system directly from your Smartphone, but the device can be configured to send an SMS when the device starts to move after it has been stationary for a while.

Can anybody else access my tracking device if they knew the number of the SIM inside the unit?

The device can be programmed for restricting access, but if this has not been done, then they could request locations.

How do I work out how long the battery will last?

The battery after a full charge will last up to 7 days, however the more location demands that you make, the shorter the battery will last because the GPS will demand more power and the GSM unit will work harder. If you only ask for maybe 2 or 3 locations a day then this would probably reduce the overall deployment time to around 6 days.

Is it only possible to track in the UK?

No, the tracker will work worldwide, but it is often desirable if regularly tracking in a country other than the UK, to use a SIM card relevant to that country to keep operating costs down.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • GPS Trackers cannot operate when enclosed within certain materials such as metal and heavy wood. GPS signals can also be blocked by the human body if the tracker is placed in such a way, such as under a seat of a vehicle.
  • You will need an active SIM card with credit on inside the unit to be able to respond to location requests. A contact SIM or PAYG card can be used if required. We are able to supply a Vodafone SIM with £10.00 credit if needed, selectable from the drop-down menu on this product at time of purchase.
  • You will require what is classified as a Smartphone to control the tracker and see map locations. The tracker will send back locational map links to your phone and the phone will have to have the capability of going on the Internet to be able to open up the Google Map for the location on the screen of the phone.