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Spy Phones

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Probably one of the most common requests in the surveillance equipment world is to be able to find out what somebody is doing on their mobile phone.

Spy Mobile Phone Recording and Tracking

Until about 8 years ago, being able to get access to this type of technology was limited to MI5 and the Police who sought the assistance of the network providers. Obviously, it isn’t all about serious criminal offences that justify such lengths. Sometimes an employee may want to know what his employees are up to. Are they ‘on the take’ or selling company secrets? The way many solve these problems is through mobile phone monitoring and the only serious way to achieve this is using spy mobile phone software or providing an employee with a Spy Phone with the software pre-installed

There are many different types of spy mobile phones available, but what they all have in common is finding out what is going on when you’re not around. We offer a wide range of these products allowing you to choose the model that best suits your requirements and budget

Spy Equipment UK is able to offer a decent range of fully working modern Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry handsets with the spy mobile phone software pre-installed, giving text forwarding capability as well as being able to dial into the phone and listen to what is happening on the phone. All functions of the Spy Phones are controlled from what is known as your Pre-Defined Number meaning only you can access the secret functions of these spy gadgets

Other spy mobile phone units are classified as dead phones in that they cannot be used as working handsets as such but instead give the impression that they are switched off or ‘dead’. Call into this type of spy phone and the phone will auto answer opening up the sensitive microphone and enabling you to listen into a large surrounding area. Whatever your requirements, our spy shop will have one to fit your needs and budget.