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WiFi Listening Bug and Recorder

Product Code W4BR

Made by Spy Equipment UK – A new, innovative combined listening device and auto recording solution packaged into a discreet, compact ‘black box’. This listening bug is a long term battery powered solution that utilises WiFi connectivity for remote monitoring, downloading and control via a smartphone App.

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Requested time and time again by our customers, our all-new WiFi Listening Bug and Recorder combines a high-quality listening device and voice-activated recorder, whilst also using WiFi connectivity for live streaming, downloading and increased control.

Compact, Simple and Powerful Listening Bug

Within our extensive range of recording devices, we have several compact ‘black box’ listening bugs that have proven to be hugely popular amongst previous customers, for example our GSM Enduro Live Listening Device and the GSM Black Box Listening Bug.

Here we have produced a new type of combined solution in the same neat enclosure, but providing both the ability to remotely listen from afar and/or the ability to automatically or on demand make high quality sound recordings of the environment in which the WiFi Listening Bug and Recorder has been placed. Deployment couldn’t be easier; with one push of the switch, the device is switched on and ready to record. Due to its size, the listening bug can be discreetly hidden from view in a small space or perhaps attached to the underside of a table, cabinet or similar using the strong magnets that are attached (select option at checkout).

Smartphone Control – No Connection Charges

Many other listening and recording devices will use mobile (cell) networks and require a SIM card to achieve remote listening/monitoring, which typically entails ongoing costs to ensure that it stays active and maintains a reliable connection. This listening bug with an integrated voice recorder, on the other hand, uses locally available WiFi connection for its ‘live stream’ remote control and monitoring. This is partly why it has already become one of our top hidden audio recorders.

Using an existing WiFi connection has many advantages, namely its global connection capabilities and no additional running costs. Moreover, the system can be easily controlled using a smartphone app, which is free to download, meaning the device can be managed whilst on-the-go. This app can be found within the Android Play Store and Apple App Store. So, providing you have access to a reliable, wireless internet connection, you’ll be able to capture valuable recordings from almost anywhere!

Voice Activated Recording – Alert Notifications

This advanced listening bug can be set to record constantly or in response to sound (voice activation) for 1, 5, 10 or 30 minutes per activation. This means that when sound is detected in the vicinity above a certain level, recording will commence and continue for the pre-programmed set period.
Additionally, when sound is detected an alert notification will be sent to your phone, which provides the opportunity to listen to what is being said in real-time. This alert can be switched off in the app, should you wish to. You will also have the option to download the recordings that were made remotely to your phone, using wireless connection. The aforementioned app is also capable of:

  • Control activation sensitivity and format
  • Switch notifications on and off
  • Delete recordings from the listening device’s memory
  • A cloud storage facility is also available as a cost option

Superb Audio – Excellent Battery Life

At Spy Equipment UK, sound quality is always one of our primary concerns when designing a product. Despite our Listening Bug & Recorder having a greater number of more advanced features, the device certainly does not compromise on quality. The listening device provides an exceptionally high quality, crisp audio recording, alongside ‘live stream’ listening. What’s more, it has an excellent microphone pickup radius which can reach up to eight metres in a quieter environment.

Some of the audio recorders other features, include:

  • An inbuilt 32GB memory capacity providing over 20 days of onboard storage
  • Overwrite capabilities, meaning the oldest files will be overwritten when the storage is full
  • Remote formatting of the memory
  • Large internal rechargeable lithium battery with up to 40 days standby time
  • Straight record time of up to 14 hours
  • Can be permanently connected to the mains or a USB source with the connection cable provided for longer term deployment
  • Full battery recharge takes approximately 3.5 hours

When it comes to the WiFi listening bug’s power saving modes, mode A will allow the user to listen in at any time, receive alerts and auto voice record when sound is detected. This mode has a maximum battery life of 28 days, based on two to three activations per day. Power saving mode B is slightly more restricted, as it only allows live listening within a minute of a sound alert notification, but will give up to 40 hours standby/use based on two to three activations per day

Versatile Room Recorder

Versatility is the byword here, the WiFi Listening Bug and Recorder is a product that provides the ability to both record and listen as opposed to having two separate products. Of course, there is a need to have the device located in an environment where there is connectable WiFi, for example at home, in the office, a warehouse or in a shop. Providing you are deploying the listening device for a lawful purpose, the situations that would suit using a voice recording device are limitless.

If you’d like to learn more about this impressive WiFi listening bug, or any of our other listening devices, contact our team of experts today.

  • Compact WiFi connected remote listening and recording device in a black box enclosure
  • Listen to live audio anytime via free smartphone app – iPhone and Android
  • Uses local WiFi connection – No SIM card and connection costs
  • Swift pairing with WiFi connection through app – straightforward compatibility
  • Voice activated recording automatically for set periods of 1, 5, 10 or 30 mintue periods or straight record
  • Push alarm notifications of audio event – recordings stored on internal 32GB memory (20 plus days recording storage)
  • Loop recording: Oldest recorded files overwritten when memory storage is filled to capacity
  • Control and change recording modes and device setup through the smartphone app
  • Continuous record mode allows listening in and time of up to 14 hours of straight recording
  • Power saving mode A: up to 28 days battery life based on 2 to 3 activations per day
  • Power saving mode B: up to 40 days battery life based on 2 to 3 activations per day
  • Microphone audio pick up range of approximately 8 metres radius
  • Internal 1200mAh lithium battery – 3.5 hours charge time
  • Dimensions: 66 mm (73 mm including switch) x 30 x 19 mm (24 mm with magnets option)
  • Supplied with USB charge cable – mains adapter – comprehensive instructions

Is this WiFi audio bug silent and discreet in operation?

Yes, the product is digital so there are no moving parts and being a specialist surveillance device, there are no sound alerts that would alert attention in any way.

Are there any lights that would indicate that the recording device is recording?

The device has a discreet blue LED that shows briefly when it has been switched on, to indicate when it is switched off and also when switched into settings mode.

Do the recordings have a time and date reference?

Yes, as you would expect, this new listening and recording device unit has the ability to reference each recorded file with a time and date, so you will know when something has occurred.

How well will the device still pickup sound if it is hidden away from view?

If just hidden from view then in a quiet room 8 metres listening radius should be easily possible, but if placed in a drawer or maybe a bag, the coverage would be reduced dependant upon how heavily buried away it is.

Can this device be powered from a permanent Mains supply?

Yes, via the supplied USB charge lead the device can be connected to a Mains outlet and alternatively an external battery pack to extend deployment time where no Mains supply is available or usable.

  • You will need to have access to a smartphone (Android or iPhone) to be able to use/control this product
  • The product is controlled via an app that will need to be downloaded and installed onto your smartphone
  • The WiFi Listening and Recording Bug needs an accessible WiFi connection to work in the environment in which it is deployed
  • Some basic technical understanding of connecting to a WiFi network is needed