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Car Trackers

TICK Car Asset GPS TrackerTICK Car Asset GPS Tracker

TICK Car Asset GPS Tracker

£294.00 Inc VAT£245.00 Ex VAT
GPS Enforcer Vehicle TrackerGPS Enforcer Vehicle Tracker

GPS Enforcer Vehicle Tracker

£162.00 Inc VAT£135.00 Ex VAT
GPS Patrol (Hard-Wired Tracker)GPS Patrol (Hard-Wired Tracker)

GPS Patrol (Hard-Wired Tracker)

£288.00 Inc VAT£240.00 Ex VAT
Micro TrackerMicro Tracker

Micro Tracker

£188.40 Inc VAT£157.00 Ex VAT
Magnetic Car Asset TrackerMagnetic Car Asset Tracker

Magnetic Car Asset Tracker

£254.40 Inc VAT£212.00 Ex VAT
Magnetic Asset Tracker CradleMagnetic Asset Tracker Cradle

Magnetic Asset Tracker Cradle

£30.00 Inc VAT£25.00 Ex VAT
GPS Evolution Vehicle TrackerGPS Evolution Vehicle Tracker

GPS Evolution Vehicle Tracker

£366.00 Inc VAT£305.00 Ex VAT

When car tracking is mentioned people normally think of fleet vehicle tracking devices used to monitor the movements of taxis, vans, trucks, and local authority vehicles.

These days, vehicle and car trackers are used for both domestic and commercial assets. With the rise in luxury cars and general vehicle values increasing year on year, more individuals are investing in covert vehicle security systems to track and trace if ever needed.

Increasingly they are being adopted by individuals for car insurance purposes and to ensure vehicle security for high-value cars. Tracking systems provide real-time monitoring, theft prevention, and detailed vehicle usage data, making them indispensable tools for a wide range of users, from individual car owners to the more traditional large-scale fleet operators.

Real Time Car Security Tracking

Spy Equipment UK has a wide range of tracking system products available to suit the requirements of the purchaser. All of our devices ensure real time vehicle tracking capabilities so you can track the exact location of your vehicle(s). Real time tracking allows for comprehensive information to be sent to your smartphone/device – this is especially helpful for those in contact with the police or emergency services if required.

Is It Worth Putting A Tracker To My Car?

With the value of vehicles, especially high-end, luxury cars, still on the increase, it is worth those who have high value assets to invest in a car tracker. Furthermore, if you’re a tradesman or have a fleet of vehicles which carry tools from A to B, then you have all the more reason to secure an appropriate real time car tracker to your vehicles.

Our tracking devices are also used for domestic purposes, to resolve relationship issues using discretion. Whatever the need for a car tracker, the latest trackers offered by Spy Equipment UK are sure to provide the perfect solution.

GPS Tracking Systems For All Vehicles

bespoke tracking devices

These days vehicle tracking systems are compact, with sophisticated power saving technology, to ensure that they are up to the expectations of today’s discerning purchaser.

Real time tracking systems are commonly purchased from Spy Equipment UK to track company employees who are not working diligently, or who are committing criminal offences either against the company or using the company assets for personal gain. It is worth putting a tracker to your car if you think your company vehicles are being used outside of agreed mileage or company terms and conditions.

The best tracking device for a vehicle will depend on your budget and how you wish for the tracker to be used. If you’re looking for a more covert piece of tracking software, our Micro Tracker is a more suitable solution. On the other hand, we have our GPS Evolution Vehicle Tracker which is often chosen by professional investigators and is perfect for long term vehicle tracking requirements.

How Much Does Vehicle Tracking Cost?

The cost of a vehicle tracking device depends on a number of factors. A couple of these being; the level of security you are after, the assembly of the tracker on the vehicle, and also the size of the actual tracking device itself.

At Spy Equipment UK, our prices start from £135 + VAT for our popular GPS Enforcer Vehicle Tracker, to top our top end tracker, the GPS Evolution.

To ensure you purhase the correct product for your tracking requirements, it is worth getting in touch with us and we can advise on the correct tracker for your circumstances.

Can You Detect A Tracker On Your Car?

As mentioned, many covert car trackers are a lot more discreet nowadays, than the bulkier version 10 + years ago. Despite the decrease in product size, bug detectors can be used to find vehicle tracking systems. However, some trackers only transmit signal when the vehicle is in motion, so bug detectors may not be sufficient in locating GPS tracking devices.

If you’re worried about someone detecting your new vehicle tracker, speak to one of our knowledgable and professional team members who will be able to advise on the best tracking solution for you.

Contact us if you require any assistance in your search for the right vehicle security device for your situation. Our team is here to provide unrivalled and timely UK support whilst keeping advice confidential.