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TICK Car Asset GPS Tracker

Product Code T1CK

Introducing our TICK car and asset GPS Tracker, a highly versatile and compact magnetic tracking device, part of our extensive range of asset trackers. It is integrated with a comprehensive tracking platform app that you can access from your Smartphone. Sealed and tamper-proof, easy to operate and ready to use out of the box, with no hidden cost extras.

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The TICK car asset tracking device is a professional and feature-rich GPS tracker designed for discreet tracking of vehicles and assets. With its compact and waterproof design, along with a sophisticated operating set-up and various operational modes, it stands out as a leading product that solves a whole plethora of tracking scenarios.

What To Expect From The Tick Car Asset GPS Tracker?

If you were able to write a list of requirements for a modern car/asset self-contained tracking device then the TICK car asset tracker will definitely tick every box. This GPS tracking device comes with several benefits, such as:

  • Solidly Built Quality Asset Tracker
  • Compact and solidly built design
  • Completely sealed and waterproof (IP67 rated)
  • Inbuilt strong magnetic sole plate for easy attachment
  • Excellent battery life management and wireless charging as standard
  • High-quality inbuilt GPS and GSM antennas
  • Anti-tamper function for added security
  • Comprehensive and intuitive tracking platform accessible from your iPhone, Android handset, or tablet
  • Excellent reliability
  • Seven different configurable and switchable operating modes to suit various tracking requirements

What Are The GPS Car Asset Trackers Different Modes?

This advanced GPS tracker has a variety of mode options, which make it an excellent device for numerous situations. We outline the details of each mode below.

Standard Car Asset Tracking Mode

The device gets triggered and switches on GPS at the instant when motion or vibrations are detected. Positions are logged in at fixed intervals of 10 seconds and sent to the tracker platform app once every minute. Information of movement or changes in mounting status is sent immediately. After movement has finished the tracker goes to sleep and GPS switches off, but still wakes up at regular periods of 4 hours until the device is again awoken by a detected movement. Maximum standby of 260 days (GPS idle – No motion). Maximum of 11 days battery life for 4 hours motion per day.

Pursuit Mode – Asset / Vehicle Recovery Scenario

When might you need a tracking device? The TICK Car Asset Tracker and similar products are particularly useful for business owners who want to keep tabs on company vehicles or recover one that has been stolen. The ‘Pursuit’ mode has been specifically designed for those needing detailed and up to date locations to locate a vehicle. Car trackers are also fantastic devices for individuals seeking peace of mind, knowing where their car is at all times.

The tracker’s GPS position is sent non-stop every 5 seconds whether it is stationary or in motion. Setting this mode other than for a pursuit scenario does significantly shorten the tracker’s battery life. Battery expectation in this mode is between 8 and 30 hours (dependent upon availability of GSM signal).

Guarding Power Saver Mode For Static Assets

The power saver mode is a preferred option for the monitoring of assets that would normally be static for extended periods of time, such as wintered caravans, trailers or infrequently used plant machinery. In this mode, the GPS position reading remains inactive and is only activated when the tracker detects vibrations or movement.
When movement is detected, the tracker logs into the GSM network, and a notification is promptly sent to the tracking platform within 90 seconds. At this point, the TICK car asset tracker becomes ready to receive messages and can switch to a different function, such as pursuit mode. The battery expectation in this mode is 260 days should there be no triggered movement scenario.

Guarding Fast Response For Moveable Assets

This mode is the preferred option for monitoring of assets that are easily movable, so require faster notification times in order to respond. GPS position reading is not active and is only triggered when the tracker detects vibrations or is removed from the asset. The tracker is continuously logged into the GSM network and if it detects movement a notification is sent within 10 seconds. At this point the TICK car asset tracker will be immediately ready to receive messages for switch to a different function such as Pursuit mode. The battery expectation in this mode is up to 20 days (no triggered notifications).

Sleeper Asset Tracker Mode

This mode can be used when transporting the TICK Tracker to a deployment location, where you do not want the route logged, but need the device to be ready for a command once deployed. In addition this mode could be used for a ‘sleeper’ situation where the tracker is already deployed, but uses less battery power awaiting an alternative mode instruction. In this setting the tracker does not monitor locations, seize (removal) detection or accelerometer readings, but has the GSM module on and ready to immediately accept a signal for switching into a different mode (ABM, Pursuit, Asleep, Periodic wake up). The battery expectation in this mode is up to 32 days (no triggered notifications).

Periodic Wake Up – Long Haul Mode

Ideal for tracking of containers, Lorry Wagons (Trailer) or other long-haul GPS tracking scenario significantly extended operating time is desirable, but periodic locations are required to regularly monitor progress and has the following features:
The asset tracker wakes up at preset intervals to log location and send information.
Adjustable wake-up time period to meet specific requirements.
Time period wake up of every 60 minutes provides up to 58 days endurance, 24 hour wake up setting gives up to 340 days

Super Endurance Mode

Again a mode that can be used for tracking of long-haul assets, such as containers or similar where optimal battery saving is most beneficial. When in this setting the tracker does not monitor locations, seize detection of the device or the accelerometer, but is able after a preset interval to accept signals for switching to a different mode such as ABM, Pursuit, etc. Examples are: Time period wake up of every 30 minutes provides up to 77 days endurance, 24 hour wake up setting gives up to 355 days. The wake up time period setting can be adjusted for the specific needs of the situation.

Powerful & Versatile Asset Tracking Device For Many Applications

Seven different operational modes, personalisation of setup and ability to remotely switch between these provides the user with an extremely adaptable tracking solution to suit so many monitoring scenarios. Our versatile asset tracker device finds applications in various fields, including law enforcement, security agencies, private investigation, car rentals, and more.
Whether it’s monitoring road vehicles, watercraft, horseboxes, caravans, camper vans, motorcycles, plant equipment, or valuable movable assets, the TICK car asset tracker excels. It can also be used to monitor leisure activities for safety or to assist keeping a check on rally or race types of event.

Asset tracking is important for businesses, and the TICK car asset tracker is a reliable solution for enhanced security and asset management. If you’re not sure which asset tracker to choose for your business, get in touch with our spy gadget experts today. Alongside the TICK car asset tracker, we also offer a wide variety of tracking devices, such as the magnetic car asset tracker, micro tracker and GPS enforcer vehicle tracker, so make sure you explore these too.
safety or to assist keeping a check on rally or race types of event.

  • Compact and tamper-proof professional grade car and asset tracking device with versatile comprehensive capabilities linked to superb tracking platform app. Easy to understand and use
  • Live GPS tracking positional data can be set to various intervals: 5 sec, 10 sec, 30 min, 60 min, 2 hours 12 hours, 24 hours or when requested(dependant on mode setting)
  • Sensitive internal GPS and GSM Antennas – Internal temperature sensor
  • Completely waterproof/weatherproof sealed casing (IP67 rated) – ideal for deployment in harsher exposed conditions – ideal for boat deployment or under vehicle attachment
  • No on/off button/switch, no charge port, inbuilt soldered ChipSIM card and no LED lights – tamperproof sealed unit
  • Internal fully rechargeable 2000 mAH Lithium battery – Reliable movement detection system – triggered by inbuilt 3-Axis accelerometer assist battery saving
  • Efficient battery consumption dependant on mode setting (7 modes) – 12 days power expectation (2.5 hours movement per day)- up to 12 months standby (1 location per day)
  • Internal Qi standard, max. 5 W, WPC1.1 wireless charging – Wireless charger plate supplied – battery life indicator and critical battery power level alerts
  • Very strong magnetic holding power (internal magnetic plate) for secure attachment beneath a vehicle or attached to other asset – Detects when removed from conductive surface (alert sent)
  • – Quad-band GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz, 2G, GPRS (2 W @ 850 / 900 MHz, 1 W @ 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • Geo-Fencing allows setting of an area of interest on the map – triggered alerts to the app when TICK tracker enters or leaves the user defined area
  • Accurate GPS tracking positional accuracy even when placed under a vehicle – usually to within a matter of 5 meters (optimal conditions)
  • 7 versatile modes – Activated by Motion, Pursuit, Periodic Wake Up, Guarding Fast Response, Guarding Power Save, Standby or Power Off
  • View live, view route journey history visually or start/stop and speed reports on the tracking App – View multiple tracking devices on one screen or home in on one device at any given time – View device from multiple logged in Smartphones
  • Clear and intuitive tracking app layout and functionality – Secure login tracking app from any Internet-connected smartphone or tablet (with password access) – Free downloadable app for Android or iPhone devices
  • No tracking credits system – Purchase price includes fixed annual tracking platform fee and pre-installed 12 months unlimited tracking cross network roaming EU area SIM use
  • Worldwide SIM upgrade available at special request – subject to prior agreement and prepaid additional cost
  • After 12 months for continued use of tracking system/SIM a further annual subscription charge is required
  • Perfect for covert vehicle monitoring including plant and machinery, caravans, and boats- discreet asset tracking such as fixed/movable assets, container/pallet shipments and monitoring multiple vehicles for organised events or even VIP monitoring
  • Compact overall dimensions: size (L x W x H) – 86 x 51 x 30mm – unit weight 165 grammes – Operating temperature -20ºC to +55ºC

Does this GPS Tracking Device have to be in a position where it can receive direct GPS signal from orbiting GPS Satellites?

Modern GPS technology is such that the TICK Tracker can be hidden from sight underneath a vehicle or under a static/moveable asset and still get good GPS signal. This works best if the GPS unit is placed nearer the outer edge of the underneath.

If I were to conceal the TICK Tracker inside a vehicle or within a valuable load being shipped then would the tracking device still be able to work?

The GPS signals travel easily through glass and plastic and thin materials and packaging, but are blocked by wood, metals and also the human body, which effectively is a big bag of water, so careful placement selection will ensure functionality remains

How strong is the magnet attachment plate? Is there a chance that the tracker could become detached or dislodged?

The magnetic pull strength is more than ample to keep the very light TICK unit in place. Ensuring good contact during initial deployment is a key factor and also positioning away from strong heat sources and away from any area where it come into contact with something that may dislodge it.

I see that the device operates on 2G GSM. Does the TICK Tracker work in the USA?

Unfortunately all 2G networks have now been discontinued in the USA, however the TICK GPS Tracker will operate in most countries worldwide still as the majority of countries have a more extended phase out period for 2G, with the majority keeping 2G until 2030. The included SIM card does cover all European Union countries. Area coverage outside of this is at special request, subject to prior agreement and at extra cost (dependant on area for coverage).

What can I do if the car on which I wish to put the tracker has a complete plastic underbody?

It is quite rare for even a modern vehicle to have no magnetic materials used in construction. Quite often the front and rear crash bars that form the rigid structures for the front and rear bumpers are made of steel and there is often some exposed subframe material available to which the magnetic tracker can be attached

Is the TICK tracker device completely waterproof and dust proof?

Because the device casing is completely sealed with no external ports, switches and SIM ports, this device is really quite waterproof and is completely able to prevent ingress of dust type contaminants, with a given industry rating of IP67 This makes it ideal for use outdoors, under vehicles or fixed assets on boats or other water craft.

How accurate are the locations provided by the TICK tracker?

The manufacturer states that under optimal conditions the location should be accurate within 2.5 metres, however, it should be noted that this factors in perfect conditions for temperature, atmospheric conditions and device placement. When all these factors are not perfect, then a positional accuracy of around 5 metres should be really expected as an everyday benchmark.

What happens if someone finds the TICK Tracker and removes it. Will I know and can they switch the device off?

Because there are no external switches then it would not be possible for a stranger to easily turn the off the tracker as this can only be done through the software or when placed on a wireless charging pad. However, in addition, the TICK Tracker has a special alert feature that can be set to send a notification to make you immediately aware when the tracker has been removed/magnetically detached.

Consider The Following When Using The TICK Car Asset GPS Tracker:

  • There are no upfront additional costs for tracking platform use and no tracking credit system. All initial costs are included in the unit price, with only annual renewal fee to pay after the initial 12 month period should you wish to continue usage.
  • Each device is installed permanently with a cross network roaming soldered 2G ChipSIM card, which cannot be removed without the manufacturer forcing open the sealed casing
  • There is no need for SIM card credit top-ups and no need for a specific contract with the SIM provider.
  • The TICK Tracker currently only operates on the 2G GSM networks, which is relevant for the majority of global usage, however it should be noted that USA no longer supports 2G technology, so the TICK unit cannot be used there. The standard roaming SIM included only covers EU territories. Other country coverage can often be specified, but ONLY by prior special request and payment of additional upfront costs for that area coverage.