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GPS Patrol (Hard-Wired Tracker)

Product Code GPS5

This is a versatile hard-wired GPS Tracker for fleet vehicles, motorcycles, plant machinery, lorries, motor boats and outdoor equipment where power for the unit can be drawn from the vehicle/asset to which it is attached.

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The GPS Patrol really is the ideal tracking device for long-term or permanent tracking of vehicles or mobile assets. Ideal for fleet vehicles, motorcycles, plant machinery, lorries, motor boats and other outdoor equipment, the GPS Patrol is a versatile option in our trackers range.

Full Package Provided – No Hidden Costs Involved

Many tracking device providers have ongoing running costs in the form of tracking credits, in addition to adding credit to the SIM card. This normally means that regular payments have to be made to keep credits topped up in order to ensure that the location information from the tracking device is accessible on the tracking panel to which it is linked. This can prove very costly over time. The GPS Patrol tracker package gives you our latest ‘hard-wired’ device fitted with an active cross-network UK SIM card, including a data package together with your own password protected access to our sophisticated online tracking platform.

Through which you will be able to see your vehicle moving live in real time from your PC, iPad or Smartphone. This means that you will always get the best service between EE, Vodafone and O2 and have the benefit of (included) unlimited tracking across countries in the EU region. The SIM and platform subscription will need to be renewed annually to retain full use of the system, although the first 12 months are included with the purchase price.

Accurate GPS With LBS Tracking Backup System

The GPS Patrol car tracker can send location information updates every 15 seconds that it is on the move. Where GPS signal is available, the locations will be accurate within approximately a 5 metre radius. Where GPS signals are not available, such as in a covered area or maybe an underground car park, the system can still provide a more approximate location based on its known position in relation to mobile phone base stations in the vicinity (LBS tracking). This backup tracking facility is something that most providers are unable to offer and is something that we consider to be essential for high value vehicles, assets or where expensive cargo needs to be tracked.

Full Historic Tracking – Onboard Location Memory Backup

The Patrol has internal memory that can store GPS locations when there is no local phone signal and will subsequently upload this stored information when signal is regained, so you will never miss a move. It has an ‘ignition’ wire feed, which means that although switched on, it does not send out repeated static locations when the vehicle is parked. This also means that the tracker is primed and ready to send out location data as soon as the ignition is switched on. Full historic data is stored for up to 12 months and this can be played back or interrogated in many ways for later analysis, if required. You can even set up your own Geofence alerts to keep informed of activities as they progress.

Robust Hardware Suitable For Harsh Conditions

For private outdoor leisure pursuit or commercial business use, it is not always possible to have access to a regular power supply for recharging purposes, so the Patrol has an inbuilt 1000mAh backup battery, external power input loss alert and battery alerts for when this is running low. Harsh outdoor weather requires a special device that can operate reliably in rainy or snowy conditions. The device is IP67 rated, which means it is completely dust tight, rain proof and heatproof up to 85ºC. The device even has a digital temperature sensor if needed.

Check Out Our GPS Patrol Tracking Platform

To see examples of our tracking panel, please see Futuretrack.

  • Username: spydemo
  • Password: spydemo

Suitable For A Variety Of Circumstances

This vehicle tracker can take a wide power supply range from 6-36 volts, which allows it to be attached to all kinds of vehicles or equipment. There is even an option to set the device for movement sensing trigger rather than ‘ignition’ switch trigger, which may be more suitable in some circumstances. With all the above factors taken into consideration, the advanced design of the GPS Patrol system ensures that it is suitable for an amazing array of deployment applications.

  • Robust IP67 casing – Highly water and dust resistant and heatproof to 85ºC
  • Simple installation – 2/3 wire connection
  • Power input between 6 and 36 volts with power surge protection up to 65 volts
  • Back-up battery – Li-Ion 3.7V/1000mAh
  • Latest GPS and GSM modules with AGPS and cell location services
  • In-built GPS and GSM antennas – Compact and less complicated to install
  • Ignition switch or motion activated tracking activation
  • Realtime and historic tracking facility – Configurable real time/idle tracking settings
  • On-board memory storage – stores up to GPS locations for later delivery when there is no local phone signal coverage
  • GPS tracking accuracy is generally to within 5 metres
  • Cell tower LBS tracking providing a circled map area location when no FGPS available
  • Comprehensive tracking platform with Google Maps (with Google Street and Earth view)
  • Easy to use Web-based tracking platform – Monitor on Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone (no special software required)
  • Full playback, and history reporting in various formats
  • Configurable Geo-fence alerts by email when tracker enters/leaves are specific areas or roads
  • 12-month unlimited UK cross-network tracking included SIM as standard (Optional roaming EU SIM available)
  • 12 months unlimited use/access to the tracking platform is included with the purchase price
  • Both annual tracker platform fee and SIM renewal will be required after 12-months for continuation of tracking services
  • Compact size (L x W x H) – 100 x 70 x 32mm
  • Ideal for use in cars, vans, lorries, minibuses, caravans, trailers including horse trailers, heavy plant equipment or other transportable asset

How accurate is the GPS Patrol tracker?

This will depend on a number of factors including what type of area the tracker is in at the time that it sends out locations. If there are tall buildings then GPS reflection off these buildings can reduce accuracy a little. However, generally the devices are accurate to within about 5 metres.

IF there is no GPS coverage, will the vehicle tracker disappear off the map?

The GPS Patrol tracking system has Cell location tracking as a backup to GPS. This means that if the tracker loses GPS then as long as the unit can get a mobile phone signal then a circled area will indicate the approximate location based on its proximity to mobile phone mast base stations

If I want to know when the tracker enters or exits a certain area, then is there a way that I can be alerted?

Yes. This is generally known as a Geo-Fence alert. You can be alerted by email and you are able to set up many of these to your requirements.

Can I set the size of the alert area myself?

Yes, this is a simple process that can be set through the tracking panel to which you will have a secure password protected login. An area can be set in two different ways and even specific roads or parts of roads can be set for alerts if required.

Is there a charge for Geo-Fence alerts?

There is no charge for Geofence alerts because these are now all sent by email with no ongoing costs incurred

Does the GPS Patrol have a battery?

Yes, this unit has a 1000mAh battery that acts as a back up the power system of the vehicle into which it has been fitted. These devices will accept voltages between 6V and 36V and as such can be fitted to all manner of vehicles from motorcycles, cars and trucks through to plant equipment.

Is this something that I can fit myself?

Is is recommended that on modern vehicles attachment of additional electronic systems be conducted by a qualified auto electrician. We can make arrangements if required (as a cost option).

How can I watch the movements of my tracking device?

You are provided with a secure login to our feature-rich web-based tracking console.

Consider The Following When Using This Vehicle Tracker:

  • Each tracker requires an annual licence fee to be paid. This fee is included in the purchase price and if you wish to continue using the service after the 12 month period then £65.00 + VAT (£78.00) will be payable.
  • If you select the UK / EU Unlimited SIM card option then this provides unlimited tracking cross-network service in the UK  and EU for a 12 month period. If intending to use outside the EU then you must contact Spy Equipment UK to discuss arrangements.
  • The UK / EU SIM fee is included in the purchase price (where selected), but a renewal is payable after 12 months of issue unless you decide not to continue the service at this point.
  • If you decide not to continue the UK / EU Unlimited SIM service or pay your licence fee at the 12 month expiry period, but decide to resume at a later date, then you will have to contact Spy Equipment UK to make arrangements for this.
  • If you intend to use the tracking device permanently outside the UK then you will need to contact Spy equipment UK to make arrangements for an active international SIM to be fitted in the tracker. This allows for testing of the unit and for sealing the unit after testing prior to despatch.
  • If you are not a car electronics fitter then it is recommended that you employ the services of one to complete the tracker installation. Incorrectly fitted devices can not only fail to function correctly, but also may cause interference with the vehicle ECU signal set up.