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  • One of the areas that has become more important over the past few years is the need for recording of conversations on the phone.

    Record Mobile Phone Conversations

    Many potential customers wish to covertly or discretely record their phone calls both on the landline or the mobile wherever they are and this has meant that a simple portable spy gadget was needed.

    Mobile call recording can be a necessity to some of our customers. Some maybe receiving harassment and may feel the need to back up their phone conversations to enable the production of a detailed written entry later on. Some may wish to back up a verbal contract made over the phone. Mystery Shoppers do not always do video. Some make mystery shopping calls that need recording clearly and without distraction.

    Spy Equipment UK has over the past few years provided a number of different solutions, so of which are still relevant today. Recording of mobile phone calls using on-board recording apps generally provide an audible warning to the other party involved in the call, meaning that discreet call recording is not possible by this method. Recently additions to our range of mobile recording solutions are now compact, simple to use and more than a sole purpose solution. Mobile phone call recording has entered a new era.

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