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  • Micro Tracker

    The Micro Tracker is the latest addition to our range of GPS tracking devices. It is amazingly small and is perfectly suited for monitoring of vulnerable persons, packages, assets, bags and many other items.

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    The Micro Tracker truly compliments our range of GPS tracking devices adding a unit that is small enough to be used in ways our other larger products cannot.

    It is amazingly compact and can be hidden in many everyday things and is perfectly suited for tracking and monitoring of people, packages, assets, bags and many other items that would have previously been completely inconceivable!

    Worldwide Capability – Small and Powerful

    This maybe one of the smallest trackers available, but that doesn’t mean that it is lacking in capability in any way. At only 45 grammes the device is exceptionally light, but it features an omni-directional SiRF Star III GPS antenna and a Quad-Band GSM engine providing worldwide capability. The specialist battery saving electronics ensure that the unit is capable of a standby time of up to 120 hours. That’s actually about 5 days!

    Compact Tracking Device Controlled from Mobile Phone

    The Micro Tracker is controlled from your mobile phone, so there is no need for a server-based tracking platform with all the associated running costs. Instead this unit is directly commanded using SMS commands and phone calls, the result being real-time locations in the form of Google Maps on your mobile phone (requires data transfer network capability on your own Smartphone).

    Some Additional Functionality

    Extra features are available on this model. It is possible to set a movement detection function to either send an alert to you when the unit is moved or alternatively set the unit to start the auto-tracking feature. The unit can be remotely programmed by SMS message to automatically track at intervals as low as every 20 seconds or as much as every 15 minutes. Each tracked message provides remaining battery life, although the device can also be programmed to send a low battery alert if required.

    Rechargeable Battery with Spare

    The device case back cover is magnetic, which makes it adaptable to different circumstances and the product is supplied with an external charger and spare rechargeable battery for swift redeployment of the Micro Tracker. If you are looking for an incredibly compact asset / package / people tracking device, rich in features, yet simple to use and at a very affordable cost, the Micro Tracker has to be the perfect solution.

    • Simple to use – control using your mobile phone
    • Ideal for asset / package / person tracking, maybe vulnerable persons or the elderly
    • Incredibly small: 67 x 46 x 17mm – 45 grammes
    • GPS antenna: omni-direction helix type – SiRF Star III
    • Full Google location mapping including ‘Street View’
    • Quad-Band GSM engine – 850/900/1800/1900MHz meaning that it can be used in any country worldwide
    • Powered by an internal rechargeable Li-on battery
    • Long operational battery life – Up to 120 hours standby time
    • Battery recharge time: approximately 3 hours
    • Supplied with an external charger and spare battery making it perfect for swift redeployment
    • Magnetic case enabling deployment in a variety of situations
    • Request tracking information ‘on-demand’ to your mobile phone
    • Automatically track at set intervals as low as 20 seconds
    • Built in movement sensor giving tracking alerts when movement occurs or to start sending tracking locations at set intervals
    • Low battery alert setting, so that you won’t be caught out when recharging/replacement of battery is required.

    How accurate is the Micro Tracker?

    This will depend upon a number of factors including what type of area the tracker is located in at the time of the the location request. If there are tall buildings, because of GPS reflection off these buildings accuracy can vary. Generally the locations will be accurate within about 10 metres.

    How much does the tracker cost to run?

    This all depends upon how often you make a location request to the tracker. These devices send back locations by SMS, so these will charged at the standard rate for the network SIM that you have got inside the tracker. It maybe that it would be possible to sometimes get ‘free’ SMS packages.

    Do I have to use a contract SIM card or a pay as you go SIM

    Any standard size network SIM card will do as long as it is active and has credit on to send out locations.

    Could the Micro Tracker be used to track a car?

    The micro tracker is not waterproof, but has a magnetic case, so if placed under a vehicle waterproofing would be a consideration. It could be placed somewhere inside the car, but sometimes GPS devices inside vehicles have difficulty in maintaining a GPS satellite ‘lock’.

    Can I get this device on a tracking panel so that I do not have to use my mobile phone to monitor it?

    Unfortunately we are not able to get this unit to work with our web-based tracking panel service.

    You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

    • Your mobile phone handset must be able to access the Internet to be able to open the WAP link for google maps.
    • Frequency of use, battery condition, temperature, placement of the unit can all have effect upon actual battery life. As such it should be noted that remaining battery level displayed on received location requests should be the main guide to remaining battery life.
    • This unit is NOT supplied with a SIM card as standard, but is designed to accept any standard size SIM. Credit is required on the SIM in the unit to enable two-way communication, for it to respond to commands and send back GPS locations. 
    • You can select to receive te product with an active SIM card with £10.00 credit on if desired (see drop-down menu).
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