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    Phone Monitoring

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    All of our phone monitoring solutions in the same place. Click to see all of our items in this line...

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    Spy Mobile Phone Software

    View a wide range of spy mobile phone surveillance software solutions. Can be used on specified telephones for text monitoring,...

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    Landline Recorders

    Classic landline recorders to keep track of who your family or workers are calling, record offensive phone calls, and protect...

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    Phones Forensic Recovery

    Even if a phone has been wiped, there are still some secrets that the data recovery products at Spy Equipment...

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    Spy Phones

    Fantastic Selection of Spy Mobile Phones and Mobile Spy Phone Software Specifically for the Remote Monitoring of Mobile Phone Activity...

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    Spy phone accessories are useful for anyone who owns a spy phone and is looking to expand its capabilities. We...

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    Landline recorder accessories are perfect whether you need to replace parts on your existing landline recorder or want to improve...

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    Mobile Call Recording

    Mobile call recording is useful for a number of reasons; you might want to monitor who your family or loved...

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    In this category, we have a range of the latest phone monitoring devices and software available with a variety of features.

    Our Phone Monitoring Solutions

    A spy phone is based around everyday, commercially available mobile phones. To turn these mobile phones into spy phones, specialist spy phone software has to be written to interact with the existing pre-programmed manufacturer’s software. When activated, this software should not conflict in any way with the existing operating system.

    mobile phone monitoring

    Spy Phones have various features. At Spy Equipment UK, we have chosen certain features and have pre-installed them into some of the latest Nokia and Samsung handsets to make it much easier for the customer. We have chosen to install Spy Text and Spy Bug in our selected phones.

    Spy Text acts completely discreetly to forward all incoming and outgoing SMS messages to a pre-determined number and Spy Bug turns the Spy Phone into a listening device. By calling the Spy Phone from a pre-determined number, when the Spy Phone is not on a call, the microphone will open up and allow the caller to listen in to what is going on around the phone.

    Phone Bugging Devices

    Some of our spy phones act as ‘dead phones’. These give the impression that the phone is switched off or the battery is dead when in fact it isn’t. Placing these phones for room monitoring often gives rise to no suspicion. because the ‘dead phones’ do not have to be used in the normal manner, their microphone technology has been enhanced to give a much wider listening radius.

    Commonly, parents give them to their children as a safety. If a more sophisticated software package is required, then spy phone software packages can be created to install on a range of Nokia and Samsung phones. These are to be found in the Spy Phone Software section of the Spy Equipment UK website.

    Not all of our phone monitoring solutions relate to mobiles, however. We have a wide variety of landline based phone monitoring tools in our range, including our professional landline recorders, which we guarantee are totally discreet.