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Body Worn Spy Cameras

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What comes to mind when you think of body worn hidden cameras? A James Bond film? Or maybe the plethora of programmes that have, over recent years, been shown on mainstream television where an undercover reporter has endeavoured to gather evidence in relation to something of real public interest. Well, they’re certainly not out of reach at Spy Equipment UK…

Wearable spy cameras enable you to capture your adventures, gather evidence for personal circumstances and carry out professional surveillance in a lightweight and covert manner. Designed for mystery shoppers, private investigators and detectives, our professional range at Spy Equipment UK boasts a range of devices with built in cameras into everyday items.

Wearable Spy Cameras

The beauty of wearable spy cameras is that they hold their place in everyday life, thus carefully hidden to ensure that you carry out your task effectively. As an ideal and hands-free way to film and record; whether it’s a shirt button camera or hidden camera glasses – we integrate technology into everyday items to create the perfect body worn spy devices. Gone are the days where hidden cameras in buttons are your only option. Our team work to build and produce new and innovative wearable spy cam designs such as tie cameras, spy smart watches and pen cameras. With new developments, these hidden cameras are so small that they are rarely visible to the naked eye.

Covert Surveillance on the Go

Spy Equipment UK have assembled an array of the latest body worn spy camera products that suit many circumstances and tastes. Whether you’re a gadget geek or a private detective, please browse our range and if you require further information on our wearable hidden cameras, please enquire online today. You can also browse our regular spy cameras.