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Spy Camera Pen

Product Code PENC

This new spy camera pen with extremely discreet design and single button operation, can record very high definition video (with audio) and take 2K snapshot still images, automatically storing to the internal SD memory card for later playback and analysis. Clip into a shirt or jacket pocket to covertly other evidence on the go.

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A quality stylish working spy pen manufactured using quality materials in a satin black finish. Not only is the spy pen manufactured to an extremely high quality, but it also has outstanding compatibility, performance and functionality.

Ultimate Spy Camera Pen

The Spy Camera Pen can capture very high quality ‘real time’ video footage (with audio) through the wide-angled pinhole style camera. The extremely well hidden spy camera is located within the pen clip and is very discreet with a ‘no hole’ design, so even under close scrutiny it is almost impossible to spot. The pen can be used to write in the normal manner and spare refills are provided, but when obtaining video footage the pen is best used clipped into the top pocket of a shirt or jacket to capture events when worn on the person or when left behind at home or in the office, such as when a jacket is left hanging up or over a chair.

Very High Definition Video Capture

Providing an exceptional 2K UHD video resolution, this product captures colour video footage at a quality that is double that of most other products on the market. This ensures excellent image clarity, making identification of those recorded even easier. The microphone can easily pick up normal speech level conversation at a distance of at least 6 metres in a quiet environment, thereby helping to subsequently provide a full understanding of of the scenario that was recorded. The pen is ideal to capture important audio from situations such as meetings, interviews or where verbal abuse or slander maybe apparent.

Very High-Resolution Photographs

As well as video with audio, the Spy Camera Pen has the ability to take very high-resolution snapshot photographs discreetly. All captured imagery carries a time and date, which is ideal especially if you require recorded footage for evidential purposes – time and date can be set to your specific time zone very easily. Video footage can be played back on a computer (Windows or Mac) through any compatible media player or on a Smartphone with the correct ‘on-the-go connection cable. Footage is recorded and stored onto the internal/removable micro SD card. A 64 GB card is supplied, although the pen will accept up to 128 GB capacity, should this be required (see dropdown menu).

This particular body worn spy camera device is powered by an internal rechargeable lithium battery giving up to 95 minutes of continuous video recording, which is normally ample for the majority of meeting/one to one recording scenarios. The pen has a black sheen finish which help it to sty free of greasy fingerprints, but also gives it a classy look. Don’t confuse this product with any cheaper alternatives. The design, finish, functionality and most importantly the video footage produced are all of the highest quality, ensuring that this spy pen camera operates without compromise.

Interested in seeing more small spy cam solutions? Discover our article 5 of the Best Small Spy Cameras On the Market, which features this spy pen.

Where is the camera located within the device?

The camera is located in the clip of the pen, which means that the ideal camera view is obtained when the pen is clipped into a top pocket of a jacket or shirt. It has a no hole design, so is impossible to spot with the naked eye.

Is the video recorded good enough to be able to recognise faces?

Absolutely!Tt is very easy to identify people on the footage as long as there is enough light in the environment that the recording takes place. The video @K in quality and is extremely smooth and clarity is excellent.

What is the maximum amount of video I can record before I have to change the SD card?

The system will accept a micro SD card up to 128 GB (64 GB card supplied), which will provide enough memory for up to 6 hours of actual recorded video footage (with audio).

What advantage does this camera have over other pen camera systems?

The camera is invisible to the naked eye because of its design. The satin finish makes it look classy and isn’t prone to show fingerprints. The imagery definition is generally higher than rivals and the audio pick range is a little better too!

Can I play this back on my computer media player or on my phone?

This should be no problem, but if your media player does not have the correct codices for playback then it is very easy to download a FREE media player that will play all formats such as VLC Media Player. With the correct On The Go cable the files can also be played back on a Smartphone.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • You will need access to a computer with inbuilt speakers or a smartphone and relevant on the go USB lead to playback video recordings and/or to review captured still images.
  • Most modern computers have inbuilt media player to playback recorded file, albeit should playback be troublesome then we at Spy Equipment UK we use a free download of Mac or Windows called VLC Media Player.
  • The product uses a shortened ballpoint pen cartridge – five additional refills are provided and these are also available from many retail outlets.
  • The Spy Camera Pen is not sold with a USB mains plug a standard, however, most commonly available Smartphone USB mains chargers (not USB C) can be used for speedy recharge of the internal lithium battery.
  • Can take full colour video recording in 2K very high definition
  • Can capture full 4K (UHD) still images images
  • Camera hidden in pen clipped for natural forward facing imagery capture
  • Records audio with with the video at a radius of up to 6 metres
  • Stores all captured footage on internal micro SD card
  • Single Button press for all surveillance functionality
  • Discreet LED mode indications for functionality
  • Writes like any other standard biro pen
  • Video Format/encoding: MP4 H.264
  • Resolution/Frame rate: 4K (stills) 2K (video) @ 30 fps
  • Video Output Resolution: 2048 x 1152
  • Photograph Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Full Battery Life: 95 minutes
  • Battery Capacity: 440mAh Lithium ion Polymer
  • Charging Voltage: DC-5V
  • Interface Type: Micro USB
  • Storage Support: 16 to 512GB – FAT32 Format
  • Storage Options: 64 GB microSD included – 128 GB Optional
  • Lens Field of View: Diagonal 75; Horizontal 65; Vertical 45
  • Focal Length: 1 – 3 metres
  • Biro Pen Cartridges: 6 included
  • Computer Operating System: Windows and Mac OS
  • Pen Dimensions: Length (closed): 156 mm x Diameter (Barrel): 14.5 mm
  • Satin black working ballpoint pen with inbuilt camera system
  • Micro USB charge/offload cable
  • 5 additional ballpoint refills
  • 64GB micro SD (TF) card
  • Comprehensive easy to follow online instructions