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Coffee Cup Camera

Product Code CCC4

This product is designed to look like an everyday takeaway coffee or drinks cup, but discreetly concealed within the specially designed lid is a 1080p high definition camera system with P2P short range WiFi connectivity. Perfect for hidden camera surveillance on-the-go.

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Having an everyday object that could be carried into almost any room setting in order to capture discreet video and audio is certainly a challenge. The Coffee Cup Camera system easily meets the criteria because it is an innocuous item that can blend seamlessly into a modern room setting and can be used to obtain video footage when on-the-go. A perfect portable spy camera solution for almost any scenario.

Excellent Video & Audio Clarity

The Coffee Cup Camera is designed with the spy camera and recording system discreetly built in to the cup lid. The camera is located in the outer vertical edge of the cup lid, incorporated into a geometric pattern that is also replicated around the entire lid circumference. The high quality video recording system captures in full 1080p high definition and the accompanying audio is extremely crisp, with the microphone able to pick up sounds several metres away. The camera deals with changes in light effectively and the resulting video is certainly very smooth.

Coffee Cup Camera – One Touch Start

The design of this spy camera solution is very well thought out. There are no exposed switches or charging ports on view or anything else on the outside of the cup, which is really important so as not to arouse any suspicion. The video recording operation can be set in motion with a single touch operation, by pressing a certain place on the top of the lid. To confirm start up, the Cup Cam can be set to discreetly vibrate, so there are no flashing LEDs or anything else that would alert attention. Once recording, the cup can be held in the hand in a normal position or maybe placed on a table facing in the right direction to video the subject with absolute discretion. Recorded video has time and date stamp on the video footage, which is ideal for evidential purposes.

P2P WiFi – Watch & Set With A Smartphone

What makes this portable camera solution even more special is the fact that you can connect it via a free downloadable app to your smartphone. This not only makes it possible to operate the device and change settings through the app, but also allows start/stop and playback of recordings. In addition, being able to view live what the spy camera can see also makes it very easy to position the camera to the best effect, to capture the subject-matter.

Changeable MicroSD – Easy Playback

Twisting the cup lid shell anticlockwise and lifting this cover exposes the manual controls, the charge/offload port and the SD card slot. The supplied USB lead can be connected to charge the internal lithium battery or to connect to a computer for playback/offload recorded footage. After a full charge the Coffee Cup Camera can record video footage for up to 160 minutes. A 16 GB card is supplied, but the device will accept up to a 32 GB card, a cost option shown in the dropdown menu. Generally, files will play on a connected computer simply by using the standard installed media player but, if not, then we recommend a free downloadable player called VLC, that plays almost any media files.

Wide Angle View – Interchangeable Coffee Cup

Although the cup cannot record video in total darkness, dusky low light recording is achievable and with a 66º angled lens, the camera is able to achieve a reasonably wide field of view. The camera system is supplied with three standard size generic drinks cups, but any standard size drinks cup could be used with the camera cup lid. Although the cup can of course hold liquid, it is NOT recommended that hot liquid is used just in case the heat and condensation have an adverse effect on the camera system.

Perfect For Surveillance Professionals

This Coffee Cup Camera is ideal for law enforcement professionals, mystery shoppers and private investigators or any other person who needs a portable surveillance solution that is perfectly designed for face to face covert video recording. Ideal for meeting situations and an essential in the surveillance specialists tool kit.

  • Standard generic design ‘takeaway’ drinks/coffee cup with in-built covert spy camera and DVR
  • Camera purpose built into lid – interchangeable cup base (3 cup bottoms are supplied) – Fits all 90mm coffee/drinks cups
  • 66º wide angled camera discreetly included in the side profile of the cup lid providing correct aspect on a desk or table in its natural position
  • Easy to use and with fast start up – Instant one-button recording
  • Up to 195 minutes continuous recording time (720p mode with WiFi off) 180 minutes (1080p mode with WiFi off)
  • Very high quality video resolution – Switch between 1080p, 720p or 480@ 30 frames per second in MOV Format or take high grade stills in Jpg format
  • Camera image sensor -1/3” CMOS colour progressive sensor – Lens F2.0 4mm – 66º wide angled
  • Low light ability – 3.3 Lux @ F2.0 (Will NOT work in dark conditions)
  • Integrated high quality audio recording with AGC noise cancellation for crisp sound reproduction
  • Live view and set/control WiFi P2P up to 30 meters – Remotely view ‘live’ from short distance only
  • Accepts micro SD up to 32 GB (16 GB supplied) – For storage of recorded files in commonly used AVI (video) or JPG (photo) formats
  • A 16GB SD card will typically store up to 160 minutes of recorded video footage
  • Set time/date and format inserted SD card using smartphone app (free to download)
  • Dimensions of Coffee Cup Lid (not including cup/base): 93 x 93 x 20 mm
  • No special software or accessories needed for playback of recorded files – Apps for iPhone and Android devices available
  • Perfect solution for high quality video surveillance at home, or in the office

Can the Coffee Cup Camera be used with actual coffee in the cup?

The cup can be used to hold liquid, but we do not recommend filling with hot fluid because the camera system in the lid could be affected by the heat/condensation cause, so if you must put liquid in the cup, then it would best if this was cold

Has the operating system got the option of a motion detection facility?

No, this unit can only be activated manually for both taking video. For the type of use, it is not really an advantage to have motion detection anyway.

Can the Coffee Cup Cam just record audio with NO video?

No, these are specifically designed for video (with audio) only. If you want a pure audio recording device then please see our Recording Devices section.

How do I know if the subject that I am recording is in view?

The camera system uses P2P WiFi, so you can check the positioning of the camera view via a connected Smartphone (free App provided). Also although the camera lens used is only a pinhole, it has a 66 degree wide angle lens which means that by generally pointing the camera towards the subject should enable you to capture within the frame area.

Is the footage taken by the spy camera good enough to identify somebody?

Absolutely, the imagery is smooth and clear and easily good enough to identify somebody when they are reasonably near to the camera at the time the footage is obtained.

I have seen portable spy cameras before claiming to be HD. Is this for real or just upscaled lower quality imagery?

The video footage is not upscaled on this device and is full 1080p, High Definition. The way the system handles the light and movement means very high quality output.

Consider The Following When Using This Cam:

  • Dependant on how much you intend to use the Coffee Cup Camera during a period of surveillance, it may be best to have a USB battery charge pack available so that it can be charged on-the-go between uses
  • It maybe advisable to have more than one microSD card for versatility..
  • For playback of video / audio files on the computer you will need a media player on that computer and attached or inbuilt speakers. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK.
  • Supplied with 3 x generic coffee cups, however any standard sized drinks cup can be used as well. It is NOT recommended that hot liquids are held in the cup with the camera lid on top as the heat/condensation may have an adverse affect on the electronics.