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Tell Us Your Story

What’s your story?

Calling all mystery shoppers, private investigators, employers, parents, partners, lawyers and everyone else who is reading this. We want to hear from YOU! Do you have an interesting story to tell about surveillance or spying? Did you achieve the outcome you needed? Was it what you had hoped for? Here’s your chance to tell your experience as we hand things over to you.

Article ideas

  • Tell us about your online investigation into catching an internet criminal?
  • Have you used a tracking device to great effect?
  • Share the hidden spy camera you hid in the office and what you found?
  • Maybe even tell us about your detective work to uncover a potentially cheating partner?
  • Did you find a hidden camera or spying device and had an investigation to find out the owner?
  • Share someone elses story if you think it would help others?

Personal surveillance stories in the media encourage and inspire others to take control of their lives, collect evidence and convict criminals or be assured that nothing is untoward occurs. Now is your chance to help others by sharing your story.

Not only will you be helping others but we will reward you with a £50 gift voucher to spend in our shop.


Of course if you request, we wont publish your story with your name so you will remain an anonymous. Privacy is of paramount importance to us and will honor any requests made in relation to location and people involved.

Share your stories with us today by filling out the contact form below. If your story is selected to be published we may will be in touch soon!

Tell us your spy story
Tell Us Your Story
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