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  • A selection of high quality hidden spy cameras, as well as motion activated spy cameras, concealed in everyday household items. Perfect for monitoring what’s going on at your home or workplace.

    Hidden Cameras for Home or Work

    We are all aware that public places in towns and cities are now being watched by CCTV cameras and on top of this CCTV is extremely common in private spaces. Most of us are aware that CCTV is present but do not note the location of each and every device. Needless to say that although they are discreet, CCTV cameras can still be spotted very easily and in fact legislation is in place to ensure that they are placed lawfully

    Motion Activated Spy Cameras

    Hidden Cameras

    When it comes to motion activated spy cameras, then things are somewhat different. They are often known by their very nature almost impossible to spot with the naked eye. These covert cameras can compliment current CCTV systems and are often put into place on an existing system where there have been incidences of say theft in the workplace, although this is of course only an example.

    As the technology has become more advanced hidden camera systems have been incorporated into more and more everyday objects and as a result, their usage has increased. This coupled with the fact that the price of manufacture has dramatically fallen over recent years means that spy camera systems are now regularly purchased and used by the general public in the domestic consumer market

    Small Hidden Spy Cameras

    Hidden cameras can be found in clocks, radios, PIR’s smoke detectors and all manner of seemingly innocuous everyday objects. In this section, we have put together an array of covert cameras to suit all tastes and circumstances. Some of these systems require several constituent parts whereas others are self-contained hidden camera and recording systems that are both powerful and easy to use.

    This type of spy equipment is becoming ever more sophisticated, so they are predicted to become smaller and ever more powerful over the next few years. Hidden cameras can be installed in almost every item and we are constantly developing our wide range, including our line of WiFi spy cameras. Browse our range today and contact us if you have any questions.